Friday, January 15, 2016

The last campaign.

"The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose." - James Baldwin
"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our English dead."
-- Henry V, by William Shakespeare, Act III, Scene I.
It is my intention, after we are able to fix up the house for Rosey and I finish outstanding writing projects, to wage one last campaign against the totalitarians of a certain northern state using what I hope will be a spectacular example of armed civil disobedience. To this end, I need to (1.) restock the magazine larder with "freedom fighter grade" mags only; (2.) to recruit volunteers who are willing to publicly receive them; and (3.) line up others, including county sheriffs who are already on the record as opposing the Intolerable Act passed in their state in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, who are willing to provide escort and security for the operation. To make this work, we will need hundreds of magazines and a hundred or so volunteers.
Whether or not this is doable depends almost entirely upon you, dear readers. It ought to happen sometime no later than late March while I still have the strength to carry it through. If all this seems a little vague, the plan is certainly crystal clear in my mind and folks who are aware of the politics in the various states up east and who are familiar with promises previously made ought to be able to figure out which state I am talking about. My intention is to reach out and grab the tit of the sitting pompous totalitarian governor and publicly twist it for all it's worth. The media plan for this is already arranged. Whether the media will have anything to cover depends entirely upon how many brave and generous readers are willing to help.
So, how about it? Are you willing to march with me in defiance of tyranny one last time? If this sounds like something you are willing to help with, drop me an email and we'll get the ball rolling. One thing I can guarantee -- we'll make a statement of armed civil disobedience worthy of free Americans.


937 said...

Mike - your "break the windows" campaign is how I found out about this blog, the 3%, WRSA and the lot. You haven't made a secret about fighting it out with cancer, and I really don't like this "last" talk. I may never get the chance to meet you in person, but thank you for the good that you've done and may God reward you.

Anonymous said...

to what address should these mage be sent? i have a few which fit your needs.
please advise in the comments.

Anonymous said...

You request (1.) restock the magazine larder with "freedom fighter grade" mags only;

Please explain so I can be sure to send what you want.


Anonymous said...

BTW, Palmetto State Armory has mil spec 30rd AR mags for sale on their "Daily Deal" for $7.99 each.

Anonymous said...

The Palmetto State Armory Deal is good until 1/18....get'em while you can.

Lets all do our part and buy them out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike explains "freedom-fighter grade magazines" at

Archer said...

Generally speaking, "freedom fighter grade mags" means standard, reliable, 30-round AR and/or AK mags.

No cheap crap that jams or doesn't feed, and no CA-compliant 10-round mags.

TheBohunk said...

AR mags? AK mags? I got a few spares I can scrounge up. What are you looking for?


Anonymous said...

JMc - "Freedom fighter grade" = working, good condition, reliable
"Politician grade" = nonfunctional, unreliable, damaged


Anonymous said...

"freedom fighter grade" = combat grade 30 round AR-15 or AK mags with no tilt followers in good working order

TheAlaskan said...

Mr Vanderboegh, if I could, I would. I hail from interior Alaska. At this moment it's -15 and we're eating our moose and staying put. I just added another 5, twenty-round mags to my AR10. Stay happy my friend, just, maybe the lord has many more than just myself for you to inspire...

Anonymous said...

Mike, thank you so much for everything you've done. I don't know if I can make it to the Northeast due to my job, but I'll keep an eye on the site and maybe when there are firmer plans.

What I can do right now is send mags or money. Where can I send to? Is there anything else I can send?

Anonymous said...


I do not know if this fits in with your concept of operations, as what you have delineated is pretty straight forward and as uncomplicated as it gets. However, for the sake of messaging in the ongoing psywar with Leviathan, consider your audiences.

You have the media, which really does not know thing 1 about firearms or magazines. The Politicos have a vested interest in declaring anything resembling a magazine an actual "magazine". There is also a younger, tech-savvy generation out there that can be helped to get interested in the movement.

What I am getting at is 3-D printed magazines. There is a large community of "makers" in the north eastern oblast that I believe you are talking about. They may see a way to contribute via 3D printed products that they themselves make. Makers tend to be pretty libertarian and likely swing towards support of such concepts... after all, if Gov. X is forbidding them to make a magazine for an AR, what ELSE will Leviathan ban next? This really becomes a right to keep and bear 3 D printer, as well as the digital files... which makes it a 1st Amendment issue as well.

The base of this can be broadened, if you so desire. (watch the video of a full auto mag dump with one of the printed mags)

All of this was ignited by DEF DIST, a startup by Cody Wilson in Austin, TX. The issue can be broadened to make people aware that the Leviathan will have to confiscate all plastic feedstock if they want to ban magazines. This may be a way to get a fully distributed supply of these coming in. In the end, what matters is that Leviathan and the pearl clutching water carriers in the media see "magazines". LOTS of magazines.