Saturday, July 14, 2012

David Codrea: Holder bar complaint called ‘specious, frivolous’ as Issa ethics charge is filed. “We’re having fun. It’s the Justice Department that’s desperate.”

“It appears to be a desperate attempt by some factions to drag out the destructive, political games that Americans are rightly fed up with."
“There are political games Americans are rightly fed up with,” responded Mike Vanderboegh, one of the co-signers of the Holder ethics complaint. “They’re coming from those who place shielding their positions of privilege above finding out the truth, and who are doing everything in their power to discourage an open investigation.”
“As for rejecting the complaint because of assumptions it makes, its unarguable that the Attorney General has been found in contempt of Congress. On that basis alone, the DC Bar has not just the authority, but the responsibility to conduct an investigation,” he said.
“I also take exception to the accusation that we’re desperate,” Vanderboegh laughed. “We’re having fun. It’s the Justice Department that’s desperate.”


The Colonel said...

They are wringing their hands. WHAT THE PEOPLE ARE ON TO US !! Mike ya doing a great job , your in their heads ! Watch your back and be ready for the irs to want to go thru your paper work###.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike ! Caught your appearance on Lou Dobbs. (You're looking' pretty good BTW) Keep on hammering them ! You've got 'em in "knee jerk mode" now !

Every day shows increasing evidence of the increasing desperation of the Obama Administration ! Its apparently so out of touch with, not only its, traditional base, but with their "new base" they're deserting in droves. The President is reportedly even losing the "youth vote", despite his fiscal largesse with the public treasury on their behalf ! Maybe there's some hope for America after all !

As always, you're in my prayers ! Jeff

Anonymous said...

You looked way the heck better than I expected on the air. Keep up the fire!

Anonymous said...

Mike, with your "having fun" statement, you flipped them the bird in a most wonderful way. They will be pissed. Keep the heat on, they will make more mistakes. They aren't as smart as you are.