Monday, January 18, 2016

"We Are Sick of Paying the Price for Elitists to Feel Smug."

"Oh, and if one of them gets hammered and uses his shiny new illegal alien driver’s license to ram his beat up Chevy into a car packed with your son and his friends, that’s a small price to pay for the elite redlining its collective sense of moral self-satisfaction. And if an illegal rapes and murders your daughter, well, better an American woman die than some dreamer’s dream of easy pickings be denied. Your life is not a priority. It’s not even a consideration."


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I should welcome Mr. Schlicter or tell him it's about time he showed up.


Uncle Elmo said...

If it's Monday, it must be Kurt Schlichter. It's always good to start the week with a smile, before facing another seven days of the perverse reality of which he writes.

Meanwhile, smug elitists reading his column will be outraged that he never mentioned Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (as they take a paid day off in his honor).

Anonymous said...

This has been going on a long time. The lack of popular outrage is a sin. To paraphrase Killary Klinton... "he came to America as a crimmigrant, he drunk drove, a nun died".

The examples are way too numerous to list here. To find them is trivially easy.

ag42b said...

Each nation has its share of those who believe they are elite, due to an ancestor's social standing, accumulation of wealth, religion, or some other category that can be made restrictive. America is no different. We have no nobility, so those wealthy individuals who think that makes them more important have become our own self-appointed elite. As the Dems have not been able to take the ballot box away from all citizens yet, or dilute its importance through fraud and mass immigration, now is a good time for citizens to exercise their prerogative, and show the elitists and oligarchs that the common man and woman controls our nation, decline to vote for the anointed, vote their consciences, and try to return what we believe is "common sense" to our country and culture.

Don't listen to vapid celebrities, mass media "talking heads", or any other self appointed pseudo-elite. Vote for who you feel would be best for you and your family. Think about what you would like to see in the future, encourage term limits for public office, and exercise your civil right to protect yourself and people that you care about.

The bejeweled, bedazzled and befuddled have the right to emigrate to nations where they would feel more at home. This is OUR home, and make them understand that. Let the elite of this country be the people that through hard work, generosity, and perseverance, have earned the respect and acclamation of its citizens.

Anonymous said...

What makes one an elitist? Basically its the size of the group (small, a minority), and maybe their common understanding that they know what is right...
Doesn't that define the 3%ers??
Just asking. It seems to me too many people throw out labels and BS.

But then, saying that, probably puts me on someones list (oh well, what else is new).

Chiu ChunLing said...

An elitist is someone who asserts that different rules should apply to their "class" than apply to everyone else. Usually because they claim such exceptions from the rules which govern "commoners" as somehow essential to the good of society.

III%'s think everyone should be armed and committed to defending liberty. They just realize that not everyone is willing to take that responsibility for themselves.