Friday, January 22, 2016

There they go, soliciting civil war again.

Georgia Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Ban, Seize ‘Assault Weapons’


Anonymous said...

It is time to start making list of everyone of those elected employees who dares introduce, sponsor, campaign for or support any legislation that violates their oath of office, the bill of rights or the ten commandments. This list is to contain the name and address of the offender, date of offence ie bill number and title.

It is to be understood that the passage or failure of the offensive legislation will have no bearing on the offender be placed on the list. It is also to be understood that offender will be on the list in perpetuity.

It is also to be understood that the list will be a public record to be published in every publicly available media at least once a month at the expense of offenders party.

Just a piece of a thought ;-)

carry on

Anonymous said...

Addendum to my previous comment;

The list should include all levels of elected employees, even down to the local school board.

After all any time I've been to a stage theatre you have at your disposal a program of actors and parts they play.


B=4 said...

It will never pass. It makes a good headline for the attention whores who pinned & pimp it, though. What are the consequences when the public does not believe in a law?

Anonymous said...

The most amazing thing is this is actually being attempted in the most gun friendly conservative state, but then again Communists are extremely emboldened as of late to try this and think no backlash will come of it. Georgia is no Connecticut.

Sign me Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Unlike a "Nor'easter", where the storm travels from the south towards northeastern cities, this is more of a "Sou'easter" where the shit-storm travels from the northeastern cities towards the south...I'm only guessing here, but i think the only southerners voting Democrat are socialist/communists, welfare and other freebie recipients, the mentally ill and old folks with terminal dementia..

Anonymous said...

... and what are they trying to slip past while our attention is on this brew-ha-ha and smoke screen?

Typical diversion tactics.

Ma Duce

Woodcanoe said...

Well these weapons have already been made "illegal" to have, in CT and NY, yet the authorities have demonstrated a dreadful lack of the testicles needed to go door to door and actually (try) take them away from their owners!

So the standard progressive response make more of these useless laws that the police will NOT enforce. What is the sense of that? Can these be very bright people?

It is said that honest people will obey only laws that they see as "just" and will purposely ignore the others. History has proven this theory numerous times in many different parts of the world. In the last 100 years alone America has demonstrated HUGE resistance to laws re the prohibition of alcohol and numerous kinds of narcotic drugs. And these are just the prominent ones! There are many many more examples.

But progressives, whose main tool for getting all the rest of us to submit are LAWS are so stupid, and so blind, that they can see NONE of this. The ACA (Obamacare) has MANDATES to buy health insurance that are being openly IGNORED by millions of citizens!

How incredibly stupid do these people (legislators) have to be to NOT be able to see this?


Woodcanoe said...

Note carefully the use of the word SEIZE in this proposal. These weapons, and magazines are already ILLEGAL to own in the states of CT and NY, along with magazines of over 10 rounds capacity. Despite the fact that they are all subject to SEIZURE by the law enforcement community, almost none have been seized so far as hundreds of thousands of American citizens just tell the legal folks to "go pound sand" or worse "Molon Labe" (come and take it).

"LAWS" are the leftist's favorite tools. Everything that Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot and all the other tyrants of history......were LEGAL under their system of laws.

But freedom loving citizens, including many of us that I know, realize this, and just stick their middle digit up at both these "patently unconstitutional laws....and the legislators that make them!

How stupid do people in elected office have to be to NOT be able to see this? If we had a basic "intelligence test" that potential legislators had to pass before they could hold office, there would be almost nobody in position to promote this utter garbage! Their actions speak louder than words, the obviously do NOT care about our "god given rights"(possessed by ALL American citizens) nor the state constitutions, such as Maine's which says ....."The right to own firearms shall not be INFRINGED".... yet these ignorant fools are more than willing to not only "infringe" upon them but to eventually make the Bill of Rights and the state Constitutions virtually worthless!

Read these words to see the TRUE intent of these legislators:

......"While legislators seeking to ban scary-looking firearms and magazines that hold more than ten rounds in the name of public safety is nothing new, calling for outright seizure of such weapons is a bold move. Their aim is not to cut down on crime—no one uses .50 caliber incendiary rounds for petty theft—it is to criminalize gun ownership".......

Read that last sentence VERY carefully as those are fighting words! Believe me I read a lot on this topic in the run of a week as I feel it is one of the most dangerous threats to freedom there is in America today.

There are tens of millions of American citizens, honest and law abiding in virtually ALL respects of the laws in the United States today, who own literally several hundred million (maybe more!) firearms. The citizenry is better armed, and quite often better trained, and better shooters than the "mall cops" employed by FEMA and the like! The vast majority of these people will, and do, totally ignore these kinds of laws. Sooner or later some authorities, who do not have the mental capacity to think this all out, will go and kick in doors and try to actually SEIZE these weapons from rightful owners.

Within this is being laid the seeds of "anarchy"! I have very little doubt that many hundred of thousands of previously law abiding citizens, feel strongly enough about this that they will use those weapons they resist tyranny!

The American civil war was fought for exactly the same kind of reasons. Some people believe that THIS issue will promote another one so the title of this column could be prophetic indeed!


rexxhead said...

I posted this:
I used to worry about the government trying to disarm the American people but I don't worry anymore. In this country 100 million people own 350 million firearms and 200 billion rounds of ammunition. The scale of this is hard to imagine. It's so big that if word ever leaks of forcible civilian disarmament and even a small fraction of these gun owners decide to resist with force, that's called 'civil war'. It will be the most uncivil of wars, because each year states issue something like 15 million hunting permits presumably to people who own items of military utility such as camo gear and night-vision scopes and who are adept at moving stealthily through wilderness for the purpose of making one-shot kills at distances measured in hundreds of meters. We sometimes call such people "snipers", and we have 15 million of them. "15 million" is larger than the seven largest armies in the world -- combined. In the face of such a force (augmented by most of the police and most of the military) the government would fall overnight and senators would flee to Canada.

There may be the occasional nut-case in this state legislature or that one, but the bulk of them want to keep their jobs and their lives. The chance of something like this actually coming to a vote is lower than your chance of being trampled by a unicorn. Relax; stop worrying.
Mike will recognize some of his own words here, gratefully stolen.

Robert Fowler said...

Anonymous Anonymous said... i think the only southerners voting Democrat are socialist/communists, welfare and other freebie recipients, the mentally ill and old folks with terminal dementia..

Don't forget the Yankee's that fled south for warmer climates. Florida is especially full of them.

Anonymous said...

I love the media spin that has been coming forth on this and the hijacking of the entire states by the few black separatist districts. Take some time and look at who has put forth this bill. You'll see they are socialists of ATL and surrounding districts, one of the hotbeds of entitlements in the south and the head water of the southeast welfare belt that stretches to TX. Recall in the novelette [ital]Victoria[ital] it became necessary to eventually nuke ATL.

Keith Park said...

"If you try to take our guns, we'll kill you."

Mike Vanderboegh

Anonymous said...

These traitors don't seem to grasp the concept that, according to 4GW rules, at some point they may have some personal skin in the game if they push too far.

MikeH. said...

"It will never pass". That's the attitude that has turned America into the total cluster coitus it is today. Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.

A Geriatric Threeper

Anonymous said...

If you try to take my weapons .I will kill you ! Behind enemy lines Ct.