Saturday, January 2, 2016

Perfect timing for the regime. Federal provocateurs, sociopaths and idiots with a John Brown complex are writing checks that they expect the rest of us to cash in our blood.

Ammon Bundy channels the bloody ghost of John Brown.
"Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters." (See also the twitter feed of Les Zaitz.)
BURNS — An unknown number of militia have broken into and are occupying the headquarters building of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge south of here. A government official speaking on background Saturday said initial reports had the militia entering a building that was closed for the holiday. He said they apparently brought support trailers with them. Law enforcement officials couldn't be immediately reached for comment.
Brandon Curtiss, an Idaho militia leader who helped organize a protest parade Saturday, told The Oregonian/OregonLive he knew nothing of the occupation. He said he has been told that Ammon Bundy, the son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, is one of the occupiers. "This has nothing to do with us," said Curtiss, who had been attending a post-parade gathering at the Harney County Fairgrounds with many of the militia members who participated. The wildlife refuge is about 50 miles southeast of Burns.
Ryan Payne, a U.S. Army veteran from Montana, confirmed that he is among the those occupying the refuge headquarters but refused to provide details. He said additional information will be released to militia media outlets. Members from Oregon, Idaho and elsewhere had converged on this ranching town in recent weeks to make the federal government the target of their anger. They came to protest and perhaps even block the imprisonment of Dwight Hammond Jr. and his son Steven, local ranchers convicted of arson.
With their side arms and sometimes hot talk, militia members had unsettled the community, creating fears that Saturday's rally would involve more than speeches, flags and marching. . .
I was first apprised of this a few minutes ago by folks on the ground out in Oregon. They report that Payne, Ritzheimer and every other "tiger-talking" fruit, nut and federal provocateur previously identified from the Bundy standoff were now in possession of the building and daring the Feds to do anything about it. My initial reaction was to observe that at least afterward we'll know who the federal snitches are because they will be the only ones who survive the raid to take back the building. My understanding is that this premeditated action has been condemned by the Oregon Three Percenters and other groups but the fact of the matter is that these people are writing checks that they expect the rest of us to cash in our blood. And the Hammonds themselves are disavowing this action in the strongest terms.
For the regime, this could not come at a better time. The old Roman adage "cui bono" applies here. There is nothing on the talking heads channels as yet, but by Monday, when Obama meets with his Attorney General on the subject of citizen disarmament, you can bet the farm that this will play right into that narrative. Perfect timing. You've got to give the federal handlers of these pukes credit. This is precisely the sort of offensive action on the part of the "militia terrorists" that they needed.
A Threeper source on the ground relates:
"The stupid has gone so far that I don't know if it can come back. These f-cking morons have no idea what they've done. The sheriff has retreated to a 'staging area'. These guys are about to get obliterated. MSM just picked it up outside local area. It's now regional (San Fran etc.)"
LATER: Another source says that the Feds are staging, bringing in various SRTs. This is just beginning.
I'll have updates as I get them, but for now it looks like 2016 is going to start out with a huge propaganda victory for the regime.
Still later, from the Oregonian:
Among those joining Bundy in the occupation are Ryan Payne, U.S. Army veteran, and Blaine Cooper. Payne has claimed to have helped organize militia snipers to target federal agents in a standoff last year in Nevada. He told one news organization the federal agents would have been killed had they made the wrong move. He has been a steady presence in Burns in recent weeks, questioning people who were critical of the militia's presence. He typically had a holstered sidearm as he moved around the community. At a community meeting in Burns Friday, Payne disavowed any ill intentions.


Mr. Moore said...

"...but by Monday, when Obama meets with his Attorney General on the subject of citizen disarmament, you can bet the farm that this will play right into that narrative. Perfect timing."

Wow, how about that?

Anonymous said...

The only thing left to do now is try to find how this can be used to our advantage rather than rail against what has already happened.

The "John Brown" analogy is very apt ...

Ma Duce

Stg58/Animal Mother said...

It's almost like they knew it was going to happen!

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know how "Ryan Payne" has funded his existence in the area for several weeks.
The rest of the cats involved in this... what may they have on THEM where they could convince them to do this, at this time?
This stinks like 3 day fish.
Stay wary of those whose enthusiasm exceeds their grasp of reality.

Unknown said...

Almost as if by design.......oh wait.....Payne and Cooper are there. It is by design!

Allen said...

Alea iacta est

and not by us, and with loaded dice.


just from a pure tactical standpoint daring them to come get you is crap. they'll build up for a week..hell, probably longer..wait till your food runs out (they'll shut off the power and water as soon as they can)..then hit you with everything.

a stupid waste of manpower and complete ignorance of 4th generation warfare principles.

Anonymous said...

It's been reported on at least one international feed -


Anonymous said...

"...we'll know who the federal snitches are because they will be the only ones who survive the raid to take back the building."

I doubt it.
If memory serves, people were suggesting Payne was a federal shill way back during Bundy Ranch. I'm out on whether he's a moron or a plant, but either way, I doubt that any agency behind this would hesitate to have their agents provocateur shot along with everyone else, or hanged in a prison cell. Neat, clean, with no room for suspicion. Dead men tell no tales.

That's if it does come down to violence. The damage is done - the hypothetical federal shot callers could simply stand down their useful idiots on whatever bullshit excuse and leave. They still hold on to some position of respect in the circles they hang around in, and the fed still has a violent armed militia to point to for stricter gun control laws. And the fed may just let them walk if that's the case.

drjim said...

This will NOT end good....for anyone!

Anonymous said...

A "complete backstory" of how it got here would be helpfull.
Seems charging these ranchers with "Terrorism" and then this Judge deciding after the fact there time served wasn't enough...
I smell Domestic Terrorism by the Govt.

mjw-1982 said...

Mike, Oregon III% will be releasing their stand on this on their Facebook page very soon. We've been in good contact with the Hammonds and the Sheriff and they know we don't support this nonsense at all. Bundy has chosen the wrong "hill on which to die" and he's going to take us all with him, either through frustration or sheer arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Please, please go home. Oregon doesn't want them here. We need that fire station and we love the wildlife refuge. The ISIS of America has decided to invade Oregon's back yard. They all need to go back home and leave Oregon alone. They are not welcome here anymore. We tolerated the parade and the speeches but they are way out of line now. This is our home and they need to leave. We hunt and fish there and love this beautiful place. The Bundy bunch from Nevada better hope the feds intervene in this one because the locals are not going to put up with this armed takeover. This is our home. The American ISIS will not be tolerated here. Go back home before we plant your ass in Oregon soil!

TimeHasCome said...

This is a skirmish and nothing more . The Sons of Liberty of Boston 1775 were another very vocal bunch , but when it came to fighting at Bunker Hill or at Boston Harbor where George had the Redcoats bottled up the Sons of Liberty could not be found.

Anonymous said...

Who is bankrolling Payne? I could not afford to spend several weeks trying to start trouble nowhere near where I live. Maybe he got a grant from the Tides Foundation. More likely, he signed a receipt for a cash payment from his Federal handler.

Matt Bracken said...

This is how I read this situation: A federal provocateur is leading a band of lunatics, trying to nudge them into a situation where one of the loons will snipe a LEO or FLEA. Then the MSM will brand every patriot, RKBA advocate, threeper etc as a "militia murderer." Please don't fall for this transparent charade. Don't be a fool or a patsy.

Matt Bracken said...

This is how I read this situation: A federal provocateur is leading a band of lunatics, trying to nudge them into a situation where one of the loons will snipe a LEO or FLEA. Then the MSM will brand every patriot, RKBA advocate, threeper etc as a "militia murderer." Please don't fall for this transparent charade. Don't be a fool or a patsy.

Anonymous said...

Got to start somewhere. Maybe a John Brown is necessary to make a line in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Awfully convenient that these idiots decide to forcibly take property, claiming to be part of the 3per movement just as Obama is planning executive orders for more gun control. Sounds like the FBI's snitches and handlers came up with an enabling plan for the President's actions.

G3Ken said...

The last comment from anon (1/3 0108)is suspect. I think this gang is misguided and is not picking their battles wisely, but the "American ISIS" comment isn't consistent with your readers.

Even if I'm wrong, this mindset is disturbing..."We hunt and fish there and love this beautiful place". Yeah, so? Sounds like someone unwilling to act whatever the provocation because they wouldn't want their idyllic life interrupted.

Just something about the whole commentary that doesn't sit well.

BTW, I know it's not "your job", Mike, but would you mind a little backstory on this? The whole terrorism charge seems a bit much. We could look via Google, but we're not going to get your perspective, sir. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Bigger picture: if the regime wants a war, they have all the tools and raw ingredients they need to engineer a war or at least a crisis, that they will not let go to waste. Useful idiots and agent provocateurs are plentiful and cheap tools -- they will always be with us.

The tactical question before us now: what do we do?

Anonymous said...

Whats really happening is you are listening to the damned media to much Mike.
They are standing there with signs. If the BLM group an protest cops all around the nation and scream oink oink bang bang.
People that deem protesting as effective can at least stand around with signs.

Occupy indeed...

Jim Klein said...

"We need that fire station and we love the wildlife refuge."

I feel your pain. I play the state-run lottery myself, about once a year.

Now could someone please stand forth and declare exactly who is the complainant against these folk who are occupying this building? In order for a crime to have been committed--and State violence to be properly engaged against them--there MUST be an individual or individuals who have been hurt. This is absolutely fundamental for ANY attempt at ANY rational Law. THERE CANNOT BE A CRIME WITHOUT A COMPLAINANT. Or proxy, duh.

I suppose the folk who work in the building are being physically obstructed. Here's the thing with that, though. Who owns the building? If there's an employer/employee relationship, then it's the occupiers who are the employers and how can you wrongfully occupy property that you yourself own? Oh well, I guess such conundrums are what happens when the world is full of "public property."

Anyway, "I don't like 'em" ain't gonna cut it. "They're fools who have rotten goals" doesn't matter either. "Bad for the cause" means nothing in the face of an individual's life, and lives are on the line here.

So begin at the beginning. "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others." Again, WHO exactly is claiming unrightful obstruction by this occupation?

If a person can't answer THAT, then that person has no business sticking their nose into it.

"The battle has ALWAYS been Individualism versus Collectivism." Personally I see a bunch of individuals putting their lives on the line for their beliefs--right or wrong--of how they wish to live their lives, AND that they have decided that the Federal government has left them unable to do so peacefully. It doesn't matter whether I agree or not; it's THEIR decision and that's what THEY decided. End of story, unless there's some innocent soul who is claiming damage by or from these people. If so, then good people ought to defend them. If not, then good people ought to STFU.

I hear a ton of collectivist clap-trap about why OTHERS should or shouldn't do what they're doing, as if it's any of their business in the first place. Fine...argue, persuade, whatever. But this is not an intellectual matter any more; this is what happens when choices becomes action.

WHERE'S THE COMPLAINANT? Either point to the individual who's had his "willful action" obstructed by these folk, or MYOB. And if these folk are physically attacked for what they've done...well, then I guess the rest of us will have to decide whether or not to let yet another "free Waco" pass right on by.

Anonymous said...

One telling of the backstory:

Anonymous said...

This article may provide you with as much backstory as you would like. I found it quite informative!

Anonymous said...

A guy named Hal Turner is behind superstation95. He's a paid FBI informant. Look him up at wiki and snoops. This is so much a fed set up/sting. Timing, background story at s95, and dupes on the ground. What a F...Up!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone bothered to look into who Bundy's go-to boys, Blain and Payne are?
How long has he known them? When did they show up? Where are they from?

They very well could be infiltrators, provocateurs. Or they may be idiotic wanna-be-heroes.
I know nothing of the relationship between these men however, when someone like Bundy is in the spotlight, emotionally wrought and being targeted, it would be no stretch for "moles" to encourage rash seemingly heroic behavior.

Please do not take these comments as if I am claiming them to be true. This is mere speculation, perhaps some intuition, but based on what I have learned about how this government operates, I think it would behoove those close to the family to consider this, to investigate these men. Though it may well be too late to change things.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Has anyone read the March of Folly by Barbara Tuchman? I am afraid that is the march we are on, though most of us didn't choose it. We have the United States pursuing tyranny against America. I am afraid that this vile and stupid administration is pushing its totalitarian agenda so hard that when it gets the reaction it thinks it wants, it will not be able to control it as it believes it can. And the price will indeed be paid in blood with our lives, liberty and property on the line.

And if this is the spark that sets off a civil war, it will not be regional as in the American Civil War, or class-based as in Russia, or even ideology driven, as in the English Civil War. It will be more like Jerusalem 67 CE or the Balkans, with factions against factions. There is a real chance we could lose this country.

That said, even Mike's prediction ignores the reality that Obama and his administration have too many spinning plates right now. This nation is sitting on a powder keg, and that is not only one set to go off in this world. Obama may be planning his plans, but they will not survive the explosion. And in the chaos, something new might be born. (Note: I said something NEW, not something GOOD).

Tots4Masses said...

The timing of this could be chalked up to the Hammonds deadline to turn themselves in. I don't understand the tactic of the group. Even not thinkING 4th Gen warfare, the Feds will kill, power and water immediately. They WILL eventually raid like Ruby Ridge or Waco.

The only hope for the guys is to get public opinion on their side. It ain't happening. This will play into President Oprah's plan and will finally give them some example of the danger of militias theyou can use to scare the masses.

This stinks and lacks logic to be anything other than a setup.

Chiu ChunLing said...

"Bigger picture: if the regime wants a war, they have all the tools and raw ingredients they need to engineer a war or at least a crisis, that they will not let go to waste. Useful idiots and agent provocateurs are plentiful and cheap tools -- they will always be with us.

The tactical question before us now: what do we do?"

I have to endorse this. Quit complaining that this is a manufactured pretext for a war the Feds always were going to start eventually. If you had some useful strategy for making sure the war started on better terms, well then thanks a lot for not sharing it in time to avoid having the Feds start it on theirs.

Sure, we all agree that the Feds are really the ones starting this. Now start thinking about what we're going to do to make them pay for it.

If armed protest and conventional militia are off the table, then what do we do? I've been toying with less conventional options that won't really do the "gun control" agenda a lot of good. Are there better options? What are they?

Or should I start detailing specifics on how to effectively weaponize soil samples?

Unknown said...

Yes this whole superstation 95 thing is very strange to me! This popped up on my feed earlier yesterday, as a breaking news story. Not pops up tonight, as a breaking news story calling everyone to action Patriots to action that is! Something ain't right here brothers and sisters! This is a setup, they're going to find out who of us is real, and they're going to attack us! After all wouldn't that be their safest bet? To get all of the people, who are armed, ready to fight intelligent and ready to band together out of the way , that way they can go after the not so strong, the not so organized and finally the kool-aid drinkers! This is a set up!

Unknown said...

This is a divide and conquer op, false flag, dragnet op and government theater for the sheeples consumption. STAY AWAY!! JUST OBSERVE!! LEARN!! STUDY!! Will innocent people be killed? YES! Remember their names! This is the wrong hill! Do not even provide material support to anyone there because you will be ensnared as well. Hammonds have been charged with terrorism (wrongly) but under the law you will be aiding persons labeled as such and could be entangled! Be alert!!

Anonymous said...

This has turned into a government OP to discredit all militia organizations, and the Obama Ministry of Truth(sic)(the Mainstream media) are a full on weapons deployment in the Psyop war to demonize them. they have all the weapons, they have all the money resources and people to fight the war the militias CANNOT win. unfortunately the militias in the form of the Bundy ranch protestors and the Oath Keepers have bitten off on the bait and lost control of the narrative by letting the worst of wackiest get on the MSM programs speaking for them...this is going to go very badly very fast, and anyone who thought the FED GOV didn't catch on during the Bundy ranch event, is about to get their nose rubbed in it. people simply will not accept bitter truth when they are told it, so they made the same mistakes not understanding the battlefield they find themselves on.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

NM Soldier said...

I guess I have to agree with those who think this is utterly insane. I do however feel that we have to do something soon. Most of us are going to be too old if we keep standing by. I feel things are bad enough now that we have to fight to restore the Constitution. Don't ever let them use the words 'overthrow' or 'rebel' or 'insurrection' ... We are NOT breaking any laws by trying to restore the US Constitution. We are INSTEAD keeping those oaths we swore when we enlisted by trying to protect and uphold the US Constitution when we resist and take action.

Fictional Scene from an upcoming novel:

If you want to do something striking, how about taking over one of those DHS arsenals that hold ammunition, automatic weapons, and whatever else they store there. That will garner some attention, won't it? At least then you will have a store of needful things to resist the onslaught of the storm troopers that will soon follow.

I am almost 58 years old. I have been keeping physical training going but we all know some old middle-aged dude is not going to be of a lot of use when things get real but we need REMF too.

I ask everyone who reads this comment to ask themselves WHEN they will make a stand? If you are ready and committed I will stand with you. I have had a good run and not much else is worth dying for except for the US Constitution (people say it is a flawed document but we swore an oath.)

Please my Brothers and Sisters. I want to die a free man and the only way to make that happen is to restore the Constitution and the law of this land. If that means war then we are living up to the hopes that our Founders had when we make use of the Second Amendment the way that Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry and James Madison had in mind when they insisted it be included in the Bill of Rights.


Whiskey Six said...

This has all the hallmarks of a false flag PSYOP. People like Blaine Cooper, Joe O'Shaughnessey and Pete Santilli (the media asset), always seem to insert themselves into what clusterf they can. Flowchart these guys and you'll find the controlled opposition. The rest are just poor dupes. The Bundy's are the likely primary targets (for payback)....they fell for the PSYOP with people whispering in their ears, and now they are on a Federal property. Who picked that target? That will be a key determination. Who knows that property/area better than the Feds? No one. The Bundy's have been drawn out of their Nevada stronghold. It is probably chock full of listening devices and video surveillance, anything they do from that 'Command Post' is suspect...I doubt they swept it with electronic countermeasures. This is a classic honey trap. Obama will roll out his gun control EOs and this incident will just be a footnote.

Unknown said...

You guys are a 3per site? I don't read anything except "get out of the colonies we like British rule here."

It's pretty sad. At least they are standing up in the face of honestly insurmountable odds... what are you doing? - eric

Chiu ChunLing said...

So, it's a government op.

Are you going to focus on making it apparent to the world at large that the Feds set this whole thing up as a pretext to screw the III%? That they've basically roofied Ammon Bundy and the rest, and should be held to account for everything?

Or are you going to focus on telling everyone to keep their heads down and not look too tempting to the Feds and just try to be more careful about what they drink?

Sorry, but if that's what the III% is about, I have my own ideas about how to make people worry about what might be in their next drink.

Anonymous said...

"The Congress shall have the power to . . . provide for organizing arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;" -- Article 1, Section 8, Constitution of the United States. So...there's no such thing as a "Constitutional Militia."

Ymar Sakar said...

Nobody said the Tree of Liberty needed the blood of only wise Tyrants and Patriots.

John Brown didn't get support from certain black liberation figures either.

Anonymous said...

I'm just throwing this out there, sort of spit balling it, but what if, and just follow me here, those aren't cunningly disguised government agents intent on creating a situation which will result in national martial laws, but, again I am just hypothesizing, I don't have any firm evidence, instead just a bunch of morons. I know this might be hard to believe, but they could in fact be morons.