Thursday, July 19, 2012

4GW: Brilliant example of 4th Generation Warfare in Syria.

"I'm gonna have to get some more deputies."
"Syria Bomb Attack Targets Assad Inner Circle." Exactly how they did it is a bit unclear, but the Syrian resistance went a long way to chopping the head off Assad's snake with a single, targeted attack.
The brother-in-law of Syrian president Bashar al Assad and his defence minister are among three killed by a bomb that struck at the heart of the country's security elite.
Assef Shawkat and defence chief Daoud Rajha died in the blast at a meeting of senior security and government figures in Damascus.
Syrian general Hassan Turkmani, a former defence minister and senior military official, was also killed, and several others were wounded.
The attack, which sparked apparent celebrations in parts of the capital, is by far the most serious on the president's inner circle and some analysts believe it marks the "beginning of the end" for the Assad regime.
These were not just military commanders, but major supporters of the regime -- not to mention war criminals. My bet is that this marks the real turning point in this civil war. All tyrant-wannabes should take note. This is the way 4GW is fought. Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'.


Anonymous said...

Don't count al Assad/al Wahash out yet.....I *believe* he has a whole hand full of cards left that he can and will play to retain power.

Keep a watchful eye over the skies of Syria. Something wicked this way comes.


Anonymous said...

BTW, I wasn't saying that this isn't a GREAT example of effective 4GW, I merely meant that I believe Assad isn't just a normal adversary.


indyjones said...

Many suspect Saddams WMD's were convoyed to Syria by the Russians before the US arrived in Iraq. If so and if they are still there, well, hell to pay comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

I realize this is Debka files and is to be taken with a grain of salt, but.....

Simultaneous attacks by Iran/Syria on multiple oil fields in the region would cause world wide economic shock waves.

If Assad and Ahmadinejad go that route, they are far better strategists than they've been given credit if their goal is to cause world wide economic damage regardless of the consequences to their respective nations.

One would be wise to remember that they seek to bring about the 12th Imam and Armageddon so MAD isn't really much of a deterrent for them.

Anonymous said...

Seems we saw an instant increase in the effectiveness of the Syrian rebels. Are we to believe the rebels suddenly stepped things up on their own, or is the result of involvement by other entities (IE. nation state, Al Quaeda, etc.)?

John Smith. said...

You guys are funny.. You do not realize that this was Not the Rebels. This was Assad eliminating turncoats.. The rebels do not have access to the level of information that was used to do this attack. Assad is pulling a crazy Ivan and clearing his baffles...