Monday, January 25, 2016

Try it and watch what happens. Collectivists screwing up their bravado to actually ban semi-autos.

'The new target for gun bans: All semiautomatic weapons?'


Bad Cyborg said...

It occurred to me last week that keeping weapons out of the hands of the common folk is pretty much SOP for governments since time immemorial. Before it was always to protect the existing power structure from rebellion. It's only in our times that the people have been disarmed (or are being disarmed) "for their own good". Imagine that. The Damnocrats (and RINOs) want to disarm us to make us safer. Isn't that special?

Anonymous said...

Just one more thing we may thank Obama for; in addition to being the worlds greatest gun salesman, he has allowed the left to finally drop all pretense of "we don't want to take your guns". The mask has been removed and they have been so emboldened to come forward with all manner of demands to disarm the public.

Thank, Barry, you filthy traitor....but some of us knew that all along.


PO'd American said...

Is there now, or was there ever any doubt as to what these $hitbag tyrants really wanted? Colored me shocked!!!!!!! NOT.

Anonymous said...

The article is behind a pay wall. However, the more of them that spew such monumentally stupid proposals, the better. Nothing delegitimizes the political class like the political class unhinged.

Anonymous said...

Here is why they play "let's ban the semi autos". It is a simple lose to win strategy that is being used over and over again, and suckers fall for it every time.

They threaten to ban semi's automatics, after doing so once and witnessing the ban expire, in order to lose that very 'fight' (and giving the pathetic NRA the supposed "standing and fighting" political "victory") to avoid having to actually defend the existing infringements like the GCA and NFA. They pick the semi fight intending upon losing! That way, they WIN because they do not lose the infringements they already attained.

When they play threaten their semi bans, we should dare them to pass them. Pass the wet dream bans, one right after the other. Meanwhile, we should all come together to go on OFFENSE for a change. We should go on offense targeting the Select fire manufacture and sale bans, suppressor bans, poll taxes called yearly tax stamps and even the straightforward permission slip structure (got your Bible possession permit? How about your Bible Carry permit?).

Sometimes the best defense is a great offense. We endlessly play defense from onslaughts of direct an flagrant fouls upon the plainest of readings of the Second Amendment. We don't win anything because our defense is not scoring any points against the existing infringements - this because the progressive democrats ALWAYS get to set the terms, the parameters, of the debate to be had.

It is time to stand up for this salient fact- and hold the line.
The Second Amendment is not a bullet point to debate, it is the product OF the debate. It is the DECISION, and enumerated absolutely and undeniably in the highest law of the land...the Constitution Itself. In reality, the battle for the right to arms was won a very long time ago. SO why are we bowing today to "deals" that corrupt it and do not adhere to it? Why do we allow ourselves to be conned into thinking the Second Amendment is for states to "regulate"? This is not a tenth amendment issue! This is a set of rights, which the enumeration itself sets the parameters of and limits of, that is left to the people themselves. People are not states, states are not people. They are two different entities. The Constitution is crystal clear about this point, unambiguously and again undeniably.

It is past time to stop taking the bait, in letting the gun grabbers set the agenda, set the field, place the chips. It is time we do so our selves!

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
"Mardi Gras" is 2 weeks from today.......but......"All Masks are OFF!!!!!!"
Got Gunz......OUTLAW!!!!,