Monday, July 16, 2012

Dems demonstrate the difference between them and the GOP boneless chickens.

"I've got balls. No, really, I do. I keep 'em right here in my pocket where I can take 'em out and look at 'em every now and then."
The Democrats play hardball
President Barack Obama and congressional Democratic leaders enter the final stretch of the legislative year prepared to play hardball: They refuse to budge on the looming defense cuts and expiring Bush-era tax cuts.
The Democratic hard line — asserted by Obama at a private Oval Office meeting with senior party leaders last week — is based squarely on the belief that Republicans will cave on taxes because the GOP has far less leverage than it did after its resounding success in the 2010 elections.
The Boneless Chicken Ranch: Where GOP leadership is raised.


Anonymous said...

Yeah uh huh, they`ll probably sit around from now til the Christmas vacation discussing something really important like gay marriage , or the Mayan calender. Wrap up another year of slaving away " Doing the Peoples business ",by voting themselves another raise and going home a couple month`s to rest.

kenlowder said...

And the reason that we should drink the GOP kool-aid and vote for them is? Oh yea, they are different for the demoncrats and it will somehow save America.