Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bill O'Reilly, faux conservative, at it again.

Remember this David Codrea piece from 2010? "'Conservative' Bill O'Reilly supports gun confiscation in emergencies." Well, he's at it again. A reader writes:
I watched the O'Reilly Factor tonight again, and Bill is on the third day of advocating for a national gun registration of any firearms that Congress decides are "heavy weapons". If a 7.62x39 and 223 fit (rounds used in the AK47 and AR15 class of rifles respectively), I'm thinking anything could be made to fit since those are lower powered cartridges than any commonly used hunting rifles used for plain old deer hunting. Definitely anything that will accept a magazine over a set number of rounds will be included in his definition.
Oh, and he wants it to include ammunition sales also.
The FBI will be kind enough to handle that database, and to mine it for terrorism threats.
As a white male who is religious, a military vet, gun enthusiast and conservative I already fit Homeland Security's primary definition of domestic terrorist. I want to thank him for wanting to give the FBI cause to monitor my life, put me on no-fly lists, and whatever other grief the government can cause without having to bother with due process.
So, since a national firearm database is not only illegal (thanks to the 1986 Firearms Owner Protection Act) but also a downright stupid idea that he refuses to back off of, I think it's time to move forward with a boycott and to urge as many local groups, internet forums and the NRA to back and move forward with.
Compare this to what Jim Zumbo did by suggesting the banning of black rifles, and he was driven out of the industry for a long time. This is much worse, and needs to be squashed immediately before Obama and Holder and the Brady Group all start talking a national database is "common sense" gun laws that even conservatives like Fox News agree with!
I never thought a Fox News fair and balanced commentator would be the one to give fodder to the Brady Group and Democrats that would help them roll gun laws back 25 years.
If somebody could provide a list of advertisers to the O'Reilly Factor and his radio shows, that would be a great help.


Greg in Allston said...

I rarely watch more than the occasional video clip of the tired, old blowhard. The guy is a rude bully and not terribly bright at that. I'd be very happy to support a boycott of any company or organization that gives him material support.

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly(Ted Baxter) will only STFU when his viewing numbers drop below Hannity and Van Susteren's. Ted's narcissism could not cope with the indignity of coming second to blue collar Hannity who never attended Harvard. O'Reilly is a rich elitist enabling fool and a bully to boot.

CJ said...

There is no such thing as a "conservative" anything. You either are the fullest and without compromise...or you are not. Issues are black and white, not gray. The Devil loves the color gray because it is ambiguous and chameleon-like. Anybody can take gray and make it look black to one moron and white to another. For example, take a look at your asshole inspector who writes you love letters.

The only good gray is gunmetal gray.

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly gave up on his radio show , think Levin was scorching his sorry backside ? I noticed at FOX he climbed aboard Beck's rising star until Beck saw the light and jumped ship when Fox turned hard left. BOR just an establishment opportunist who turned me off FOX for all time.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Bill the shill. The collectivist sheep in conservative clothing. The same can be said about "Dr" Randy Savage. The collectivist who claims to be the peoples 'individualist' spokesman.
Both claim the whole problem is magazine capacity.

John Paschke said...

The Non-Factor? :yawn: This blowhard is not a conservative, he's an entertainer and a bad one at that.

Anonymous said...

Check out who wrote a glowing support bit for John F. Kerry's
lieBio Book.

Could be it was Bill O'Reilly.

aka $Bill.