Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Law of Unintended Consequences kicks in, again.

The Denver Post reports it here and John Ransom comments upon it here: firearm sales are way up in Colorado following the "Movie Victim Disarmament Zone Massacre." Well there's a big surprise. I imagine this will show nationally as well. Thank you Mike Bloomberg! Really.


David Forward said...

Surely Hell is freezing over.

I live in Aurora, CO in a typical middle class neighborhood. Over the years I've taken many neighbors to the gun range and helped them learn the basics of handling a gun safely and effectively. But, as with most urban neighborhoods we have a wide mixture of political philosophies interspersed among us. As a result we have many anti gun progressives always preaching to us about how evil guns are at the root cause of all of society's woes.

Now as to why Hell is most likely freezing over, I've had three of the more outspoken progressive anti gun mutts come to me over the weekend and announce that they were buying personal guns for protection and wanted some help in learning how to use them.

Now if I can just get them to stop voting for and supporting left wing Marxists in government...

Anonymous said...

Good luck

Torque said...


Fill them in on the substantial taxes on firearms and ammunition first. Then lead them through the additional costs of losing the freedom to own ("not to be infringed" type of conversation piece) and use said firearm at what ought to be very local shooting ranges of indoor and outdoor type. As well as this vid may help in the introduction of changing of minds/lifestyles; (Part 1 of Anita Moncrief's speech at Americans For Prosperity Foundation's Suite Tea Breakfast with Andrew Breitbart in Orlando, Florida, September 23, 2011.)
This is a first hand account from a lady that had grown from youthful ideals to the real world inside Acorn. With her talking about the risks and threats she received from "her own kind" in the liberal world. Perhaps this may help move them along.



Maddawg308 said...

In Virginia, it's one gun a month. So, you must buy one gun a month - it's the law!