Sunday, January 31, 2016

More on the Orcs in Hobbitton Kulturschock.

"Why the migration fiasco spells doom for Project Europe: The influx of migrants has exposed the anti-democratic bias and the administrative uselessness of the EU.


Anonymous said...

It could not happen to a nicer bunch of collectivist-socialist,abortion-loving,America-hating losers. Eurabia will be an object lesson for all of the American main-line charities(especially the Catholics, Baptists, and Lutherans) who want to import these Muslim parasites into this country.
The total emasculation of their male population, coupled with massive drug use, porn, Feminazi political leaders and disarmed sheeple has created a perfect storm. Pass the popcorn and MGD. I'm ready for the show.

Chiu ChunLing said...

The men of Europe are not totally emasculated. There will be no Eurabia, only a bloodbath of ethnic enclaves and outright racism which could easily outlive modern civilization as we understand the term.

Feminists would do well to take note, if you outlaw balls, only outlaws will have any balls.

Till quite recently Muslims have been looking mostly at the glossy brochures and magazines depicting all those nice Eurosexual men who obeyed all the regulations on their man parts (physical, mental, and spiritual). That image isn't going to last much longer...and African Muslims stand no real chance against godless white men at their worst (they can't even handle earnest white Christians).