Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ann Coulter rails against GOP spinelessness in refusing to call the Gunwalker Scandal what it is.

"Whoa! Settle down Ann."
Maybe she should talk to her buddy -- George Romney's son. He could do something about that.


Anonymous said...

"Innocent people dying was the objective of Fast and Furious,.."

Civil society (civilization) is the social sphere where innocent life is safe.

The primary function of civil government is to protect civil society.

When civil government orchestrates the death of innocents, it strikes at the very pillars of civilization it was designed to protect.

The architects of Fast and Furious are an existential threat to civil society and must be hunted down like mad dogs, not shielded by "Republican rectitude."

The evidence points to White House involvement in Fast and Furious. Rather than using the powers of his office to protect and defend the innocent, Obama is using executive priviledge to thwart justice.

It is essential that the Republican's presumptive nominee for President state uneqivocally that if elected, he will uphold justice and bring down retributive wrath on all those who participated in Fast and Furious.

Otherwise, he too is acting to shield the guilty.


jeff said...

I read Miss Coulter's column today, as well. And you're spot on that she oughtta be in the Candidate's ear about it.

I've suggested that the first/next time Governor Romney has anyone ask about his offshore holdings, he should offer a trade: my Cayman & Swiss bank account details for a full rescinding of the Executive Order regarding F&F, and full cooperation in the investigation.


VikingMom said...

Ann Coulter is reminding me again why I stopped trusting her years ago. This info has been out there for a long time and she never wanted to discuss it - just like the questions surrounding Obama's Birth Certificate, school records, Social Security number, etc.

But now, Annie has a new book coming out so she's gonna throw some red-meat to the right wing so everyone will rush out and buy a copy of her latest tome. She does a great job on collecting facts and knows her subjects but her heart isn't in it - it's all about the money - nothing more, nothing less.

Sean said...

Supposedly, we are "protected" and "represented" by our Republican "leadership". We are not. We are only fleeced and scammed and boned by them, at our own expense, and shown on numerous and sundry occasions how venal, cowardly, and traitorous they are. It would be better if we were represented by the Mafia, at least they have of record of doing the job, now and then.

Anonymous said...

I call it conspiracy to commit mass murder.