Friday, July 13, 2012

AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. Well that didn't take long. What did I tell you? Media Matters wets pants again over the Lou Dobbs interview. Can Rachel resist her obsession with me or will she follow suit?

"Fox Business' Dobbs Fawns Over Terror-Inspiring Blogger."
I posted this comment:
I just wanted to say that I love living in you MM mokes' heads rent-free. The only thing better is the same arrangement I seem to have with Rachel Madcow -- only she pays my utilities there as well and she's in higher real estate market. -- Vanderboegh
I wonder, can Rachel resist her obsession with me or will she follow suit? You know the last time I got an 18 minute "enemy of the people" rant from her. I think an appearance on Lou Dobbs would be worth at least twenty minutes.

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Mt Top Patriot said...

It is a most telling thing that if what media matters writes about Dave and Mike was true, (and no less, this applies to the entire lap dog media in general), media matters would not have to lie and mislead, take things out of context, and create a narrative out of whole cloth of why standing up for the rule of law and doing ones duty as an American is an awful thing to do. And since when is revealing the crimes and treason of our government become a bad thing?
I'm saying, the truth stands on it's own merit.
So right there, if it is not the truth being reported, no matter who is reporting it ain't worth a bucket of warm spit.

Ya ya, maybe that is a simple minded way of calling somebody a liar, a traitor. But ain't what I'm saying, after all the truth?
Sometimes the most obvious things are hard to see for what they are.
Like weaselly bullshit, and crafty agitprop from a horseshit factory funded by a megalomaniac called George Soros, for the sole purpose of hoodwinking and pulling the wool over people eye's, who if they read what Mike and Dave have worked so hard to reveal would know the truth.