Monday, July 16, 2012

"DHS – Praise Lord Obama and pass the ammo."

"The following chart demonstrates the frequency, quantity, and variety of ammunition the Department of Homeland Security has awarded to a variety of providers since Mr. Obama took office in January 2009. Solicitation and award notifications are available upon request."


Anonymous said...

Now I know where to get lots of ammo and nice little sub guns, at the local DHS office plus the homes of their jack-booted thugs.

Dedicated_Dad said...

650 MILLION rounds of 40-cal ALONE.


OTOH, I'm willing to bet We The People *STILL* have them outgunned by at least 5+-to-one...

bubba said...

Ammunition production in the US has increased by 3 times in the last (almost) four years - government purchasing has increased only a small percentage of that total, the rest has been bought up by the civilian market.

If you count every bookeeper, clerk, street-sweeper, teacher firefighter, policeman, soldier, etc. there are only about 22 million employed by the government.

Hefferman said...

saribusThe 175,000,000 rounds of .223 is for suppressing the American people when they attempt to take over.
It doesn't matter, if it is 175 million, or 500 million, I will not submit to slavery.
I will live free, or die fighting for freedom.

Anonymous said...

" OTOH, I'm willing to bet We The People *STILL* have them outgunned by at least 5+-to-one... "

Yeah but they have great little toys that you paid for to use against you and anyone else they decide are "terrorists" and not, law abiding patriotic Americans.

They get to tell the story anyway they want because the media will be singing chorus for them and helping them "tweak" their stories.

This is what happens when Marxists gain control of your institutions, news and information.

Thomas/PatriotofPast said...

WoW... They must MISS ALOT!!!
I have a nice amount of Ammo, and I go by the Old Addage my father taught me... HIT What You Aim At!
My Dad grew up in the Dirty Thirties and Ammo was like Gold.

Mt Top Patriot said...

The "elites" are going to kill the rest of us all one way or another if they can. Bullets, you know a dictatorship knows one can never have enough bullets to liquidate and subjugate millions, or genocide under the guise of "choice" known as abortion. How many millions of babies, little human beings, has the left been responsible for murdering?
George Lakoff the psychopath is at it again in a Huffington Post piece promoting planned genocide, oops I meant planned parenthood, but I'm repeating myself.

Those dead murdered people, people like you and me, of Fast and Furious, was just a drop in an ocean of death of the elites.

History shows the Nazi's found exterminating 6 million Jewish people, and God only knows how many other undesirables, the Nazi Elites liquidated with bullets was a very inefficient method of mass murder.
I often speculate what our elites have planned in the advent of liquidating American undesirables and rebellious Patriots. Obviously DHS thinks millions of bullets and the arms to shoot them are necessary in the strategy of its rein of power and enforcement of tyranny.
In a civil lawful society there no needs for such vast stockpile of arms outside of the legitimate requirements of a standing military.
If one wishes to delude themselves, well useful dupes are almost as good as millions of rounds of ammo, but in my mind there is no question the ruling class of America know exactly what they and their tyranny are up against and are arming themselves to the teeth.
Another thing to think about, there simply ain't enough "law enforcement" personal in this country to use that stockpile. They are already armed to the teeth and acquiring more. Now I don't have no crystal ball, but I'll bet my left testicle those arms are for the free shit civilian police force king putt has promised under his agenda of fundamentally transforming America.

Precision said...

In fairness, those are max allotment numbers-not actually purchased numbers. Not that they won't actually purchase those quantities, just that they often do not.

Having said that ... Belted ammo?
300 AAC Black out?

The good news is most of the ammo is for close in work. The bad news is execution squads don't usually work from very far away.

Anonymous said... done buying any more ammo..all I will have to do when pick it up off the street or out of the magazines of the fallen..including all the guns to go with that ammo

Unknown said...

Calling BS on that one because of the 44 Special and 45 Colt ammo on the list.

Anonymous said...

"DOJ withheld 'Fast and Furious' whistleblower memo."
By John Solomon, July 17, 2012

Anonymous said...

Somebody sure is burning up the 45 Long Colt . Enough for a team of Cowboy Action shooters .

Anonymous said...

Wow look at all the expensive .50 BMG. More practical than purchasing on my own for sure. Tudulu

ShortTimer said...

Aw, geez, not this shit again...

For starters, with regards to the 450 million story a while back:

The 155 grain .40 cal is going away and being replaced with 180 grain because armorers started doing reports noting that it beats up service pistols. The duty rounds that agencies like USBP use are also used for qualifications and training - training how you fight, like the military does with green tip 855.

I dunno exactly why it says 135 grain, but that may have been changed once it got down from authorizing to purchasing in some agencies. 135 might be used by FAMs and USCG, though.

The .223 is used for both training and for duty carry usage, mostly 62 or 64 grain Speer Gold Dot type stuff.

When you crunch the numbers for what the 20,000-agent-plus USBP uses alone (as at the link) in a year, it's not that far out. Consider about 1000 rounds issued per man per year for quarterly qualification and proficiency rounds; along with 250 or so rounds of 223 per year times 20,000 agents. And that's just one agency, and just for basic quals and training, not including academy training and any advanced stuff that goes on that burns through ammo.

The UMP 40 SMGs are probably being puchased as replacements because of contracts and damage. They're supposed to be a cost effective alternative to the MP5. The tabs for the mag release are plastic, and doing quick reloads like you would for an AK (knocking the old mag out with the new one) will break them. The hooks at the front of the lower receiver that attach the two halves are also plastic, and break like it's cool. And the UMP warps and at high temperatures.

They're fun to shoot, but overall they're not that great. Low cost turns into lower quality. Because we suck, and HK hates us.

All those random calibers go to development or familiarization training at advanced training areas. Things like the .22 lr went to looking at .22 AR rifles to use for training and save money on ammunition costs. Things like the x39 can be for things like in-house vest testing, etc. 30-06 ammo and Garand gear is for honor guard detachments and details within various agencies and such.

Oh, and there's also another big agency worth considering as an example - the US Coast Guard is under DHS. USCG is going to go through a lot of ammo as well, and including for some bigger calibers. They burn through smaller calibers with their boarding teams and that sort of thing, and IIRC, they're the ones who'd be using 135 grain ammo.

Short story long, yes, it's good to keep an eye on the stuff, but no, it's not really that big a deal when you look at it with an eye to how big agencies work.

Especially since a very large number of those DHS JBTs aren't really JBTs. Consider that much of USBP and ICE, for example, are not fans of the Obama administration.

ICE couldn't do deportations because of his illegal alien relatives, ICE got called "terrorists" at one of his speeches, USBP and ICE have both lost agents to Obama's schemes, USBP is on the front lines of a war with narco-terrorists and gets routinely shat upon by amnesty-loving Obama admin, etc.

ebola131 said...

The most effective reply to an armed tyrant is the citizen sniper.
Read and train.

ShortTimer said...

My bad, I went off the 20,000 old number in that last post. Brain fart. USBP is closer to 25K agents. Was thinking purely line agents and forgot that those who are in training as new agents, those who are instructors, those who are in peripheral assignments, etc., still end up using ammo for quarterly qualifications.