Thursday, January 14, 2016

CNN trolling for useful militia idiots, again. Still.

Received this email:

 To: GeorgeMason1776
Sent: Thu, Jan 14, 2016 11:48 am
Subject: CNN Militia Episode
Dear Mr. Vanderboegh,

I hope you're doing well. I read about your work for the 1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment Constitutional Militia, and was hoping I could speak with you. I am a producer for a series called This is Life with Lisa Ling, which airs on CNN and is currently in its third season. The show consists of hour-long documentary films about communities, issues, and subcultures that people may not know much about, or may have a superficial understanding of. We pride ourselves in telling eye-opening stories from the perspective of the people at the heart of our topic.

We are exploring the possibility of producing an hour about citizen militias: who the real people are who participate, what their hopes and concerns are, and what it’s like on the inside. We would hope to follow one to two active organizations through a significant multi-day event, whether it be a training bootcamp, border patrol, or similar excursion. I would love to talk to you this week about your organization and see whether it might be a good match for us to film together.

Would you be available this afternoon, tomorrow, or Monday to discuss this possibility on the phone? You can reach me at REDACTED. . .

All the best,

To which I responded:

Sorry.  I'm no longer a militia commander and even if I were, I wouldn't let CNN (more to the point any CNN EDITORS and PRODUCERS -- a generally dishonest lot of collectivist hacks in my experience) within ten miles of any field training exercise or operation.  Been there done that and have the scars of third degree burns from the experience.  If you want propaganda filler, go to the Southern Preposterous Lie Center.  They don't know shit from shinola about the realities of the militia movement, but that's never stopped them in the past, nor has their dangerous dishonesty (internalized by the secret political police of DHS - and pointed out by numerous intellectually honest liberals) EVER been noticed by CNN.  Such mutual and symbiotic onanism is apparently right up your company's alley.  Enjoy the sterile experience, but don't expect the rest of us to be willing, witless stooges in our own enemy's propaganda.
Mike Vanderboegh


Jim said...

Excellent response!

I've avoided interviews myself, usually local news stations looking for fluff of the day. After years of seeing how they edit stories, depending how they want the story to turn out, I've come to the conclusion, "Don't be THAT guy."

Rivenshield said...

Wow. You're getting nasty in your old age.

Anonymous said...

After THIS profanity-laced rant against cops, anti gun professor gets personal invite to meet Obama

A University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor was given a personal invitation to meet President Obama following a speech in Omaha Wednesday because of her staunch anti-gun activism.

The woman, Amanda Gailey, an English professor, is also the director of a group known as Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, according to her Facebook profile.

Anonymous said...

Subculture? Hmm I guess anyone who is a Patriot and loves his freedom is part of a subculture; and that my fine feathered friends is the problem. Mike's tempered response was appropriate.

Unknown said...

You have a way with words, Mike. God Bless...


Anonymous said...

Hoo-aahh! way to tell 'em.

Anonymous said...

And you wonder why people brand the movement as paranoid, witless outcasts who don't know how to approach folks like professionals. I think there was another approach other than "f@*k you". I can almost bet that the email will end up in the episode as a sort of "we tried to get their side of the story but as usual got a brush up of insults, conspiracy theories and lunacy." Like a lot of grass roots movements throughout history, we suffer from a lack of representation and this certainly doesn't help. Way to go, Mike!

PO'd American said...

Gee Mike, why were you so damned nice?

Anonymous said...

"onanism". That's a word I haven't heard in awhile, since long-ago Sunday School classes. (yes, I still go to church. I just haven't heard that word used since I-can't-recall-when).
I'll have to remember it for future usage.


Anonymous said...

Their chutzpah knows no bounds.

Great response, the only thing that could have made it better would be a 450 decibel delivery over a loudspeaker right to their face.

If CNN asked me for the time of day, I'd misinform them just like they mis and dis inform their diminishing audience.

Anonymous said...


I wish I had your command of the English language.

May God bless and heal you, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Good answer, Mike! Screw the liberals!

Fred said...

Ling is the worst of the worst. Everything, every word is carefully crafted social engineering to move the viewer ever closer to surrendering liberty for the glory of the state. Put her on the lamppost list. She is a fascistic Maoist in the propaganda arm of the fed.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was that you should have left the "redacted" in there, followed quickly by realizing why you did not. ;-)

Blue said...


Wish I could be a fly on the wall when they open that letter.

Anonymous said...

The ones who take the shill brigade's CNN offer will be the fakers and agent provocateurs in an effort to make the movement look like a bunch of goobers. Love your response btw, Mike. I'm sure it was passed onto the NSA/FBI commandants that have their own little work stations at each and every TV network in Zio-America, and filed for posterity.

Anonymous said...

You are a true wordsmith!!
All the best

Anonymous said...

When someone has been involved in 2A causes for long enough, you eventually see first hand the hypocrisy and selective reporting of most media outlets. I have first hand, in one example at a gun shop counter protest where our side got no camera time for over two hours until some kook started ranting on a megaphone about some random issue in Yemen. The cameramen literally ran from the Bloomturd side and over to this guy.

CNN, even though they've been slightly more balanced on 2A recently, certainly has the potential to.

While I agree that there's little value in a show about training and tactics, perhaps instead of shutting off Ms. Ling, an alternative show could be proposed. After all, its not the tactics or preps that are important.

It's why.

A lot has changed since the 90s, but the general public doesn't know that. A tactics show would reinforce an inaccurate 90's view of militias.

If the 'why' could be focused on - constitutional issues, the mindset and viewpoints of major players, and goals of current organizations - that might be valuable. And also include examples of how the militia and other 2A organizations have been maligned and falsely represented (the most recent example being the FBI agents busted by the Burns, OR fire department official).

After all, our goals will not be advanced unless we win hearts and minds. And to do that, we need an audience.


In leiu of participating in a network documentary, consider some other alternatives:

* Writing an autobiography
* Conducting a video autobiography (a series of video interviews, posted on youtube)
* Reaching out to other militia leaders who can handle themselves with the media (the leader of the Idaho 3% comes to mind)

I've been reading your blog for a few months and have learned a lot from it, but I'm sure you have far more knowledge, experience, strategy and wisdom than I have read yet.

It would benefit future patriots if somehow all of this value could be recorded and passed on to future generations, as a guide and a legacy.

Chiu ChunLing said...

No point giving away information to the enemy.

But no need to give them ammo either. I suggest composing a short list of counter-questions to such inquiries. The general impetus should be to get them to state their position on the Constitution generally and key provisions specifically.

Overall, the gist should be, "Is the Constitution of the United States as written and understood by the Founding Fathers the supreme law of the land?"

Some additional specific points might include, "Can the Constitution be considered to have any legitimate authority contradictory to the Declaration of Independence?" "How is the term 'the people' construed in the Constitution and Bill of rights?" "How was the term 'well-regulated militia' understood by the generation which fought the Revolutionary War?" and a good final question "How does each article of the Bill of Rights relate to the issue you wish to discuss?"

Put that way, you can probably develop a formulated response to such inquiries which actually leaves the door open a crack and maybe even wedges open some that were closed.

Anonymous said...

LOL -- Good answer Mike, good answer! They'd only work their magic in the piece to get across to the uninformed masses what they want to get across and have you coming out looking like a retarded monkey..

PO'd American said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"And you wonder why people brand the movement as paranoid, witless outcasts who don't know how to approach folks like professionals. I think there was another approach other than "f@*k you". I can almost bet that the email will end up in the episode as a sort of "we tried to get their side of the story but as usual got a brush up of insults, conspiracy theories and lunacy." Like a lot of grass roots movements throughout history, we suffer from a lack of representation and this certainly doesn't help. Way to go, Mike!"

January 14, 2016 at 4:22 PM

Obvious shill!!

T. Paine said...

Guaranteed they will find a way to twist your words to their purpose. Guaranteed.

David said...

F--k the government-media complex! Well done Mike.

Anonymous said...

Dignifying the Ministry of Truth (sic)any response, is well immensely stupid. Who did you think you were reaching out to and what in your right mind made you think they would not twist everything you said to suit their purposes? No intelligent militia member or patriot should say ANYTHING to ANY media or TRY to counter their propaganda through them. Goddamn people are their own worst enemies because they continue to insist that something good can come from feeding the machine arrayed against them that works ceaselessly to destroy them. I wouldn't feed it anything but pure bullshit and let them embarrass and discredit themselves by using it, but certainly NOTHING to CONFIRM OR DENY ANYTHING they could use against me/it/ my agenda. If you have a message, you say it your self, through your own controlled media or through your own trusted communications source. The ONLY way you can use the MSM is to spread disinfo, as that is all it does anyway, you might as well make them chase their own tail. And people dont understand when I refer to True believers....this was the best example.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen