Monday, September 21, 2009

It was only a matter of time. The ACLU bedwetters strike back.

My response to ol' ACLU Ed Menken below got me this is return:

Someone using your IP address has been banned from OpEdNews.

If you don't think it is you, drop an email to and we'll take care of this.

Fun while it lasted.



Temnota said...

It appears that the only comments being posted there are fan letters to the author. There's a real fair and balanced debate.

The commenter promising armed resistance to us neonazi klansmen made me smile, more battlefield pickups for us, in the event.

Santander said...

Well Mike... I guess he has limited his words to only those who he feels might agree with him.
For so much bravado and name calling, I wonder why he would do it in a whisper.
Now THAT is indeed wetting the bed.

I guess you know you are over the target if they are shooting at ya.
I wonder if they feel the same way.

Dr.D said...

just to let you know Mike there is an article on the militia in the October issue of "Reason" Magazine.


Old NFO said...

Obviously you didn't spout their mantra back at them so you are "unfit" to comment... sigh...

Newbius said...

The easiest way to win the debate is to ensure you have no opponents. Just ask The Won.



Anonymous said...

THAT will leave a mark!
Take THAT, you RWNJ!

But seriously, Mike. Good work.


Tangalor said...

Excuse me, while I attempt to muster up some surprise.

GunRights4US said...

My letter to his email address:

"I considered giving a reasoned and rational response, but decided on simply saying F U."

His response:

"Some like you doesn't have the mind for a 'rational and reasoned response'"