Friday, July 20, 2012

Lesson of Colorado: Ignore Victim Disarmament Zones and pack concealed anyway.

You know, my daughters go to the movies. What if Malia and Sasha had been at the theater, as so many of our kids do every day? -- Barack Obama reacting to the "Colorado Movie Massacre."
I'll tell you what would have happened -- the Secret Service protective detail would have put several bullets through the facepiece of the moke's gas mask -- end of story. The hypocrisy of these Mandarins, who live in bodyguard envelopes whenever they venture out of their designated Green Zones, knows no bounds. One of my daughters went to another midnight showing of the same movie here in Birmingham last night. She went with her boyfriend who was packing his permitted FEG Browning Hi-Power clone, despite the fact that the theater has a "no guns" policy.
Virginia Citizens Defense League lists Cinemark Theaters (which also owns Tinseltown, Cinearts, and Century Theatres) as being victim disarmament zones upon orders of the management. If so, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.
Of course, as I lay on the couch upstairs this morning trying to control my nausea, I watched the predictable blood dancers of the victim disarmament crowd (Bloomberg, the Brady Bunch, et. al.) who made it more difficult to hold down my breakfast (a struggle I ultimately lost).
To me, the lesson of last night is to ignore Victim Disarmament Zones and pack concealed anyway. Only you are responsible for your safety, not some risk-averse corporate drone a thousand miles away.
We will find out in time what motivated this evil prick, but the essential lesson is that only the ARMED intended victims of a mass shooting can interrupt them in time to make a difference. The same goes for government-sponsored genocides.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, in Tennessee, it is now a crime to walk past a "no guns" sign if it includes a "gun busters" symbol, or the specific wording of the T.C.A. statute.

Not saying I always comply...

Usually though, I just stay home. If they don't want my gun there, the probably don't want my business either.

Get well, Mike, we need you.


Dakota said...

I suppose now we will have metal detectors or xray machines to go to the movies. Christ, is there no end to the bullshit our society must suffer at the hands of these gigantic assholes. Too bad there wasn't a citizen there to put a couple in the cranium. Of course in Colorado he probably would have been arrested.

Anonymous said...

Amen Brother. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I've always CC in criminal safe zones. I'm not going to ask for permission. If permission has to be asked and granted, it's not a right. Therefore I exercise my right of self defense.

Straycat said...

This reeks of staged-event.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article, Mike!

CowboyDan said...

Those were my thoughts, too, Mike. The worst they're likely to do is ask you to leave, so why not?

You may or may not get a clear shot, but better to throw (or not throw) bullets than popcorn or soda pop.

Of course, I live in the People's Republic of Illinois, so I very rarely carry. Still and all, there are times and places...

God bless you, Mike. I hope you heal well.

Anonymous said...

Soon after I received my CCW, I became aware of the no weapons allowed policy at United Artist and other theaters. That policy impressed me about as much as did FedGov's rule about no weapons in their post offices. Screw anyone who tells me I can't be armed on their premises if they can't protect me themselves.

As an aside, I used to live in Aurora. I know that theater.

Snaggle-Tooth Jones, the Colorado Confederatarian

Miles said...

The one thing I have never done is go unarmed unless I knew that I would either have to go through a metal detector, or other type of scanning.
Signs, regulations, or any other rule doesn't deter me in the least.
It's called 'big boy's rules'.

Anonymous said...

This article is spot on target. Despite being a gun free zone. Despite the police being 60 to 90 seconds away as they were on hand for crowd control. And yet 70 some people were killed or wounded. Only someone carrying concealed and willing to stand in the gap would have made the difference.

Kent McManigal said...

I've gotten in trouble with some of my friends for saying so, but no "law" or policy can eliminate your right and RESPONSIBILITY to be prepared to defend yourself and others. And it is no one's business- EVER- what is inside your clothing as long as it stays there. (The video at that link is a little long, but there is a shorter version posted, too.)

Left Coast Conservative said...

If the President's kids had been in the theater, then the Secret Service would have been there also, and the shooter would have been taken down.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence !, another nut job goes off immediately before an attempted fascist gun grab !. Will the sign`s and wonder`s following the Obammessiah never cease ?.

SWIFT said...

It is early in the discovery of facts category on this shooting; but I'm betting on some type of anti-depressant drug being involved. The shooters mother allegedly said, "you have the right guy". Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, but to me, this strongly suggests a "history". When this history is exposed, well,,we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Gun-free-zones are simply killing fields for mass murderers! Nothing has the slightest chance of stopping a mass murderer other than armed citizen(s). Therefore, be armed everywhere you go! NO BUSINESS HAS THE RIGHT TO KEEP YOU FROM HAVING THE MEANS OF SELF DEFENSE. So, simply ignore those bullshit rules and maybe you will be able to save some lives someday.
- Wisdom from Old Greybeard

Griffin3 said...

71 year old man at internet cafe chases off (by shooting repeatedly) 2 armed robbers at Florida internet cafe -->

It's a start ...

Dedicated_Dad said...

All news tards I've seen/heard are pushing "police were on-scene within 1.5 minutes of the first 911 call."

My response: "and the mutt STILL managed to shoot 73 people."

IF OTOH there had been a good-guy on-scene with a gun, the odds are good that the victim count would have been much, much lower...

As The Enemny is so fond of saying - "if it only saves ONE LIFE...!!"

Anonymous said...

Well said. I agree, 100%.

kenlowder said...

Amen. I just walk past those signs without a glance. Should I have to protect myself from say, a flash mob, I'll sue the pants off the store that tries to take action against me for having to use my weapon to protect myself. Just remember to make sure it's really concealed good. Think of that poor fellowed in Costco in Washington state that was murdered for carrying a legal concealed weapon.

RVN11B said...

I have to totally agree with what you just wrote.

I have done so for many years now. No muss no fuss.

And I am still protected.

Tony said...

These SOBs are trying every thing they can think of to get rid of our 2nd amenment.What about SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED dont they understand??? We have a right to bear arms and it doesnt say any thing about a permit. Now if a person was armed,what happened in Colorado would not have happened.

Capt45 said...

Read an interesting hypothesis by Mike Adams (Natural News) that this was an FBI set up (false flag) to gin up anti-gun, pro UN support.

On several other forums, many posts note how these events seem to occur at quite opportune times for anti-gun factions.

Anonymous said...

notice how close this happened to the signing of the UN traitor papers..also notice the mention of the 6000 rounds of ammo the shooter "stock piled"..than Go on line and type in

United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs and get educated as to what is really coming at us ..full speed hard and heavy

read about the control of ammo

identifying ammo

catagorizing ammo

managing ammo

stock pile management

hands over the authority to control our ammo

In the colorado story, they are already talking about the shooter having “stock piled 6,000 rounds of ammo”

this my friends is in this UN Gun Grabbing ammo tracing, and limiting treaty

go look it up if you dont want to believe me..
again ..notice how this happened so close to the signing of this..and notice the wording used in the ammo section of this treaty..and this colorado event and the talk about his stock pile of ammo

its a fuckin set up

notice where this took place, and the fact of how the cops and FBI got there so dam fast..and the fact that they didnt end up making the perp look like screen door..hummm in that town of Colorado they like to shoot em up for almost did this guy not end up full of holes?
maybe because he was hired by them?

F&F didnt work out like they maybe this is the next axe they are throwing at our 2nd

MechaRogers said...

I pack everywhere. Signage or no.


Unknown said...

Don't die of surprise, but the already-suppressed story is that the murderer is an OWS extremist.

Anonymous said...

The larger point is that these events are horrific and nauseating but realtively rare. The likelyhood of being killed this way is like the likelyhood of being killed by lightning or drowning. Which is to say not very. It's almost not worth planning against because it is so rare. The Lamestream Media makes the lemmings believe otherwise though. Thats the real problem.

Anonymous said...

First impressions from the initial reports: this guy had thousands of $$$ in gear. Lower body armor? That's not even standard issue for SWAT. Add up full retail ( I doubt he searched for the best deals online) for:

ballistic helmet
ballistic vest
lower body armor
a case of ammo for each firearm
and a few gas grenades.
Whoops, I forgot the gas mask. You want a nice functional one, not some beatass surplus special.

Most of the ballistic helmets I see are surplus size small. New ones are pricey. So is most of his other gear.

Yeah... I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something there - >$6K worth of gear, carefully chosen target full of disarmed victims with only a few exits, time/date of attack calculated to generate maximum media coverage...

But he was taken alive! Now we need Jack Ruby to dispose of him during a perp walk.

Roadkill said...

I ignore all posted no guns signs unless it allows the cops to throw my ass in jail.

It was perhaps the worst possible situation. Lowlight, crowded indoor environment, irritant gas, long arms, and an opponent armored head to foot.

I'm certainly glad that the .gov is keeping us safe by not allowing us to have the evil cop killer AP pistol ammunition.

Anonymous said...

Had the same issue here in Texas with a VDZ movie theater. Screw them, I carried anyway. Besides, in Texas, by law such signage much be properly composed and make reference to Texas Statute 30.06 (appropriate, eh?) for such signage to be legal, which their sign most certainly was, an is, NOT.

TSgt B

Anonymous said...

Here is a chance to hit the weasles where it the wallet. The NOK should lawyer up and go after everyone responsible for the NO GUNS directive. BLAST THE SOB S

Roger said...

Consider folks, what difference would there have been if several folks in the theater did have legal concealed weapons to resist this nut job.
He was wearing upper & lower body armor & a ballistic helmet. Certainly effective against any handgun ammunition. He had released tear gas in the theater & was using a gas mask.
OK, I have been through tear gas training & the NRA ranks me as an expert with a pistol (& have a CCL). Understand that it would be difficult to see well enough to use a handgun effectively. There had to be panic in the seating area of the theater making it difficult to employ a handgun.
Put it all together & you have a situation where an armed citizen would have little to no possibility to have any affect on the shooter. He or she would get some kudos for trying, but in reality would just be the next target.

Kent McManigal said...

So, Roger, your solution is to... what? Do nothing?

Sorry. I'd rather be armed and unable to stop an attack than unarmed and unable to even attempt to stop an attack. Mandated sheepliness is not an option.

Andrea said...

TPaine said...

There is only one place you will find me unarmed, and that is at work. I am not allowed to carry while I am working, but when I visit my workplace to chat or shop, I am armed. And they know it. Our LP guy is an ex-cop, and he and I trade "gun gossip" all the time.

Oops! One other place is at the VA clinic. There are "No Weapons" signs posted all over the place, and I'd carry there anyway, but if I have to dis-robe, things could get dicey. I'm only there once a month, so it's no big deal, and my piece is out in the vehicle, anyway.

As the others have said, carry always. And as someone said about this moron being equipped with body armor, had he been drawing fire, I doubt he would have kept shooting. And no body armor is 100% effective.