Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New York Times' "Another Stab at the U.S. Constitution." Not surprisingly, it is with a totalitarian bayonet.

From Kurt Hofmann: New York Times hosts call to 'get rid of the right to bear arms'
Here is Melynda Price, who is an associate professor at the University of Kentucky College of Law, presenting touchy-feely wrapping paper on the federal government's fist. She blogs at
I came of age when the word “drive-by” entered the American lexicon. By high school graduation, I lost one cousin to gun violence and another was incarcerated for a gun crime. I know many harmed by guns and even more who feared the possibility. I always wonder if, but for the Second Amendment, there would be a more radical commitment to compromise and peacefully working through easy and difficult issues.
The process of compromise is exactly what the Framers were engaged in and is exactly what seems absent today. What if terms like “black-on-black crime” were instead “black-on-black reconciliation” or “black-on-black-let’s-talk-this-out-like-the-human-beings-we-have-always-known-ourselves-to-be.”
I am not naïve enough to believe that doing away with the Second Amendment would do away with gun violence, but I know firsthand the impact of guns and gun shots on children. This nation was constructed and reconstructed in the aftermath of violent and bloody conflicts. Still, the Framers believed that not only the Constitution, but also the peaceful way the document was created, would penetrate the Americans' minds and change they engaged. The Constitution would be the only weapon needed unless there was an external enemy.
Despite the Supreme Court’s repetition of outdated mythologies of kings and castles in Heller v. District of Columbia, I am not sure this amendment envisioned the kind of gun toting that is permitted across this country in the last decade. The Second Amendment acknowledged the vulnerability of a nation in its infancy, but could not predict a world where some would move through life feeling more like targets than citizens. Now a mother watching her own fragile creation grow into black manhood, I would worry less if it were more difficult for him to find himself facing a gun held by boys or men who look like him or by those whose job it is to serve and protect.
Go and read Kurt's analysis, but he has one statement I would take issue with: "Those who would nullify the right to keep and bear arms had best be prepared to kill--by the tens of thousands--to do it."
Wrong. They had best be prepared to kill -- and to die -- by the millions. For we do not intend to go gently into that totalitarian good night.


Anonymous said...

This is simply the left attempting to appear "reasonable" while leaving the individual and families defenceless and gutting the constitution. The same thing they've been attempting for decades.

Marxism is a lie, a cheat, a subterfuge, a scheme to gain power, control and money by enslaving people and calling it something else.

She lies because she states that the constitution should be enough protection and that the framers thought this to be so but they didn't. They knew that these documents and the principles and concepts contained therein needed to be guarded with guns and the willingness to use them.

Their logic was and remains impeccable. The left cannot defeat their arguments with superior logic so they ignore it and continue the attack from other angles, which ultimately leave them in power over the individual in every respect.

Many of them smirk a lot because they know that they and their activities are protected from examination by their comrades within the media and by ridiculing those who point it out. But the truth is still the truth, until they can get around to rewriting it. Which they always do, although it's harder now to simply burn books which compete with their "philosophies."

theirritablearchitect said...

Couldn't finish it...the No-Think hurt too much to continue.

bondmen said...

Would "they" dare be that stupid? Has the mental illness of liberalism and progressivism metastasized to the extent "they" would call for ABOLITION of the 2nd Amendment and therefore the fallback safety position for preserving the US Constitution? Do they long for the rule of men rather than the rule of law? Are they in sufficient numbers and politically powerful enough to enact such a revolution upon We The People? Well, a second Barry Hussein term would no doubt ensure such a move on the part of collectivists for the elusive brass ring. Speaking of brass...

Thomas/PatriotofPast said...

Greetings Patriots...
I just read this up to the minute account of the Arms Treaty. I hate to say this, I believe the POS in the White House is going to get away with this. Just like he made 1 Million Mexicans Citizens, he will Overnight make our Firearms Illegal. Please read and Pass it on... And, God Bless Everyone.

Ron Thomas said...

Ugh. I could not read past the first paragraph, admittedly. Ms. Price acts like guns are a means to an end. She doesn't want to face that it is her relative that was the problem. If there were no guns, her relative would be in prison for a knife crime instead. But hey, blame the inanimate object if it helps you sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

They had best be prepared to kill -- and to die -- by the millions. For we do not intend to go gently into that totalitarian good night.

pretty much sums up my stance on this


Anonymous said...

I'm with several other posters, couldn't force myself to read thru all her tripe. I quit when I got to the line about the Framer's and compromising. Ya see, there are certain things that are NOT debatable - one of which is personal liberty and the right to protect one's self, family, and property. Ultimately that is what the entire 'argument' regarding bearing arms revolves around: is that freedom the right of the individual or the state? Most of us believe that it is personal.....

Anonymous said...

I can only assume the only reason this woman has been hired to teach law is some sort of minority quote. Not because she's black or a woman, but because she is functionally insane. How is that for diversity?

In writing the Second Amendment, the Framers didn't envision the kind of gun toting that is permitted across this country today.

She's right. They didn't envision us having to ask for a permission slip from our state to do so.

Don said...

As always, liberals and most ghetto minorities blame everyone and everything except themselves for their situation. Either they're that stupid and shallow, or its a remarkable psychological defense mechanism.

I guess the truth is a hard pill for them to swallow. The reason there are homicides by the scores where they live, is because they cause it. They destroy anyplace they live. Wanna move to Detroit anyone? Nah, didn't think so.

Agreed. When they come for the guns, they better be prepared to die in the millions.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Hi Mike, Sorry you don't feel well.
Hope you are feeling better today.

Here is a cool piece.

July 11, 2012 Headline
"Romney strikes back at Obama’s transparency calls: What about the Fast and Furious documents?"

Romney crammed the conspiracies king putt owns lock stock and barrel right up his lying butt. Predominately featured on Fox was the question of "transparency" concerning executive privilege keeping the public from knowing the truth about operation Fast and Furious. I noticed Mittens didn't say "botched" operation fast and furious:

Anonymous said...

What a surprise.

"Professor Price’s research focuses on race, gender and citizenship, the politics of punishment and the role of law in the politics of race and ethnicity in the U.S. and at its borders. In 2008, she was awarded a Ford Foundation Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship. "

Her best bet in ensuring the safety of her progeny would be to keep them away from other blacks.

A harsh truth, yet truth neverless.
(No doubt to be denounced as an extreme, "racist" view)

And away from idiotic liberal professors, but perhaps i repeat myself.


SWIFT said...

If the current commie usurpation continues, Ms. Price will need to worry about more than just her race. Civil wars tend to cross all barriers, all walks of life, all social groups, all geography, all races. Using the first amendment to advocate for the abolishment of the 2nd; very bad ju-ju. Be careful what you wish for. This one's gonna be a time that tries men's souls.

Anonymous said...

Any time they choose to try and relieve me of my weapons is fine, but they had better bring friends and pack a lunch because it will not be easy.

Female III said...

Well, Melynda...I'm not your neighbor, your grocer or your hairdresser, but some 2nd Amendment citizen is. I'd shut my Marxist mouth if I were you.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Dutch.

TPaine said...

Simple question: why is there black-on-black crime, and why do black mothers have to worry about their black sons? Guns do not cause black drug problems, nor black gang problems, nor black violence overall. Blacks wallow in their own ghetto attitude, and they bring on themselves most of their problems.

And as the violence increases, more of us need the means to defend ourselves against the crime that the police have no way of containing or preventing. Truth is, blacks are responsible for a large percentage of the crime on today's streets, so blacks suffer and die on a larger percentage.

Drew Rinella said...

The numbers do not work out for forcible confiscation.

There are estimated to be 80 million gun owners in America. If one percent of them decided not to lay down arms, that would require the genocide of 800,000 humans, which I guess is not terribly unprecedented. If the fight were a 2:1 ratio, giving the advantage to the government, it would wipe out nearly the entire National Guard.

But who knows what could really happen in that horrifying scenario. I'm just putting numbers into a calculator and coming out with uneducated guesses. I am comforted to know that the Oathkeeper movement is gaining in popularity. I'm willing to bet that those behind the anti rights movement have crunched the numbers as well, and will continue with the slow erosion of our rights until we are all armed with registered single shot squirrel guns. Erosion control relies on us to elect real patriots to represent us appropriately.

Longbow said...

Yes, they are that stupid. No they cannot forsee the consequences. They will be aghast at what they have wrought and will seek to blame those who opposed them by screaming, "...But I MEANT well!"

Anonymous said...

The lady wrote an impassioned argument without ever noticing the issue about which she wrote.
Neither the Constitution nor the right to bear arms ever killed anyone.
People who shoot people should be the subject of her next article. I wonder if she will directly speak to them about their evil rather than imply the evil lies in their weapons.

The Trainer said...


Old military saying shortened to an acronym...

F*#k 'em All But Six....

(and save them for pall bearers....)

Gunny G said...

The ignorant fool can be reached at:

Naturally, she'd love to hear from us.

Anonymous said...

If the law is removed to NOT protect me, it is also removed to NOT protect thee.
Be careful what you wish for, you may get it . . . and not like it.

B Woodman

J. Croft said...

I don't know why people are cringing in fear about this-this is EXACTLY what we need now to finally get enough Americans galvanized to win a Second American Revolution.

They'll use everything from Obama's Ready Reserve Corp to your local Barney Fife's in tactical black, to unarmed women and children shooting mercenaries-er contractors, to actual combat troops from countries that hate America. It won't be enough.

And after we win on the battlefield and lay siege to their cities and starve them out we can put these honest day's work avoiding bureaucrats and lawyers to work rebuilding our country, OUR AMERICA.

They'll be working the rest of their lives... clearing rubble... digging trenches for new sewers. Backbreaking work and I don't think their soft and flabby bureaucrat bodies could take being constantly whipped back to work by a Patriot on his shift overseeing while the other two Patriots lounge under a tent sipping on lemonade and planning what to do with their lives after reconstruction's over.

Work em' to death. It's good to have goals.