Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wait a minute. This happened in Sarah Brady's No Firearm Utopia. How is that possible?

Dad who split up fight in McDonald's shot dead.


Dakota said...

Had he been armed he would be alive today and some other asshole and his accomplice might very well be dead. Probably couldn't get a CWP so he was defenseless to these hoodlums. Sure hope they find them.

Anonymous said...

So much for duty to retreat... In any case, having a "dangerous handgun" might have saved him from the much greater danger(uncivilized, barbaric creeps everywhere) .

streetsweeper said...

Slight problem....You neglect to say it occurred in Great Britain, LOL! Regardless, my condolences to the family and I hope one day Great Britain's people will wake up, tired of their statist country.

Anonymous said...

The gunless utopia, is only in the idiots mind. Thugs are thugs they don't live by the laws of man, but by the law of the jungle. Thugs will never give up their guns, so disarming a society only disarms the lawful citizen. In this case it left the man defenseless and his children orphans.
God created man, but Col. Colt made them equal, in that now the weak can defend themselves from the strong. Deluded Socialist want to take this right away, because they see themselves as being strong.
I say let them test how strong they are.

Firehand said...

There was a time, not that long ago, that he COULD have had a pistol in his pocket, and known he was free to use it in self-defense.

Same as someone hearing the execution-in-process could have acted, say, with the shotgun they had in the house.

As someone said, 'Where Great Britain used to be'.

Anonymous said...

" I don't believe it ", how could this happen in the UK , don't
they have draconian gun ban laws, no one is allowed to own a handgun ? (sarc)

pdxr13 said...

At the end of the article, another symptom of societal decay: Son with a hyphenated name.

You can't do anything about ex-wives who hyphenate their names after the fact , but children born in wedlock ought to get the name of the man paying for all of this on their birth certificate.

No CWP for normal subjects in the UK, one might need to be a police Officer on-duty or a special Agent of the Crown to be armed with a firearm.

“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.” -Oscar Wilde


Jimmy the Saint said...

Intervening up a fight in Britain - in Brixton, no less - is not a ticket to a long life.

He deserved better, but hardly unexpected

TPaine said...

This is a mistake - there are no guns in London. Everyone knows that. It is against the law to have a gun in the UK, so this must've taken place somewhere else, like Chicago.

It would be nice if we knew the scumbags that did this will be brought to justice, but even Scotland Yard is afraid to go out after dark.

Anonymous said...

I find it a little too curious that the article makes no real mention of what the shooter looked like, aside from gold teeth.

My gut tells me this is so because it was a muslim.