Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Hillary Clinton and Gabby Giffords Politicized the Hell Out of Gun Violence in Iowa."

I saw part of this on C-Span, but it made me want to puke so I turned it to a re-run of The Great Escape.


Anonymous said...

At some point, even as a matter of electioneering, the politicos are going to have to accept that they lost on their own home turf. They lost; Militia, doesn't apply to state government, interest balancing approach, within the home, the comma fabrication, and even the Scrutiny argument itself - they lost absolutely their underhanded imposition of the 4th amendment "Reasonable" drivel. All of it, Yes the 9 robed kings skated right by regulated, but Scalia pointed to why - there must be a trifecta. Now, there is one in place - we have heller mcdonald and miller. Heller itself pointed to existing scope - though it would be interesting to see it argued that SBSGs are not useful in the military context in this day and age.

As contrived and concoted as the current trifecta is, it does constitute a straight left and right hook that destroys almost all gun control out there when applied. Gun grabbers know it and economic controllers know it too - which is why thy constantly attempt to keep the Old Playbook in place. It is past time to stop adopting their playbook and their framing of the issue.

When they ague the interest balancing approach, we have to CALL THEM ON IT, not engage them in the trite "debate". We must just tell them plainly - that is all fine and dandy but the fact is that whether crime goes up or down, whether brutal crimes are committed or not is NOT GERMANE to the point - The right of the People to keep and bear arms, absent infringement AND - OR abridgment remains. When the distractors try to craft this time wasting debate, we have to shut them down.

Likewise, we have to stop letting them set the agenda going forward. Instead of arguing from a point of defense against possible semi auto bans, we should reject that debate (knowing they cannot pass such bans and more importantly have demonstrated they will not ENFORCE them even if they do. Do not take that bait.

Instead, we must argue the base premise of what gun control that exists now. A huge dust up over 855 happened, yet 7.62 ammo remains banned. WHY Mr NRA is that and why are you not hammering that? hmm? As Scotus has said plainly that banning entire classes of arms does not pass muster, much lesst claiming allowing one means the power to ban another, how is it that CLASS three manufacture and sale is outright prohibited? On what premise does this prohibition remain? Indeed, on what premise is exercise of a right itself tracked and permitted in the first place?

I submit that together we should be calling for all gun control as they call it today - common sense gun safety- policy must target ONLY the proven guilty. Want someone to carry a little card on their person? Fine. Have all the convicted felons carry them then. Have THAT denoted on their driver license and other ID's...leaving the rest of us INNOCENT people alone.

We have to face the profound nature of a tiny sentence within Heller that the grabbers have to face and the time to end the drama is now. SCOTUS wrote that, "The Second Amendment is no different." right? Right. So then, either we can be lawfully compelled to gain a permission slip to buy and sell Bibles and other books, OR we cannot be compelled to beg for ownership, buying and or selling permits and carry permits for arms. If government can pick and choose arms allowed, like knives, swords and select fires, openly or concealed, then it can also choose which books it allows and not. Which WILL you have America? Hey Journalists, which way will YOU have it?

The other thing we have to face is the economic taproot. The buying and selling of arms is as much a necessary aspect of the rights exercised as is having ammo itself. Their can be no ownership without due course transfers. There has to be a RIGHT to gain ammunition or the right is destroyed, and there has to be a RIGHT to buy and sell arms or the RIGHT is destroyed. How about we ask Hillary if it is fine and dandy to ban ink, indeed ban the sale of ink, yet claim the First Amendment right is intact? Uh huh.

Anonymous said...

In every gun rights discussion, we must argue one salient point - the Second Amendment is the product OF the debate already held. It is the outcome, the decision, the compromise. It is NOT a bullet point to BE debated as they always frame it.

And over all of it, first and foremost, when it comes to political antics, we have to call a spade a spade. Look folks, when you "vote for the person who can win", you are voting to concede a portion of all of your rights. You do not "win" anything by rationalizing in that way. You LOSE, and you do so without even a fight. You can tell yourself all day long that noise if it makes you feel better, but the truth is you still just laid down like a chump, entering fudd status, whether you admit it or not.

So all you Trump voters, well, you might as well double down and vote for Hillary herself instead of trying to fool your own conscience (and countrymen). Either way you are selling out and voting for a person who believes that government exists to dole out permission slips on its own volition, and that is about as Anti-Second Amendment, heck Anti-Rights as one can get. People can but but but but but all day long, and the truth still remains. On Guns, on Rights, Trumps actual in writing position is the same as Hillary's and Gabby's. No stump speech claiming to be "for the Second Amendment" changes that and your selling out yourself and the rest of us - and every troop who ever put on a uniform and shed their blood defending what our Founders fought so valiantly to achieve. If you want to dirt on them all, well, at least have the guts to be honest with yourself about what you are doing - you know why? Cuz God knows anyway, and so do all those Fallen soldiers looking down at what you are doing. You will OWN what you do regardless of whether you try to hide from it or refuse to admit it in this life. So take your vote seriously this time around, it might just be the last time you get to do so in any meaningful way.


Edward said...

I vote Hillery For Prison, 2016.

Anonymous said...

What's the point? All of the mess of the world is not going to get any better. Men should have taken arms up 100 years ago and yet today we are the laughing stock of the world, the wussy Americans that won't do anything. Look how they are shot down in the streets and yet they continue to take it in the rear a scheduled... so? What's the point?

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
'Knowwhatyamean!!!!! 'Didn't even get into the verbiage, just saw the photos and the first few sentences .......and!.......That called for a 'Jack n' Coke!!!!'
'Have ta' say, loved "The Great Escape"....."Patriots!!!" 'First image to my mind was the scene of Steve McQueen doing the motorcycle jump over the barbed wire!!!!!! The movie was only a portrayment of certain events from the War..with some "Hollywood" thrown in. The real McCoy was another story!!
On another note......I would also like to nominate another movie for that "re-run" old Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western......"The Good, Bad and Ugly!!!" I love it!! "Blonde', 'Angel Eyes' and Tuco!!" Three derelicts on a mission.......just think...they had "No Social Security number and did not have to pay income taxes!!!!" Taxes?? What were those back then?? Without going thru the whole movie.....just go to this place..... it's called "Tuco's Law" and at this point in time rhetoric is best served with a dose of lead!! BTW....Performances by Harrison Ford and Lee Van Cleave are also very commendable!!
Got Gunz......OUTLAW!!!!,
skybill- going for another Jack'

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton: Gabby Giffords Trusts Me To ‘Stand Up To The Gun Lobby’

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:48..Spot on. hand wringing and whining has accomplished nothing except to reveal just how cowardly and feminized American men have become. Men of character akin to the Founding Fathers died out with them. 240+ years of living a serious lie. The real Republic died with them. All that's left is fakers and lying egotistical dreamers that could only wish to be like them and then stole their valor. Sickening.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Bad Cyborg said...

To paraphrase Shakespeare: The fault lies not in our government but in ourselves that we are oppressed.

The ratio of indians to chiefs is always in favor of the indians.

Anonymous said...

@9:48 AGREED!!
Even our own Family Members sold us out ... What ever there Reasoning.
And thats , a Hard Bitter Pill to Swallow for any man(non gender specific)