Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Authorities urge remaining Oregon occupiers to quit after killing."

The arrests and shooting have angered anti-government protesters across the country, said Mike Vanderboegh, a gun-rights activist active in self-proclaimed militia circles. "It's all I can do to keep people from going and shooting feds right now," he told Reuters. Vanderboegh said the FBI had acted too quickly to end a situation that was already headed toward peaceful resolution.
See also: Robert 'LaVoy' Finicum shot and killed while charging police, driver says
And also-- "Oregon Arrests: Feds Intercepted Occupation Leaders as Part of Plan says Official."
“Authorities seeking to end a nearly month-long protest at an Oregon wildlife refuge realized there was only one way to bring the drama to a close: Arrest the leadership.”


Anonymous said...

Mike I hope you remove the link/story coming from Mark McConnell. His tale sounds like it was coming from a retired police officer in the wording HE chose.

The LEOs involved started firing on the vehicle according to the Witness who was inside of it!!!

The STATES silence at the press conference today spoke volumes. THEY are guilty of murder. PERIOD.

Think Nationally ACT locally. There is not one STATIST lackey who is not an enemy of the people in today's AmeriKa.

Time to take out the trash!

Anonymous said...

Just had to point out the time of this post on the front page.
How Fitting.

j said...

It is amusing that McConnel was over a mile away when he claimed to have seen this murder. Must have really great eyesight to see a mile in the dark. And his story will be convenient for the killers, while the people who were actually AT the truck all said Finicum was holding his hands up. Guess which group I believe.

Unknown said...

On the:

See also: Robert 'LaVoy' Finicum shot and killed while charging police, driver says

Watching that video -- who is this guy exactly?

I'm curious how he says he didn't witness the shooting and the second car was "down the road" - but LaVoy charge the cops and he wasn't on his knees?

Chiu ChunLing said...

"actions are not without consequences."

Even for Feds.

Capitalist Eric said...

Interesting. They edited the article to remove your quote.

Oldfart said...

Mike, I have to say I was honored to meet you and shake your hand at Salem but I still don't always agree with you. Case in point: Fort Sumter vs Waco. How many Wacos does it take to equal one Fort Sumter?

We're being Wacoed to death - literally, but just like the European politicians who tell their constituents to hold the peace, you're still telling us to wait until we can hold the high ground. Mike, the bottom of a grave is not high ground and that's all the ground LaVoy Finicum has to look forward to.

What we need is fewer Neville Chamberlains and more John Parkers - who, by the way, was dying of tuberculosis when "the shot heard 'round the world" was fired.

I haven't had much luck posting here lately. I think it has something to do with the process to weed out robotic posts, so I'm mirroring this to your private e-mail account. Good luck, my friend.

Anonymous said...

For all those confused about how McConnel could see LaVoy:
McConnel said that SHAWNA COX told him that LaVoy charged the police.
I don't think I've seen anywhere the McConnel was claiming that HE saw LaVoy get shot.
So we are getting second and third hand info. I would not give much weight to hear-say evidence.

Nightshade said...

If the FBI truly wanted a peaceful solution (as they claim), they would have let Ammon and Levoy go to meet the SHERRIF at John Day. Based on the reports of unprovoked shootings, it looks like some powerful people want to deliberately provoke violence. If I was a tyrant, I would do that instead of a false flag, because false flags can be exposed where as incitement is often lost to the fog of war.

Anonymous said...


"..They are the gatekeepers. They are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys. Which means that sooner or later, someone is going to have to fight them."

This is what the Jade Helm exercise was training for, for the integration and synchronization of multiple agencies to successfully combat domestic resistance groups. They learned early on they HAD TO CONTROL the narrative from start to finish (which they have done), cut off the resistance cells communications and isolate the target cell (which they did) target the leaders and GIVE THEM THE BAIT to expose themselves be isolated and controllable and become vulnerable (Which they did)....Jade Helm exercise was a trial run through of the battle plan and coordination of multiple agencies for SUCCESSFUL RESISTANCE DESTRUCTION OPERATIONS....Have you LEARNED nothing yet? 4GW warfare is really FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE of the battlefield, and the Burns Oregon situation ENABLE THEM TO REAL TIMNE PROOF the concept as doable and successful. I leave you a quote so you can mull over what you ARE REALLY FACING.

This is the battlespace you NEED to think about fighting in....Its not physical space and guns ANYMORE. You are about to LOSE the WHOLE thing because you do not think across the WHOLE battlespace and all aspects of it.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen