Monday, September 7, 2009

Message from a Threeper in Afghanistan. (We really ARE everywhere.)

Dear Mr Vanderboegh,

Hello from Afghanistan.

First, I would like to thank you for your courage to be an American. There are many that feel just as you do, however they have not made that difficult decision (yet) to make their stand NOW.

I enjoy reading your blog daily here in Afghanistan as do many of my coworkers. We are all talking about current events in America and we can't help but feel like we are away at a very dangerous time. We are all here by choice, but that is another story.

It is frightening to see the events unfold from our so-called leaders as of late. Some could say our time here magnifies what we are seeing so far from home, but I think it just makes things that much more clear.

To see what an oppressive regime and terrorism will do to an entire nation is maddening to say the least.

I wish more Americans could be exposed to the things we see here everyday. It has been a humbling experience. I have listened to people here say that "no matter how bad things look to you yanks, your worries are petty compared to the rest of the world".

I could not disagree more.

It is due to the idea and freedom and liberty on which our country was struck, that the slightest infringement causes the most damage. We have been frogs being slowly boiled for some time now, and it seems we are finally getting to the point where we will say "ENOUGH!".

But is it too late?

I have seen this question posed a few times here as well as Western Rifle Shooters and a few other blogs. To that I must say, as long as there is one freedom loving American left, the idea of liberty will remain... of course the outcome clearly would be disastrous.

I wish with all my heart that we could be there with all of you in September, raising my fist, rifle, or flag to say "STOP!" We must resist this evil with all of our might. It has gone on way too long and I fear for our children. let the marxist-mob mantra of "for the children" now be our battle cry, because there is a difference between "them" and "us"... we are willing to fight and die for our beliefs... are they?

The declaration laid out is simple and brilliant- "If you come for our guns, we will kill you".

I am not afraid to say this, and I have added to my own "new declaration" many other statements, but that (for now) I leave on my front doorstep.

We must all choose for ourselves the limits we are willing to impose, and let us not lack the courage of our convictions.

The time is now. We cannot NRA this (read that as COMPROMISE). That day is long gone. There is nothing more that you can do that you are not already doing... in fact, our upright character demands that we do all that is necessary to avoid this fight, until the very last second.

And when that time comes, all we will need is a rifle and a terrible purpose. What a sad day that will be.

God bless all of us that are ready, watching and have the moral courage to stand in the face of these evil tyrants.

God Bless you Mike, keep up the fight.

Warmest wishes from Kabul Afghanistan,

Jason Allen


Historic Arms LLC said...

Dear Mr. Allen,

First; Thank you for your service to our country!

Your words struck a chord with me.

"as long as there is one freedom loving American left, the idea of liberty will remain..."

"We must all choose for ourselves the limits we are willing to impose, and let us not lack the courage of our convictions."

This from a man who seen what an oppressive regime and terrorism will do to an entire nation [Afghanistan].

I give you my word that I will do my level best to keep those freedoms intact until your safe return home.

May the Lord keep you safe,

Len Savage
Historic Arms LLC

typeay said...

I can't help but wonder WHY Barack Obama, (who stumped SO vigorously on a "bring all of the troops home" mandate) continues to keep them deployed in a war that his own party seemed to so strongly oppose.
Could it be as simple as the thought that vast numbers of combat experienced, razor sharp Three Percenters back on American soil, simply adds a variable that makes the price of poker MUCH too high for those tasked with what we all suspect is coming?

Anonymous said...

I join Jason in drawing lines. As I know the outcome should they come to my door, I draw my lines at YOUR front door. If they come for your guns, I will kill them at a time & place of my choosing.

sv, III

Brock Townsend said...


pdxr13 said...

MZ Williamson (Mad Mike) noted on his blog that part of the point of the Iraq war may have been to impress the Iranians with the fact that they are geographically and economically SURROUNDED. It is time to play nice with the neighbors. Even if the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty allows them to operate a domestic nuclear power reactor, it wouldn't make folks feel safe in the neighborhood knowing that a steam-making reactor uses the same parts and much of the same expertise as a fission weapon. There is a good opportunity here to avoid war and get back to getting rich via oil and trade. If the Iranians are afraid enough of 200+ Israeli tactical weapons and their effective delivery systems, maybe there can be some standing down and dismantling as trade breaks out.

I tend to agree that someone in The Obama Administration has calculated or estimated (a WAG) domestic political effects of bringing home recently combat-deployed troops and suddenly demobilizing them.

The Bush Administration has delivered the finest gift possible to the current White House by getting the latest upgraded GI Bill passed. It'll keep a bunch of GI's out of politics for a couple years after they get back.

I'm going back to school just to meet some Sandbox &'Stan's vet's.


Anonymous said...

Given that the original motivations for the two Iraq adventures were anything but the sunshine they'd been blowing up our skirts - rather, oil supply security and a tidy bit of pork to spread around to the right contractors and in Iraq with minimal supervision... I suspect the primary reason for carrying on in Afghanistan is once again energetic/financial.

After all, for too many decades now, all this government has done is enrich the elites and pay off the underclass with money extracted from the diminishing middle class. Witness the latest "bailout" rape of the nation. If anything, the problem is intensifying with terrible speed. Follow the money, follow the stench of corruption - this explains most everything that's going on.

Central Asia and Iraq contain untapped energy reserves, and the interests that run this country apparently believe that the US should have a quagmire or two and bases sprinkled around the region. And so it shall be done, regardless of which puppet administration is currently in nominal power, regardless of their campaign lip-flapping.