Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Can't wait to read this one. The Communist. Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor

Frontpage Magazine interview with Paul Kengor, Ph.D
FP: Ok, so who was Frank Marshall Davis?
Kengor: Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Party USA (CPUSA) number 47544, was a 20th century American who wrote pro-Soviet propaganda in newspaper columns and was a loyal Soviet patriot.
FP: What do you mean by “loyal Soviet patriot?”
Kengor: While it will shock naïve liberals who still don’t grasp the horrors of communism, readers of FrontPage will understand. Leftist Americans who took the extraordinary step of joining CPUSA swore a loyalty oath to the USSR—Stalin’s USSR in the case of Frank Marshall Davis. The oath stated: “I pledge myself to rally the masses to defend the Soviet Union, the land of victorious socialism. I pledge myself to remain at all times a vigilant and firm defender of the Leninist line of the Party, the only line that insures the triumph of Soviet Power in the United States.”
FP: When did Frank Marshall Davis join the Communist Party?
Kengor: Remarkably, he joined early in World War II, after the Hitler-Stalin Pact—a period when many Party members bolted the Party because they were outraged at Stalin signing that pact with Hitler. That pact, of course, precipitated the invasion of Poland and World War II. Jewish American communists in particular were aghast. The man in Moscow to whom they swore their unwavering allegiance had helped pave the way for the Holocaust.
Here it is at Amazon: The Communist.
Frank Marshall Davis (1905-1987).


1911A1 said...

Mentor my ass. I'd bet dollars to donuts this douchebag is Obummer's real father.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder about how many other Americans have sworn that same treasonous oath and are still alive.. here and now.

Americans had a time honored tradition of killing communists, we should revisit our heritage and renew our vows.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

Mike, this question is a little off topic but what has become of that gun grabbing scumbag Dennis Burke. Since resigning as U.S. Attorney last August he seems to have dropped off the radar. Very suspicious. This guy knows where the bodies are buried so to speak. Has he been paid off by Obama/Holder with a job in some D.C. law firm? Is he under wraps somewhere? Will he get the Vince Foster treatment? Inquiring minds need to know.

Anonymous said...

No great surprise. Both he and Obama felt they were/are the oppressed in America. They did not realize, let alone appreciate, that America meant the potential for freedom for them, their race and everyone. They are both African, where the collective is run by a strong man for the "good" of all, individuals are to do as they are told, obey the strong man and fall in line. The USSR seemed like an ally to these nitwits. It takes a village....and not a European one.

Anonymous said...

FP: Ok, so who was Frank Marshall Davis?

MALTHUS: Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Party USA (CPUSA) number 47544, is quite possibly Barack Hussein Obama's real father. ;^)

Professor Paul Kengor is an astute man. You can place a high level of confidence in the accuracy of his research but given that he travels in the orbit of academia, he would quickly be labeled a kook if he were to broach the topic of BHO's paternity.

Happy D said...

For any Threepers in need of a thoughtful laugh.
Some speculate that Frank Marshall Davis is President Obama's biological father.
This would explain all the weirdness around Obama's birth certificate quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

DNA Test

Mt Top Patriot said...

"1911A1 said...

Mentor my ass. I'd bet dollars to donuts this douchebag is Obummer's real father."

Good point, though I'd put my money on king putts being the foul progeny of Malchom X.

Who his real father is don't really matter any more in the wider context. What does is he is a tool and usurper for darker powers than himself. Who is actual father was would point the way towards intimate understanding of the larger agenda behind him. The "long march" in America is nearing penultimate climax. There is no turning back for any of these Fabyan coddling commie rat bastards. Even if they wanted to.

Anonymous said...

Just seems too convenient to me that Zero has so many associations at a young age onward. Frank Marshall Davis was part of a network, including the commie front American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born, which protected foreign commies from deportation. Forged documents anyone? Zero's been groomed. Bill Ayers father also financed Zero at Harvard. Some no-name is getting financed and rises to power to Senate, then huge foreign donations for Presidential campaign run (illegal by the way, thru the Muzzie community by one time use cash gift cards which the Zero campaign shut off the mechanisms to purposefully not know the origins)?

And the lamestream narrative of his parents being Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. is fantasy. We already know they never lived together, THERE IS ONLY ONE PHOTO WITH ZERO AND BARACK OBAMA SR, AND THAT'S AT HAWAII AIRPORT IN 1971. There are no baby photos with his supposed mother Stanley Ann Dunham. There's no pregnant photos. Zero is seen with her only when he's 2-21/2 years old. She's an au pair who took custody of him.

And of all places to reside, Zero comes to Chicago, Frank Marshall Davis' old stomping grounds, to Hyde Park, bastion of commies, and has that famous meeting in a house with Soviet agent of influence Alice Palmer and other handlers setting up his Senate run.

Barack Hussein Obama, Barak Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barry Dunham, Barry Toot, Soebarkah, and the name used on his Hyde Park house Harrison J. Bounel is a manufactured fraud and manchurian candidate.

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement, that communist Davis is obama's real father!

Obama's mother took many pron pics for him, he writing about raping a 13yrs old white girl fits in nicely with obama's mother and his birth.
The obama's senior from Kenyia was a diversion.
We also know that obama's mother was not aomebody with morals, ethics and integrity, but quite a ho.
There's a reason that jugears pays millions to keep his papers hiddenand, produces a forgery.
Nobody challenges him on this forgery other than Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

Zero looks nothing like Frank Marshall Davis.

Correction, the nude pics circulating are not of Stanley Ann Dunham. It's been examined and researched, it's another woman, the 2 have different faces. The person promoting this was online on a website trying to sell the idea. It's a lie.