Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Committee issues a report to "authorized journalists" but not to the blogosphere.

The LA Times claimed an exclusive: "Five ATF officials found responsible for Fast and Furious." The Issa Committee issued a report yesterday that was embargoed until midnight. All the major "authorized journalist" outlets got copies so they could write their stories yesterday. Even White House apologists like Jordy Yager and Pete Yost got copies. But the Committee staffers, whether on orders from high or not, stiffed the blogosphere, including yours truly.
As David Codrea observes: "Congressional Fast and Furious report released in advance to chosen few." David has a link to the report at his Examiner site above.
I'll have more comment when I've had time to sift through the report.


CowboyDan said...

What a slap in the face! Life's a bitch and so is the peep who made the distribution list for the report.

I guess this is another case of being known by who your enemies are. Good on ya both!

Anonymous said...

It is best to never be on the inside Washington list.

Stay where you are on the outside.

Being inside seems to cause ill effects.

rdf67 said...

This report - 211 pages with 684 footnotes - raises more questions than it answers. No sense in reading the next one - have to wait for report nr 3 after civil contempt generates more info. Nothing about agents stationed in Mexico to count guns. Nothing about giddiness that accompanied reports of guns in Mexico. Nothing about hundreds of dead Mexicans (perhaps because Holder always answered "I don't know" when asked how many were killed) at murder scenes where guns were recovered and reported to Newell. Two to three hundred according to media Attributed scrambled eggs to MacAllister or Voth. Few mentions of Ogden and the new operation he described in early 2009. No mention of the third gun disappeared by the FBI at the Terry murder scene. Looks like Burke, Hurley, Cunningham, Breuer and Weinstein main targets. Almost looks like Keystone Cops instead of scurrilous plan to flood guns to Mexico - but why did no one ever look at adverse consequence as this felony rolled along. Clearly, Rowley not an anti-gun guy in on the devious plot based on his role.

Newell must have sold his plan to flood guns to the transition team and it was implemented without anyone knowing anything about it? Missing - any info from the funding of this operation. (Follow the money) Until indictments, no one is going to fold and talk who is facing jail time - the only ones to come forward are the Boy Scouts who didn't like orders they were given by felons that contradicted their training. Without DOJ involvement, no one on the carpet and it remains a paper case.

Anyone looking for answers today has to be as disappointed as I am.

Can you imagine the howling if the IG issued this report?

Anonymous said...

Anybody think Grassley's and Issa's staffers came up with the distribution list completely on their own?
Me either.

Now,, repeat after me:
How do you know a politician is lying?
His mouth is moving.

What do you call a dead politician?
A "Statesman".
What do you call an honest politician?
A "Statesman". (OK, the answer COULD be "An oxymoron.") Anybody see a trend here?

SWIFT said...

Such is the state of our self-centered, unaccountable government. Not just the current administration, but the congressmen and Senators and those sycophants who gravitate to work for them.

"...with liberty and justice for all,,,,but the unwashed masses".

I pray I'm wrong, but when the history of F@F is written, Mike and David will be lucky to get a footnote. Such are the ways in Huxley's America.