Sunday, January 24, 2016

"EOTech Breaks Silence over Defective Sights."

EOTech, the maker of a once popular tactical optic, is trying to rebuild customer confidence that was damaged in the wake of a crippling, civil fraud lawsuit over defective rifle sights. Late last year, L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. -- the parent company of EOTech -- agreed to pay $25.6 million to settle a lawsuit that accuses the defense firm of knowingly selling the U.S. military and government agencies optics that failed in extreme temperatures and humid weather conditions. EOTech has supplied thousands of holographic weapons sights to infantry and special operations units that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as law enforcement agencies and civilian consumers. At SHOT Show 2016, EOTech officials displayed a new openness to customers in an attempt to explain the specifics of the problems and what the firm has done to fix them. "We are trying to make people whole and make sure that they are satisfied with their product," John Bailey, director of Marketing for EOTech said Wednesday. "A day and a half into the show, I think there is a positive outlook; I think they are happy we are communicating and what we are communicating now because it took a long time for us to be able to communicate."


Anonymous said...

I never liked that sight anyway, had a choice of that or the ACOG and chose the ACOG. Batteries in a sight are something to be avoided if possible. Plus I didn't like the reticle. Too "busy".

Anonymous said...

I'm happy because EOTech is refunding the full purchase price of the EOTech I Purchased in 2009 plus $15- for shipping. My EOTech would not hold zero. Who wants to worry about that? Remember,PR efforts do not create reliability.

Anonymous said...

My EOtech has never been a problem; love it, I also own ACOG; love them too but they cost three times as much but worth every penny, heck I even love my iron sights for that matter, the thing is when the SHTF people will use what they can get their hands on and be happy they have their hands on something they can use, don't ya know!

Joe said...

My EOTech was about 6 years old,
and started having switch problems.

I called them, explained the problem,
and they mailed me a brand new one.

Great product, great customer service.