Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Nick Gillespie owns Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher over Fast and Furious."

Missed this earlier.


Anonymous said...

I just don't know why anyone would willfully pay attention to Maher and Madow. They are extreme left wing hacks that always maintain they're reasonable and correct in all things while repeatedly, nay, continually proving themselves to the contrary. Kudos to Gillespie for his efforts to educate them and the audience he attracts. But I think he'll be as successful as Elizabeth Hasselhof on "The View". There's no fixing stooped.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I agree wholeheartedly that they were "owned" but that's not how the applause went.

Notice we have two complete Demmunist hacks claiming to be centrists ("the Republitards have changed - I haven't..."?? WTF, Bro??) and two centrists being accused of being right-wingers -- AND THE cROWD FALLS FOR IT!


(As an aside, what's with that "madcow" dude -- with his white suit and glasses - Is he trying to be Elton John??)

Anonymous said...

Maddow/Maher, poor pathetic propaganda ministry kool-aid dispensers for their liberal fascist regime.

Ideology trumps common sense. Everything is referred back to the RepubliCONS.

Notice no concern about the rule of law, the death of 2 law enforcement agents, hundreds of mexican nationals killed.

The embody the worst of America, liars selling their illusions.

I'm glad I graduated Ball State University years ago because Maddow and Letterman were at Emen's Auditorium having "current events" discussions and I would have been in the audience snapping off.

Anonymous said...

That fact that these 2 pathetic fools don't believe this is a scandal or warrants any investigation is laughable.

They must be doing lots of knee-pad work.

Anonymous said...

They're really doing this. They're really going to double down on civil war.

Anonymous said...

"Owns"?? I don't think so....not even close.

ShortTimer said...

Does anyone actually watch that show?

With regards to the applause, think about who would get tickets to go see it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10:45am

So Rachel Maddow being reduced to the following:

1) Claiming she doesn't have opinions, and only reports the news -- despite her five editorials a week!

2) Claiming that Nick did not know her or anything about her, despite having a tv show

3) Claiming that the same person she said for years was evil for the things he did, Bush, did it too, so it was suddenly ok?"

4) Claiming, along with Maher, that the GOP is racist, and the Mexicans would kill themselves anyway so it isn't a story?

5) The near breakdown she had where she started to cry

6) Her inability to answer about a single instance where she ever agreed with a Republican over a Democrat on just ONE issue

7) The Miss Teen South Carolina style command of the issues and debating style

If that isn't being owned, then nothing is. That is the worst I have ever seen a political "expert" talking head look on a discussion table in a long, long time. Anyone who claims Maher and Maddow are intelligent and witty and aren't just using pre-written lines and teleprompter stuff needs to be shown this video. Miss Teen South Carolina would be proud of their ignorance.