Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Heads up, Birmingham FBI.

Hey all you Special Agents:
Remember the last time I got an Easter card full of brown and white powder that I made the mistake of calling the locals on? You know, the one that turned my neighborhood into a HAZMAT circus for several hours one day and brought out your representatives as well? Now, do you recall that I promised that the next time I got a suspicious package I would come down and deliver it to you at your Fort Apache headquarters downtown so it wouldn't frighten my neighbors?
Well, this moke says it's on the way.
Mike Vanderboegh


No Commies Allowed said...

Very considerate of you, Mike. A real "see and say" citizen action on your part. Just think of all the $$ you have saved the taxpayer. And photo opps look so much better in front of an FBI backdrop.

FG said...

Please be sure to let us all in on what the "mystery gift" turns out to be.

Torque said...

From "Love notes" to "Tokens of Love." So how does one go about getting so much esteem from the 'happy go lucky' everybody's opinion matters, equality for all, group hug crowd?
I have been a good citizen in raising awareness of F&F, 2A rights, materiel procurement and practical training. There are a number of local and state businesses that have gained brisk sales from my endorsement.
From many conversations from in person as well as email, all I get are blank stares, stuttering, upset stomachs with a helping of weltschmerz from those swimming in their denial.
I admit that no one in their right mind will want such negativity and interruptions in their daily/life's work. However, having feedback is better than no feedback. Then again, maybe you deflect crazy better than the best of us, and that's why get to be the vanguard. In this case, tip of the pen.



Anonymous said...

If you smell something , say something .