Thursday, July 12, 2012

FOX reports: "Complaint seeks to have Holder disbarred after contempt vote." Then, Media Matters wets its pants again.

"Two bloggers" strike again.
Of course, Media Matters immediately wet its pants again: "Fox Hides Extremism Of Terror-Inspiring Source Of Holder Attack."
My comment (we'll see how long it lasts):
George Soros still isn't getting his money's worth. How come you guys never report I am an ex-communist too? Doesn't fit with your worldview, eh? Don't worry, I already know all the collectivist lies. The thing you gotta ask yourself is why did the ATF whistleblowers trust me enough to help them out in the beginning? How come they didn't call you leftist mokes? -- Mike Vanderboegh
That's all I had time for since I'm headed out to do the Lou Dobbs interview. More collectivist pants wetting is predicted for later tonight.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who can get those collectivist pencil necks at Media Mutters to soil their diapers gets an Atta boy from me.

We may not see justice done in the end but at least you're causing discomfort and discord among the enemy. If you can't defeat them then at least harass the shit out of them.

Anonymous said...

No booney hat!! gasp!

DanielSan said...

Why do you assert that we're collectivists or communists?

Anonymous said...

Mike you looked good tonight, and loved the old soldiers prayer, of corse your right about the interagencies involment!!

David looked good too, :-)

Drew in MI

phil said...

Your comment hasn't been deleted over there yet.

Keep up the great work. Keep speaking truth to power. In the end, F&F is the biggest scandal in history, and the worst coverup too.

sofa said...

"Stay Dangerous."

And Thank You.

Gunny G said...


Keep sticking it to them.

You're frustrating Soros and his puppets at Media Matters.

Anonymous said...

Cretins and imbeciles from Media Matters crave admittance to this combox discussion. I say let them in. It will prove to be ever so diverting, I'm sure.

Snaggle-Tooth Jones

DanielSan said...

I would just like to say that no one at Media Matters is soiling or urinating in their pants, nor are you causing any discomfort or discord, whether it's the staff or the commenters. A couple might be facepalming, but you really have an inflated sense of self.

Anonymous said...

Apparently "DanielSan" is soros new pen name - or someone else high up in the mm hierarchy as he is presuming to speak for the organization.

Phil - I understand where you are coming from BUT we need to continually hammer that F&F was NOT a scandal but a highly organized criminal enterprise that has directly caused the death of many. A 'scandal' is something like stains on a blue dress, not DEATH.

Anonymous said...

"I would just like to say that no one at Media Matters is soiling or urinating in their pants."

Oh? What accounts for the hysterical tone of the article then?

Snaggle-Tooth Jones