Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Mike, why don't you post on KABA anymore?"

Anti-Semite flies buzz around their lying "Protocols" philosophy.


I've been asked the above question for I have indeed decided not to post my own stuff on KABA anymore, except in extra-ordinary circumstances.

Well, it's like this:

Comment by: Emmett (9/22/2009)
I think Richard Cohen would call Red Mike Vanderboegh an anti-semite, although he'd be wrong. Red Mike is White on the outside, black on the inside, with the mind of a Jew! Richard and Red Mike are on the same team, just in different positions. Red Mike does enjoy his agitating and provoking of the gullible Patriot. Cohen enjoys agitating and provoking the gullible Goyim. Bolshevik and Zionist, they're on the same team. The nwo/owg team!


Comment by: coldsteel (9/22/2009)
Typical **** rant. Shove up your ass jewboy.

There are too many anti-semite, neo-Nazi fleas on that dog and I ain't got time to dip 'em anymore.

I still go to KABA for a good blend of 2nd Amendment news every morning. And I would be remiss not to note that KABA was essential to building my readership in the early days of Sipsey Street. I have tried to help them out too, passing along fund-raising requests (for which I caught hell from some quarters).

But it appears to me that though I have a good friend in Bruce Krafft, that Mark Taff never has liked my stuff much and to fight the comment wars over there takes time I simply do not have.

Everybody quite rightly keeps screaming "BOOK!!!!!" at me over here. There is also the press of day-to-day events which must be dealt with -- and never forget there's a reason and an audience for every post, even if it is not obvious or appears frivolous. The blog is a reflection of the outside struggle, which happens in real time, in the streets and in the countryside, and not just for hearts and minds.

Indeed, there are two silent legal skirmishes in the larger cold war happening today, with opportunity for government misadventure in either.

I also have to write to add a little, and I mean little, cash to supplement my disability pennies. All this takes time. Then there are my health issues, which, if I'm not careful, will kill me before the Feds do.

So I cut out what I can and the gnat-dick Jew haters over at KABA are easily expendable.

If anybody thinks my stuff is worthy of posting on KABA, they are welcome to do so and have my thanks. But don't expect me then to go over there and defend it from the buzzing moron flies who leave their anti-Semite turd philosophy long enough to try to track their little shit-laden feet across that screen. I ain't got the time.



Santander said...

Hehe, I needed a good laugh.
Too much bad news all around us.

Carl Bussjaeger said...

I don't read KABA nearly as much as I used to, since they made registration a requirement to post comments. The comments were as important as the articles themselves, to me. Now, few people post; and the ones who do tend to belike the examples you gave. Who needs it?

And after reading KABA's privacy policy, I'm not inclined to register myself. They required a physical address in addition to email, and promise not to give your information to anyone (unless they feel like), and reserve the right to give anything to any government official as they see fit.

I guess I miss the old KABA.

Anonymous said...

"Everybody quite rightly keeps screaming "BOOK!!!!!" at me over here."

You're the one who's writing it.

We take the responsibility to swat anti semite and racist shite seriously.


Qi Ji Guang said...

One thing I just could not understand, is why the fuck these antisemitic collectivist douchebags would want to frequent a website that is about the 2ND AMENDMENT and INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY.

Their theories of so-called "racial purity" (puke) and "master race" (puke again) are all manifestations of Nazi collectivism, and Communist collectivism, to an extent too. (Nazism focuses on race, commies focus on class and wealth and property). So why the hell would a WORSHIPPER OF COLLECTIVISM post on a website that advocates INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, FREEDOM, AND CONSTITUTION? It doesn't make any sense at all. These clowns are seriously, seriously misguided.

I bet a good number of them actually thinks that the Constitutional militia will be on THEIR side when push comes to shove. WRONG. Not just wrong, but DEAD ASS WRONG.

Now I am about to create an account over there just to tell that douche who called you "jewboy" that racist collectivists do not belong on websites advocating INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. The 2nd Amendment was not written for people like these assholes. The 2nd Amendment is for people like us to defend ourselves and our country against people like them.

(For some reason I can't log into Blogger at all right now, so I'll just post as Name/url)

Moe Death said...

I'll continue to comment on Herr Emmett's Nazi rants on KABA. It seems to piss him off, which gives me some pleasure. As for the registration thing, don't you think they already know where you live, etc.?


AvgJoe said...

Darn Mike, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I still go to KABA as one of my daily stops. Hardly any comments anymore as Carl said. Usually ignore the idiots (usually). Pretty much run into trolls anywhere, nowadays. What's that term for gov't instigators?

Caleb said...

A topic on which Mike and I agree (other than donuts are clearly delicious). KABA is a wretched, steaming cesspit rivaled by only by 4chan.