Friday, July 27, 2012

David Codrea: Obama floating new semi-auto ban puts administration intent on the radar

"With this as background, Obama ending his self-imposed citizen disarmament discussion embargo, not only before the election, but the day before speculation in some quarters has him signing the ATT, ought to put gun owners on high alert."


WWII said...

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obvious moniker said...

Mike, you might want to check out the standard capacity mag ban they're trying to sneak onto the cybersecurity bill.

Also, can you do something about the link to the video a few posts down? My phone goes apeshot every time I hit your page with it linked the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Not related but congrats anyways

Anonymous said...

Perhaps BHO's polling data indicates that his margin of victory in the swing states of Pennsylvania and Michigan is sufficiently large to allow him the luxury of offending their numerous gun owners.

Alternately, he wants revenge on the NRA for their support of the contempt resolution against Eric Holder.

Whatever the case, he has picked a fight he cannot win. Gun ownership among registered voters has increased 50% since 1990.

Alienating this demographic has been damaging to Democrats in past elections and has the potential to prove fatal in this one.

I suspect BHO is wrestling with a masochistic impulse because he routinely overreaches in his political goals and gets a severe spanking for his efforts.

Yuck! I hope the November elections rid us of him.


Anonymous said...

question: why do mass shootings happen in gun free zones?

answer: for the same reason they DON'T happen at firing ranges

(there's a cartoon that goes w/ this but don't know how to find its link)