Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rough patch.

Side effects of my cancer med took me out of the fight for the past day or so. Have much to do before Friday so I'll try to play catch-up today if my nausea level allows. Sorry for the missed day.


j said...

Had no idea you had any form of cancer; I know that chemo is used for otehr things too but must have not gotten the memo. Sorry - will continue with prayers. You owe no apologies for time away. You may recall that I had to stop blogging altogether and close down my two blogs over a year ago to take care of business at home. So we all understand.

Rider said...

Be well my friend, Take the time you need!

Torque said...

No worries friend.

Perhaps with this post, you may get some more "love" notes!

Get healthy, stay on target, keep your powder dry and your girlie... well you know.



Anonymous said...

Take whatever time you need, you owe us nothing. I've been ill from several maladies myself & I don't see how you do as much as you do.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Still struggling with lung cancer and its effects urge me to tell you not to give up.
You have and continue to be such a valuable person to all of us. If it weren't for you, much of this info would not reach us, nor would we have a clue.
Cancer is debilitating and painful; but I tell you not to give up. I will pray for you and ask God to make it more tolerable.
Remember, God says: "I will not give you more than you can bare, but I will make a way out of it so you can better tolerate it!"
Stay strong my friend!