Wednesday, July 18, 2012

David Codrea: Trial begins for N.M. gun dealer family charged with illegal sales.

"Concerns for the validity and fairness of what the government represented early on as a slam dunk case have surfaced following revelations that the family has been forced into a fixed fight by having to face an opponent with unlimited resources, including the government’s ability to limit their access to defense funds through seizures. Adding to this are acknowledgments that the family dutifully followed rules on purchaser background checks and record-keeping, including tax reporting, did not attempt to collect a premium for any of the firearms involved, that law enforcement officers were routinely employed and supported by the store, and that wife Terri Reese actually attempted to report a suspected straw buyer before the government began investigating her family."


David Forward said...

One would think that if a jury of common sense folks were sitting on this case it would be tossed out as being totally absurd. However, common sense in America has gone the way of individual liberty and is in very short supply.

Add to that the government has stripped them of everything nominally required to launch a strong defense -- assets and the ability to face adversarial witnesses -- and will most likely lie through their collective teeth for the "greater good," these poor folks are probably toast.

Anonymous said...

Not a shocker.
between F&F, the Clarke case, and this?

The ATF and DOJ as a whole are obviously trying to reduce the numbers of dealers, and thus gun owners in the southwest. By any means.

Anonymous said...

I guess they did not run enough guns to Mexico in the Eric Holder approved way.

Anonymous said...

Probably can't happen with info being blocked by prosecution, but I hope for some good old fashioned jury nullification in this case. Also hope B.A.T.F.E. and DOJ get their asses handed to them. Tax, FL