Thursday, January 14, 2016

Captain Moroni needs a working radio. Plus, what passes for a media plan in Oregon:

"That Night I Spent with Ammon Bundy’s Armed Militia."
Payne worried aloud about the F.B.I. and what it might do next. Law enforcements’ inactivity, he suggested, was something of an insidious maneuver. According to Payne, the F.B.I. had already planted a crazy man to camp out at the front gate and get on-camera and make the militia look bad. . . The radios were “soup.” Part of the problem, Payne said, was that people were taking them but not recharging them. For now, there wasn’t a functional radio in the tower, which seemed pretty important. Payne said it didn’t really matter. Moroni could just yell—everyone below would hear him.


Chiu ChunLing said...

"While the general response to this particular insurrection, hashtags such as #yallqaeda and #vanillaISIS, have underlined its absurdity, it’s not a joke that the Citizens employ the same dangerous tactics as all terrorists, using the threat of violence to push their unreasonable demands to international awareness and thereby solicit new members."

'Nuff said on that source.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a "hit piece" disguised as journalism to me..Who the hell reads Vanity Fair anyway? The so-called reporter tries to make it sound like entering the Wildlife Refuge is as courageous an act as Joe Galloway being dropped into LZ X Ray ..

Anonymous said...

I think it's providing decent media focus, but, when someone says something like “It’s really cool though, right?” I almost grind my molars off. The single biggest problem is that 40% of the town is in bed with the feds. Dirty tricks abound. Bad venue, but the issue is right there.

jon said...

"Payne worried aloud about the F.B.I. and what it might do next."

so he raised the anxiety, not lowered it. that whole paragraph stinks of AP.

"Payne said it didn’t really matter. Moroni could just yell—everyone below would hear him."

ha! they would i suppose, except over gunfire.

"On the watchtower, Ryan told me he believes that 'everything is Divine Providence. There are pressure points that lead you everywhere you’re going to go. You don’t ever make your mind up. That’s a ridiculous notion.'"

i guess that would be your worldview if your lawyer is telling you to cooperate.

maybe, just maybe, someday, i'll be convinced he had an honest-to-goodness change of heart and started following christ (to the best of his ability, if you like, if that's your opinion of mormons). maybe.

Uncle Elmo said...

Know your enemy. Marnie Hanel lives in Portland, "grew up in Seattle, attended UNC-Chapel Hill as a Morehead-Cain scholar, earned a master's in journalism from Columbia University and spent the lion's share of her twenties on the editorial staff of Vanity Fair" (from her website bio).

Not exactly the type of person that can learn the plight of the Western rancher at a slumber party. I think if Vanity Fair really wanted to tell their readers what makes the Malheur people tick there are an easy dozen writers that I can think of that could have accomplished that task. But then, that's not what they really wanted. We all know what makes the editors at Vanity Fair tick.

You did good to turn down those two recent requests for interviews, Mike. Why bother?

Anonymous said...

This whole Oregon op, is a tactical, strategic and discipline FAILURE of the worst kind. there is no doubt now that Ryan and his two buddies are incompetent plants without a clue, to demonize the militia culture and make them look like lunatic fringe. SOME ONE with clout needs to call out this mess, being that is also known the FBI is infiltrating the militia out there and GOT CAUGHT DOING SO. this thing is a huge government sting op to vilify the patriot and militia groups and NOTHING MORE THAN THAT. Meanwhile the True Believer morons cling to the bullshit excuses for why this is going down...The worst enemy of the patriots and militia is the True Believers who will not see the obvious in front of their faces, they are so blind to anything they don't want to see.

Sign me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

If circus clowns formed a militia, the burns Oregon crowd would be it.. the tactical readiness, the lack of leadership, the lack of strategy, lack of discipline.....Yep the only success guaranteed by this foolishness is a huge Militia PR and appearance failure, and a huge PR and Agenda success for the Obamanation. Too bad we can sheepherder hook these idiots off the stage to save face...but its far too late for that.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Wow,that was painful to read. Talk about a hit piece. That said, as an Army vet and current ham radio Commo guy I find it disturbing that they are not keeping working radios in the tower. And to have a ranking member dismiss the dead radio by saying that the lookout can just yell down? Are you kidding me?!? No lookout should start a watch rotation without first having a freshly charged radio. Regular radio checks should be made with the CP. Anytime a radio is found dead it should be rotated out to be charged. As soon as the problem was discovered, instead of telling the reporter that he could yell, the senior person should have swapped out his radio with the lookout and taken the dead radio back to the CP to be charged.
None of the news reports I have seen inspire me to follow these guys. From the beginning it has looked like a complete cluster screw.
This should be a great field exercise for Patriot members but I have seen Boy Scout campouts better organized and operated.

Anonymous said...

Two things, the Feds are destroying records at the courthouse and are blocking access and they are posing as Militia as proven by the plates that were run by the local fire chief that has resigned.

Anonymous said...

News Item:
Harney County - Individual arrested in connection with stolen refuge vehicles
Harney Co. Sheriff - 01/15/16 2:02 PM

An individual is in custody in connection with stolen Malheur National Wildlife Refuge vehicles.

Shortly after noon on Friday, January 15, 2016, Oregon State Police arrested Kenneth Medenbach, 62, of Crescent, Oregon, at the Safeway in Burns, Oregon. He was arrested on probable cause for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Law enforcement officers recovered two vehicles stolen from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) had previously reported the vehicles stolen to the Harney County Sheriff's Office.

OSP troopers and deputies from several county Sheriff's offices responded to the scene.

"The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is grateful for the quick actions from law enforcement," said USFWS spokesperson Megan Nagel. "We will continue to work with law enforcement to recover vehicles bought and paid for by the American people to care for their national wildlife refuge."

Anonymous said...

One may consider the records issue... whatever is in that collection likely is not just kept locally. A FOIA request can be made to find responsive records. Try to get yourself started.

FOIA is a powerful tool. MUCKROCK shows you how to do it right. Paperwork beats a lot of other options, it is the ethical thing to do at this point.