Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Your tax dollars at work. (Murderer's name redacted) "Received $26K Grant From Bethesda-Based National Institutes of Health."

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?" -- The Joker in Batman, 1989.
I guess now we know how the murderous moke could afford all his toys. Your tax dollars at work.


Anonymous said...

Can't help but wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes, maybe something was "under the radar" besides F&F.
Madsen has serious credentials.

Anonymous said...

If the government is willing to subsidize killing sprees, why not finance Mexican drug cartels to do it? Because they work so much cheaper than Americans, you can get more bang for your tax buck.

Oh wait, you say they do that already?!


Maddawg308 said...

So, in a way, although it probably wasn't intentional, the Government did fund this psycho's reign of terror. Very interesting...

rdf67 said...

What's worse - govt funding for this terrorist or arming the Sinaloa drug cartel? Clearly the Sinaloas with 2,000 guns supplied by ATF under orders from DOJ is worse and will cause hundreds times the deaths in Aurora - but still - we don't have info from Holder.

David Forward said...

While some call such thinking "tin-foil hat conspiracy paranoia," there are ongoing discussions as to whether or not some ill-fated missions of the alleged "terrorist" attacks thwarted by federal law enforcement which involved American citizens or legal foreign residents are in fact staged with the alleged terrorist being an unknowing dupe of law enforcement. Incidents such as the "underwear bomber" who was stopped by passengers due to a malfunctioning explosive supposedly had his way cleared to board the plane overseas under the protection of American intelligence agents. The alleged domestic terrorist in the Seattle area was supplied -- to his ignorance -- with inert explosives by undercover FBI agents or informants and encouraged to progress with his ill-fated attack until he reached a stage in the implementation where he could be arrested without question as to his intent. The list goes on and on. For what purpose? -- to justify the ongoing and continuing restrictions on individual liberty under the guise of homeland security.

The general belief regarding the ATF/DOJ scandal, Fast & Furious, is that it was an ill-conceived and implemented federal operation to get American purchased weapons into the hands of the vicious Mexican drug cartels so they could be found at the scene of crimes and traced back to American purchasers. For what purpose? -- to implement stricter gun control laws on all American citizens.

With the UN Small Arms Treaty, which the Obamamessiah and Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State) are so hot to sign and implement coming up for a vote soon, suspicion of the deranged Aurora movie theater shooter timing is being questioned. Nobody is really questioning the mental state of the shooter, but questions are surfacing as to where he obtained almost $20,000 in gear he used to execute his plan -- he was after all, a graduate school drop out drawing unemployment insurance. Additionally, the sophisticated booby traps he wired his apartment with at first blush appear more than an inquisitive mind -- even a science oriented mind like Holmes -- could assemble for the first time on his own from instructions found on the Internet. The total of elements and timing is suspicious to say the least.

Was a deranged mind discovered, gleaned from online surfing, game playing, chats, etc., and subsequently approached, encouraged and supplies made available for him to act out his sick fantasies?

Independent minded common sensist said...

Nothing adds up about this whole thing:
1) It is claimed that he got the grant from NIH (to explain where he got the money for everything), but per,0,4358097.story?track=rss the university got it and spread it among James and 5 others.

2) It is claimed that he had been planning the attack for months, but then we are told that he just snapped due to failing an oral exam.

Then there is the way he looked in court, almost like he was being drugged to keep him from talking (or if he did they could claim it was drugs or his delusion).

Female III said...

An obama voter if I ever heard of one. Looks like a Democrat whacko. Feeds of off humans like a Democrat whacko. Murders the innocent like a Democrat whacko. KILL! KILL! KILL!

If it looks like a fuck....

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

How does one spend 3 days in solitary confinement to dry out, and then show up stoned for a hearing????????

Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol is deemed unfit to stand trial, or have their rights read to them until they are sober, so why this charade?

Anonymous said...

Recently former academic;

This is how it works:
1)University gets a training grant from the NIH, this grant comes with "slots" for students. Someone or a group decide who gets one of these slots, this provides your salary for a few years (3-5 depending). This allows the student to work for one of the profs who is part of the training grant, basically free labor.

2) The examinations (hoop) for progressing to a phd candidate is designed for one thing. Yes, a demonstration of ability and knowledge (yeah sure it is) It provides a point to where you can get rid of a troubling student. Academia attracts troubling people. The student and faculty usually know this is going to happen and then everyone goes thru the farce. But, everyone knows what the outcome is going to be.

3) What is disturbing is the guy was able to order, who know what, chemicals and have them delivered to a university lab. The training grant comes with a lab supply budget, usually a few k. There is no questions asked as long as the place has a legitimate need.

4) I do like the university having complete ignorance about everything about this guy. They noticed, which is why he failed his exam and voluntarily withdrew. It's hard to kick a student out, the do have rights, so you have to "convince" then to resign. He worked for someone, who decided he had to leave, for some reason. The student saw this coming and had time plenty of timeto plan obviously.

Anonymous said...

Here's an odd occurrence to which no real answers are forthcoming. Anyone have a clue what this is about?

Anonymous said...

This should interest you...
[i]The U.N. Speaks: The Arms Trade Treaty Will Affect “Legally Owned Weapons”[/i]

Also this :
[i]Man makes guns with a 3D printer[/i]

Anonymous said...

The only word that describes this event for ME...diversion. Intended or not. Move on. Bigger and more dangerous fish are still swimming the waters. With all due respect to all the families.

Anonymous said...

Of course the FEDs are behind this.

Won't help them though.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if Mike is joining the govt media in their asinine "let's not use the killer's name" campaign or mocking it with this headline.

We all realize the "hide the name" campaign is a part of the effort to cover up this was a false flag event, right?

I'm not sure how many witnesses have to come forward and say there was another person helping the alleged shooter (remember the shooter was wearing a mask so no one knows who did the shooting) before the masses realize this ain't want the govt media says it is.

P.S. look at the alleged shooter's car's licenses plates and think of how a CO student from CA ended up with a TN car.

Anonymous said...

Why not have the govt fund this guy? They funded Fast and Furious, the gun buying as well as the walking. Look at the polls, Obama is headed for a trouncing, he needs a Reichstag fire of sorts to maybe pull off re-election. Maybe.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Anon July 26, 2012 6:37 AM:

(1) IF there's a "don't use his name" campaign on, there's nothing asinine about it! I think we as a society should agree to NEVER speak the name of such vermin again!

Change their name - legally - to "festering pustule on the ass of humanity" or something equally descriptive, and feed their carcass to sharks or pigs. They seek fame - they should get the opposite!

(2) the "tn license plate" IS BS - it was and always has been a colorado plate.