Thursday, January 28, 2016

From Matt Bracken -- "Maoris, Moors and Migrants: A history lesson for civilized humans facing an Ork invasion."

By the time the native people on Chatham Island (or on The Island of Plenty, or in Europe today) realize what mortal peril they are in, they have let in so many vicious Orks that the invaders automatically present a grave threat to the native population at large. I would point to the widespread sex attacks in Cologne and across Europe on New Year’s Eve, as just one recent example of the threat posed by the Orks.


Anonymous said...

Let me see.. By Orks (those murderous huge hideous creatures from middle earth), you mean,Muslims, right. And apparently not just terrorists, but any Muslim immigrant.
That's pretty clear..
That's mighty morgothian of you. You'd fit right in, in Mordor.

Chiu ChunLing said...

The ruling progressives will only discover a sense of self-preservation when they are the ones in actual danger...that is to say, after the order of the society has broken down to the point when there aren't enough police resources to protect the leadership.

In a society led by men who accept the same risks and hardships of those they lead, this occurs while the means of defense are still equal to the task. In a society led by Marxists, the leaders only face danger themselves when everything else has been utterly ravaged already.

Worse, the ruling progressives are most likely to perceive direct personal threats from their betrayed countrymen first, squandering the defensive means of society against those who actually want to defend the society.

This is not to say that Europe won't finally exterminate Islam, but it will not be in anything so neat and orderly as another Holocaust. It will be in a series of local pogroms that grow and continue until it is the most fundamental tradition of every surviving European to kill Muslims wherever they can be found. A generation to peak, several generations to subside.

Anonymous said...

The original article was written with some tongue in cheek and an analogy that has nothing to do with a modern society that DOES value defense. I thought the Ork reference was kinda funny.
But it IS racist, with the reference's assumption that Islam is overrunning us to bash our heads in. BS.

Then of course, as usual, in his pedantic style, Chiu ChunLing turns the racism up 10 notches with his ugly references to "exterminate Islam", "neat and orderly.. Holocaust" and an end game where Europeans kill Muslims wherever they can be found. And (elsewhere) he calls himself a christian? No, just more BS.

Do you folks understand nothing about liberty! Is not life a natural right?
The original article was emphasizing the importance of defense, not exterminating others different than you!

Anonymous said...

And our pretend potus wants to import them here, give them benefits from the public largess and ignore when when they start killing people!
Difference for us is the American population is armed to the teeth and we have far less patience than out European cousins!

Chiu ChunLing said...

I now realize that I was being merely descriptive rather than prescriptive in my assessment of what is going to happen in Europe regardless of what anyone wishes might happen.

But the time for prescriptions that could have prevented this course has passed. I did have some ideas for how to avoid generational pogroms back when it was realistically avoidable...and I updated them a few times with respect to changing circumstances.

At this point, nothing anyone might try will make any realistic difference.

As for the comments about my Christianity...well, I doubt there is any point in responding.

Anonymous said...

What's happening in Europe is not some misguided mistake. It's a well calculated plan by the global elite to exterminate the native populations of Europe in favor of a people who have always lived under a collectivist governing force. And it's helped along by cops more interested in getting their pensions than self preservation and by self-loathing Europeans under their suicidal banner of "social justice".

ag42b said...

When Matt speaks, it is wise to listen.