Saturday, July 28, 2012

The smarmy elitist David Brooks solicits another bloody civil war and sees no downside.

"What We Talk About When We Talk About Guns."
I’d support a ban on assault weapons. I’d support all the background checks you can imagine. I’d support a national registry so that if a young man suddenly starts buying a bunch of guns and 6,000 rounds of ammunition in one week, then a bunch of red flags get raised in police headquarters across America.


Anonymous said...

"Civil Debate" must be the globalists new buzzword for "you vill comply wit ze agenda".

Sorry. No further debate is required.

Anonymous said...

""'if a young man suddenly starts buying a bunch of guns and 6,000 rounds of ammunition in one week, then a bunch of red flags get raised in police headquarters across America."""

They keeps saying buckets of thousands , but this red headed fester clone didn't use much more than a single box of 50 .

So their "red flags" would have to start flipping at 50 rounds .

Anonymous said...

The gun control debate is no longer about guns. It’s a culture war between urbanites and rural people.--David Brooks

I think Brooks is very close to the truth here, although I think the battle lines are actually drawn between collectivism and individualism.


Toaster 802 said...

The gun control debate is no longer about guns. It’s a culture war between urbanites and rural people.--David Brooks

Not much to eat in the urban jungle but long pig. Maybe that needs to be made more clear to the intelligentsia.

Big city liberals. The other "white" meat.


Capt45 said...

Dear Mr Brooks,

Only the police and military had guns when I was a girl. I had a really cool diary that I wrote in.

In retrospect, I would have rather had a loaded Mauser.


Anne Frank

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Toaster: "The gun control debate is no longer about guns."

The important word has always been "control." That's what it's ultimately about - ensuring a quiescent populace that goes to work, pays taxes, and shuts the hell up.

Dakota said...

I noted with interest last nite on CNN that it appears that the Aurora, CO police and the "Fibbies" are lying their asses off about at least one piece of equipment. The vest, that they show as a likeness is one of those cheesy black "assault/tactical" vest that cost from $50 to $100 everywhere that I wouldn't own. Where's the groin and collar "ballistic" vest? that sure as hell wasn't it.

What else are these numbnuts lying about? 36 hours to disarm a trip wire and some gasoline ..... cmon. They have made a very big deal out of a nut with a government credit card. Yes .... he killed many and wounded many. However, many should count their lucky stars that this guy did not know how unreliable drum mags are and never practiced "immediate action" drills to clear a stoppage.

Personally I think the Aurora city council and the mayor should have their asses sued for making a victim disarmament zone contrary to Colorado state law. Any young ambitious lawyers out there wanna volunteer their time .... I'll kick in money to support it.

Anonymous said...

"It’s a culture war between urbanites and rural people."

Accurate as far as it goes. More accurately, it's a culture war between mostly conservative Middle America and mostly liberal-left urbanites from the coasts and north-central shitholes like Chicago. What Brooks either does not realize or is unwilling to say is that it is a culture war which the latter are slowly but surely fanning into a civil war.

Keep fanning, libs. You'll lose your collective arse more swiftly and definitively than did your execrable cousins in the Spanish Civil War.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I've bought "6,000 rounds of ammunition in one" *DAY.*

Not only did it not raise an eyebrow from anyone, the seller loaned me a hand-cart and the cops in the lobby - seeing me very loaded down - held the door for me!

Free people don't fear other free people.

It's like the wise man told the leftard - after admitting to carrying 3 guns on his person, another two in his vehicle, and having a couple-dozen strategically placed all over his home.

The 'tard asked "What are you AFRAID of?!" - and the wise man responded...

"Not a g*d-d@mned THING!"

AJ said...

When I saw that kid on TV, obviously drugged to the gills, it became instantly apparent that this is either a false flag or a setup. F&F part II.

David Forward said...

The elitists of the world, the self anointed "intellectuals" who can't understand why everyone doesn't just fall to their knees with a big sigh of relief that we, the peons no longer have to think for ourselves and gladly embrace the Utopia the philosopher kings hold forth for us simply don't understand the consequences of their proposed actions.


W.LindsayWheeler said...

About re-conducting a sort of "Spanish Civil War" in America?

Not going to happen. Yes, Generalismo Franco did win the war but he lost the Strategic War. After his death, Spain reverted to a Leftist hellhole! 40 years of Franco did absolutely nothing to stop Spain's slide into Leftism. And furthermore, you have NO plan whatsoever to correct Leftism. So what if you win your "war", you can not keep it like you couldn't keep your "American republic"!

Furthermore, you can't organize like Franco did because the FBI and the ATF have infiltrators in every organization. They will take you out. and Next. The younger generation is NOT with you. The MTV crowd, thoroughly indoctrinated into Political Correctness is not going to fight you older American values.

Sorry. It ain't happening.

Anonymous said...

"About re-conducting a sort of "Spanish Civil War" in America?"

You're supposedly a writer. Did you really mean to use that question mark?

"Not going to happen."

We'll see. There are no data on the future, but a number of prominent individuals are predicting civil war here. It's that or subjection, and we won't be subject. The factors you reference do nothing to establish your case.

The "Anonymous" to whom you responded.