Wednesday, July 11, 2012

David Codrea: ATF gun purchase form profiles Latinos and Hispanics.

David's take. I'm not so sure this is anything more than bureaucracy seeking consistency. As AZAK wrote over at the AK Forum:
There is nothing sinister or conspiratorial about this. This question has simply been made consistent with US Census protocols, which moved "Hispanic/Latino" out of the race box because those of Hispanic background can be any race and tend to self-identify their ethnicity and race separately. Sure, we could argue that the Feds don't need to identify anyone's race or ethnicity, but that wasn't the point being made.
Mind you, I'm the guy who when I encounter the "Race" question on any form other than a 4473 I check "Other" and explain, "Not so much anymore because I'm too old and fat to win." I hate race and ethnicity questions. Collectivists in the government who design these forms are more obsessed with race than a Nazi Gauleiter of Lower Swabia in the 1930s. Nevertheless, I think AZAK probably has a logical explanation here.


Anonymous said...

I usually write in 'human'. If I were out to dink with 'em I'd write Klingon.

Anonymous said...

I am a Veteran-American. Veterans have their own sub-culture, outlook, and speech. We share experiences and outlook which unite us regardless of which war or service. We have often been treated shitty, like other minorities, and are always regarded differently by the larger society. Thus I assert it as a separate ethnic identity.


Anonymous said...

Bad knees so I'm not in the race any more.
Seriously, though - if Elizabeth Warren can claim native American, then why can't I? I've got the geneology back to the 1780's so what's up with that? We just aren't registered with any tribe -

Anonymous said...

In Texas on the jury info form there is a field call "Race (required)". Everything else is apparently optional, but Race is required!

I put caucasoid, and ended up on the jury.