Saturday, July 21, 2012

David and I make the Italian press. "Il Watergate delle armi di Obama?"

The Italian Job.
David has the links here. The original in Italian is here. A horrendously bad Google translation is here: The Watergate of weapons of Obama discovered by two bloggers.


David Forward said...

Gee, it's great to see what you really look like at last!

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with this story. Mexican cit. get free healthcare in Juarez,many times when children are in serious medical need they are taken to El Paso and doctors give freely of their services for children. Never, does the U.S. send people to pick up someone in Juarez, even when an American Cit. is shot the person is brought to the bridge and the U.S. takes them from there. I have never heard of anything like this happening before. Did they pick up someone besides the child or did they deliver something?

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon

Something is wrong with this admin and Mexico relationship period. Mexico should be flaming mad about FF, having fits, but instead, nothing but crickets. Why? I read somewhere recently that the cartels are working hand in glove with Chicago gov't, and with so much $ being needed for campaign season, the question was raised as to how far up it really goes, and a very good case was made that it may go all the way up, to the tippy top. Particularly given the fact they promised NOT to mess with the pot shops in states that have voted it legal, and have been shutting them all down anyone, and no one has given an explanation to why. The question then was, could the reason for shutting them down be that they are cutting in on the cartels business/profits?

Yes, something is very, very wrong indeed.