Thursday, January 28, 2016

SPLC collectivist hack uses my words to justify repression.

As the Southern Poverty Law Center documented in a report published after the standoff, federal inaction allowed the ideas that inspired Cliven Bundy to spread across the West. In the days after the Bundy family protest, in fact, longtime militia leader Mike Vanderboegh said: “Courage is contagious.” Sadly, that courage did turn into a contagion as increasing numbers of antigovernment extremists centered their anger on the federal government’s administration of public lands.


Chiu ChunLing said...

I think one has to add the premise that courage is a bad thing.

I don't recall exactly where you said that.

Fred said...

Can't have those pesky ideas spreading now can they. And it's less the administration of public lands, although it is that too, but more the taking of private lands.

Anonymous said...

The tyrant supporters are starting to come to grips with the actuality that their time as absolute controllerism, their collectivism, is coming to an end - and they cannot stop it. They are coming to grips with the fact that their most powerful tools are ow beyond their control and that they are coming back to bite them in spades.

There is the set they dumbed down so they could be controlled that are now too dumb to control breathing down their necks, demanding more free stuff than they can provide - and the anger is growing. They set themselves up as the providers, and now they cannot provide. That leads to zombies breaking down the walls and overrunning them. They are about to be eaten by those who they created - good.

They cannot run, because of us. We stand ready, at the ready, guarding the Gates of Liberty. And they have no means left by which to defeat us. And they know that too.

SO, the question becomes, do they go scorched earth and press the button of destruction, or do they stand down? I guess we are close to finding out.

Uncle Elmo said...

"Heidi Beirich leads the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project."

Somehow, seeing SPLC and intelligence in the same sentence strikes me as more than a little oxymoronic.

And help me out here. I might have missed it. Did Heidi happen to write an article titled 'The Government Must Prosecute the Baltimore and Ferguson Protestors'?