Monday, January 25, 2016

In re Trump the demagogue. Do not count on politics to save you. We can only rely upon the Lord, ourselves alone -- and our rifles.

"Trump Doubles-Down On Shooting Comment."
"You Need A Soul Check Before You Vote For Donald Trump."
Given my previous post "Eating the turd, with or without ketchup. Demagoguery is as demagoguery does. But those who blindly follow 'pretended patriots' out of anger are simply stupid," it has been demanded of me "well, who are you for? Cruz?"
Of all of the GOP candidates I must say that Cruz is the most constitutionally consistent and loyal, but my answer is: why must I vote for anyone? Do I believe that politics alone will save the Founder's Republic? No, I do not. Like the Irish, I believe in Sinn Fein:" Ourselves Alone. I spent the past 20 years dealing with the real world consequences of GOP failures. How can I now place any faith that any one person or party represents a painless way to restore the Republic?
The constitutional militia movement came about because the GOP failed to do its duty of effective investigation and oversight. The OKC bombing private investigation came about for the same reason. My participation as a citizen journalist in investigating ATF and FBI scandals was driven by the obvious failures of the "mainstream" press. My enunciation of the Three Percent concept and my organization of the armed civil disobedience campaign flowed from the obvious failures of the NRA and others to defend our natural and God-given rights. Why then do any of you, my faithful readers, place ANY confidence in a single man or a political party or an advocacy group?
WHY MUST I CHOOSE BETWEEN THE VARYING TASTE AND BOUQUETS OF TURD SANDWICHES? Why do some of you get sucked into these false choices despite twenty plus years of lies and serial cowardice of people who do the same thing to you again and again and laugh at your credulous, child-like faith in the power of horse excrement and wishful thinking?
Think and act for yourselves, locally, organizing people you know and trust and quit believing that Santa Claus is going to bring you a restored republic by way of electoral politics. Trust in the Lord, ourselves alone, and our rifles.


Anonymous said...

A look at the upcoming debates between Bernie & the Donald!

Uncle Elmo said...

In the Kurt Schlichter column you posted this morning, he links to a Twitchy article where he gets into an exchange with a 'beta' male who sees no need for individual gun ownership. He says "I'm not living in a movie fantasy. I pay taxes for trained police & an army".

I guess he missed the 2005 Supreme Court decision that police have no Constitutional duty to protect an individual.

Anonymous said...

Once again you have nailed it, Mike.

It was after the re-election of Clinton (post Waco and a mess of other lawlessness) that I made my decision to not vote. I was incredulous! My thought at the time was that any nation of people who would re-elect such an odious liar and criminal deserved whatever they got, but I would not consent to any of it by voting.

I will not participate in a system that has become so hopelessly corrupt. One of the comments that struck me in response to your previous post re; Trump saying he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. was the "you didn't post an alternative". This is at the heart of America's problem; that people are looking for a savoir to vote for. Childish ignorance in the extreme to think that A) we can vote our way out of this mess, and B) that adults need to be told who will lead them to a restoration of constitutional rule of law.

Wake up America.

Buy more ammo, train harder, inform yourselves and prepare to repel hostiles. That is my answer.


Anonymous said...


SheepDog said...

I have always believed it is my duty to vote for no other reason than to honor all those past and present who gave their time, their limbs, or their lives fighting for our liberties.

But, while I love my country, I now fear my government...and those employed by them who dishonor their oath.

B-4 said...

Anyone that thinks voting will correct this country's problems, needs time on the S400.00 per-hour couch. Voting your wallet has caused the problem. I love the fact everyone thinks their vote counts. Perception, a perfect brainwashing tool! B-4

WarriorClass III said...

"...why must I vote for anyone? Do I believe that politics alone will save the Founder's Republic? No, I do not."

Agreed. I don't know of any time in history when freedom was gained by voting.

Any way you look at it, we're in for a war.

Anonymous said...

Why limit yourself to fighting from the outside? Why not use every weapon and tactic at your disposal, particularly where a vote, even if for the least evil of several options, costs you virtually nothing. You give up nothing if you vote. You give up at least one of your most fundamental rights of citizenship, if you don't vote. I do not intend to willingly relinquish any of my rights.

At this point, with all that I've seen and read, Trump is slightly better than the usual rethugnican turd. He has a clue about immigration, economics, and foreign trade. He has massive real estate investments in the USA, so his heart and wallet are tied to the USA. Unless something changes dramatically, I will vote for him and encourage as many people as possible to do the same--not because I think he's so great, but because I think he'll do the most to secure our national borders and improve our trade positions while doing the most economic and political damage to our enemies of any candidate with any chance at all of winning.

All other candidates, including Cruz, are bought by PACs and establishment GOP party control. None are even remotely competent or consistent on the life or death issues of this nation--immigration and foreign trade. What our enemies cannot do by direct confrontation, they are doing by cultural and economic infiltration and erosion. They are buying what they cannot conquer. Trump's candidacy is the only one openly and solidly opposed to that agenda. I won't even bother with any of he other candidates but Cruz--he is, at a shallow level, the only other alternative to what amounts to uniparty candidates, such as Clinton, Sanders, Rubio, Bush, Kasich, Christie, et al., ad nauseam. But is he really any different? He voted for the Corker amendment, gutting the Constitutionally mandated review of treaties by the Senate. He supported a 500% increase in H1B visas, until Trump outed him. He was a supporter of "Gang of 8" "shamnesty" legislation and went to the border with Glenn Beck to hand out teddy bears and soccer balls to drum up sympathy for all those 20 year old tatted up "children" coming across he border last summer--not a word about stemming the tide, even after he'd seen that admin's "humanitarian crisis" spin was nothing but lies. He lied about his campaign funding, accepting large personal loans from Goldman Sachs. He's not even as close to a natural born U.S.A. citizen as Obama (assuming Obama was born on Hawaii). Giving Cruz maximum benefit of the doubt, since he was born in Canada and was, until the last year or so a Canadian (dual) citizen, he's a statutorily naturalized USA citizen (assuming his mother had not relinquished her USA citizenship while living and voting in Canada), not a constitutional natural born citizen. We can argue for a while whether a person needs, as I think, to have two biological USA citizen parents and be born on USA soil to qualify for POTUS, but Cruz is so far below the bar (below even Obama), it's truly ridiculous.

Finally, despite all Cruz's high-sounding Constitutionalist words (oddly conflicting with all of his record and history), what has he accomplished? Nada--find a bill that he's authored/sponsored or even co-authored/sponsored that has gone anywhere--or better yet, don't waste your time, because there aren't any. Cruz is hated and ostracized in DC, not because he's one of us fighting against the evil DC machine. It's because he's an untrustworthy, lying, holier-than-thou Canadian douche who not even DC scum can abide. He is at most a selfish, useful idiot/tool of the uniparty being used to manipulate gullible Christian evangelicals and folks who might otherwise support a serious threat to uniparty rule. Do your own research--I might have missed dotting an i or crossing a t, but the gist, you'll find, is correct.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, "the lesser of two evils" mentality, in this case TURDS! Bravo Mike, BRAVO.

Anonymous said...

I dont really think that trump is the best candidate or even republican. However the others are bought and paid for and far worse then he could ever be. Electing him is like a slap on the face to both parties and will result in him upending all their carefully laid plans. At least for a little while.
Im going to vote for him. Watch him get elected then pull up my chair and popcorn and watch the show. It will probably be the most satisfying election in my entire life.

Anonymous said...

If I vote, it will probably be for Trump, because that is probably the worst thing for the dead elephant party. No politician is going to save us, but destroying the GOPe would be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

If I vote, I will also probably vote for Trump, as I believe it be an "Up Yours" to the GOPe Establishment and as someone else has already mentioned ( Paraphrasing ),"It might Help destroy the republican party which would be a good thing", as the republican party has become an entirely leftwing entity like their democrat comrades.

Nemesis said...

This whole thing reminds me of the closing stages of the movie 'The Fall of the Roman Empire' in which the different political and military factions offer up their candidate to be Emperor.

At the end of that movie no one wishes to take on that responsibility.

Trump started out as America's last hope of avoiding another revolution or civil war or both, one after the other. He has now said some really stupid stuff that seems to be getting ignored by those who have now cast their lot in with him, but is being picked up by people like you Mike, who can see the many foibles and love of theatre that Donald Trump is.

Maybe Trump is another Nero or Caligula in waiting? They do say that history has a habit of repeating itself. Then again, maybe that part has been played by the present pretender at the White House?

Cruz looked to be the 'goods' but further research uncovered some rather unsavory things about him - not the worst being his Canadian citizenship, but then again, maybe Barry has already undone that barrier with his own precedent?

So, if one is an American who loves his/her country and wishes to avoid the 'trouble' that now hangs around the nation like a patiently waiting tsunami, does one with hold that vote or give it to another pretender or to a globalist?

Not much of a choice really, is it!

Robin said...

Sir, Growing up in New England, I thought Trump was being sarcastic, not serious. I have found that sarcasm is less prevalent in Kansas, which is one of the reasons I live here. I urge you to watch the South Park episode about Sarcastaball.
I look forward to reading your blog for as long as the Lord allows you, or any of us, to wordsmith.
Sincerely and respectfully, Robin

Anonymous said...

Really? Then you tell me, which one of these politicals will actually do something about the flood of terrorist/illegals/future-democrat-voters pouring over the southern border? I believe Trump will. And I don't really care if he wants to put a big golden "T" on every single wall panel, facing out or in!

Anonymous said...

"Why do some of you get sucked into these false choices despite twenty plus years of lies and serial cowardice of people who do the same thing to you again and again and laugh at your credulous, child-like faith in the power of horse excrement and wishful thinking?
Think and act for yourselves, locally, organizing people you know and trust and quit believing that Santa Claus is going to bring you a restored republic by way of electoral politics."

So we all stay home on election day--it doesn't matter whether it's communist Bernie Sanders or businessman Donald Trump?

I, for one, do not believe any man or woman is going to save me, but I do believe that at certain times in history, men and women come along to fight the good fight--not for personal glory(although unless you are Joan of Arc that is a part of it) but to rally the troops. I work for a corporation. I've had lousy incompetent CEO's whose 'leadership' has caused bad things to happen and excellent ones who have made the company thrive. Therefore, I believe there is value in having leadership especially in times of crisis. Sometimes, the most blustery, obnoxious blowhards turn out to be quite effective, while others spouting reasoned, polite rhetoric are the real shape-shifters.

If the U.S. is already at the bottom what have we got to lose voting for Trump, taking the chance?

Perhaps elections and the two-party system will end up on the ash heap of history I don't know and neither do you-perhaps we are all just not as smart as you, I don't know that either.

I do know that I do not trust that Trump is the answer, but I will vote for him because I am not yet ready to stay home and not vote. And Cruz is not an option, same old, same old. He will be beholden to his donors in the end not me.

He will have to do their bidding, there is no way people like Mercer give millions to a campaign without expecting the candidate to implement their agenda. That I do know, that I have seen over the last 20 years.

We Americans who have not been as active as you in organizing and just do not have the skills to balance full time jobs, kids, etc with activism, and I do admire you for that, knowing your illness, I think you are a marvel, should not be called childish, and Santa Claus believers just because we want to give this one more shot.

Chiu ChunLing said...

What it comes down to is that we're going to have to shoot a lot of people before this is over. And nobody will complain much if one of those people ends up being Trump...which is not the case for any other major contender for the Presidency.

I'm not voting for him, I'm likelier to write in Sweet Meteor of Death and Cthulhu as running mate.

But I'm not going to be particularly displeased if he somehow wins, though I will be quite shocked.

Anonymous said...

If anyone must vote, then vote Libertarian.
Other than that Nobody for President 2016


Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz is not the only Constitutional conservative candidate. Rand Paul has a much better record as a defender of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Just wondering why all the anti-tyranny, anti-federalists can't get behind and support Rand Paul? What do you all see as his biggest flaws? Why is Trump more trustworthy than a proven Constitutional conservative like Paul (or Cruz)?

Anonymous said...

Trump Sanders Clinton Cruz..... They all offer revolution, it is just a matter of what kind. Trump offers the French Revolution, Sanders offers the Bolshevik Revolution, Clinton offers a Maoist revolution, and Cruz, perhaps the American Revolution.

Anonymous said...

We have talked, spoken out. We have written it down, passed handbills and newspapers and even had television and internet communication. We have prayed. We have assembled, among our selves and right in the face of government at its house. We have petition in all manner possible to every branch of government and every representative of each branch.

We have, twice now at least, endured the entire structure of turning government over via the ballot box. The Founders set it all up so no mish mash on a whim could overturn government itself. True it is we have the authority as voters to toss every house member out on their ear, but as a balancing check it takes 6 full years to upend the Senate (which is indeed the LOWER house when truth is told because We The People absolutely and ALWAYS stand above our government!) and with a added twist in 8 years even a popular (or great at cheating) President has to be replaced.

There is nothing left to petition because we have done it all, over and over again, absent plain remedy about one of the plainest enumerations there is in our Framing Document.

Either this election turns things around, because people see what has to be done, or the path to civil war is sealed.

Now, about Cruz and the pathetic "well who are you for - so I can attack him instead of admit things about my own candidate" garbage.
Ted, like Obama, is not eligible to be President because we all know what the Founders were trying to protect and why they did so. NBC is - without question, two American Citizens having a Child on American Soil. I am not for Cruz beating Donald because I want him to be President in violation of this plain protection enumerated. I DO want his candidacy rammed down the GOP and DNC throats! I want them to have to face the exact bovine excrement they were to afraid of skin color to address with Obama.

I want them to have to either DQ Ted and have to admit why they are disqualifying him because that will either nail Obama's ineligibility or expose the fraud that is anchor babies. Heck, it might take admitting both to DQ Cruz. There is no way to DQ him without nailing one or the other. Or, witness the nine robed kings punt the issue again, exposing their corruption for all to see with the consequences this time being a President who force feeds the judiciary a avalanche of cases that will see the SCOTUS spider trapped in its own corrupt web so badly that two nefarious amendments are finally placed where thy belong - the same place as the 18....16 and 17 repealed, one and for all Restoring our Republic.

Ironic, that....that a candidacy itself, not the politics of a person, not an ideology, not even party backroom smokey deals, but a candidacy itself that Americans can slap in the face of corrupt government like a pie, is what can light the fuse that detonates the bomb that destroys the corrupt and evil beast that today calls itself our government.

It is not about Ted Cruz. It is about exposing and eliminating the corrupt bastards who have usurped our governance. Vote not for Ted Cruz, but for what his candidacy FORCES upon the corrupticrats.

Why? Because it really is the last chance to avoid the path to civil war being cemented in place. That is what is on the line. Trump is not the answer and neither is Ted Cruz, but Cruz's candidacy itself absolutely IS.

Capitalist Eric said...

Gonna vote for Trump, mainly as a fat middle finger to the establishment and MSM.

If he doesn't clean house, it'll still come down to CW2, so there are no real options left. Cruz is possibly ineligible, certainly unwilling to seal the borders, so he's as attractive as Jeb bush, IMHO.

We're out of ti.e, and this is the last chance before we go to guns. Sorry, bud... but that's the truth.

Anonymous said...

You are correct--both parties have been screwing us over for 20 years or more. They are 2 sides of the same coin--the Uniparty. Trump can crush the Dems and the GOP. I want the GOP annihilated. They're lies, deception and broken promises created Donald Trump. They will get what they deserve. I urge you to take another look at Trump. He has no puppet masters unlike every other D or R. If you watch his rallies and interviews completely you'll see how often his words are taken out of context and distorted.

Anonymous said...

Both parties have dealt the " Founder's Republic " /" We the People" .A dead man's hand for far too long ! I want to see both parties destroyed !As they have destroyed,bankrupt the financial and moral futures of " Our Children/Grand Children! Heck I have been out of work since 2010. Had to sell 7 weapons this past year to survive.Party lines have availed us naught. I never liked the lower, New York state of mind. They are a twisted bunch ! I never gave Trump a second thought. Sure he is member of the rich mans club. The Populist mantel may be a ruse. I see no other recourse. He has my vote. Villainy will never be routed out in the District of Criminals. Or even on state and local levels. Many are fed up and chomping at the bit for the 2nd shot around the world to commence. Behind enemy lines Ct.

Unknown said...

Your vote is your consent! I don't consent and do not support our illegitimate system of govt and neither should anyone else who wants liberty.

Ted Cruz nor Marco Rubio do not meet the founders Natural Born Citizen requirement. But neither did Obama...

1NCCCH said...

Putting powdered sugar on a turd doesn't make it a jelly donut.