Saturday, January 16, 2016

More collectivist pukery about Oregon from a graduate of the SPLC PHD program in Big Lie Propaganda.

"Why the Oregon standoff matters: This is no joke; it's a window into far-right radicalism that refuses to seek change through the courts or ballot box."


TimeHasCome said...

We are all examples , let the Malhuer folks be known as poor logistic examples . Why on earth would you show up with $3,000 worth of rifle, ammunition, and gear and $50 worth of food? It would have been better to show up with a $50 rifle and $3,000 worth of supplies . I have seen the want list the Malheur folks have and it seems like very poor planning/logistics.

Anonymous said...

One good thing about the NY Daily News is that if things go south, no list of their traitorous activities are really needed. Just about everyone short of the janitor is a legitimate candidate for counting coup..

Anonymous said...

These AH's should take their guns home and play with them there. Enough of bullying the good people of Oregon.
Offer them amnesty to leave, otherwise surround them and starve them out.

I'm a gunowner too, I support the 2nd, and I support the US NWR.
Enough of this shit.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the fallacy of presumption: That "change" by court or ballot box is not subject to Rule of Law, and logically cannot be Unlawful.

Behold the Power of Collectivism, people! That YOU have no right to do something means nothing! You can form a mob, and by popular opinion, that "right" magically emerges! Behold!

But the Power of Collectivism is even more powerful than that! That ANOTHER has a right is of no consequence! You can form a mob, and by popular opinion, that person's "right" magically disappears! It's the BEST. CLEANER. EVER.

It's win win!

...and I'll be keeping my guns, thanks.

ag42b said...

Interesting how the left wing tries to tar patriots with the brushes of Bundy and Payne, while admitting "OREGON COUNTY JUDGE SAY MILITIA WILL PAY FINE FOR OCCUPATION". That sounds like reason for recusing the judge in this, and related cases. The "statistics" in this article include firearm attacks by the mentally ill as right wing extremism, while admitting that Salafist groups are the greater danger. Levin's whole article appears to be another poorly written example of how to lie with statistics, and accuses patriots of being insurrectionist, only because communism promotes insurrection, so they believe all other groups do as well. I have never heard a Constitutionalist speak of insurrection, only that government is illegitimate if it does not follow that document. The totalitarian propaganda machine is in full swing.

Anonymous said...

Refuses to seek change through courts or the ballot box??
What the hell does he think we've been doing all this time?
We've got no relief doing this and now it's past time to play nice!
Yes, liberals have a mental disease. Time for the cure! :)

Chiu ChunLing said...

News flash, conservatives have been seeking to defend the Constitution by appealing to the courts and ballot box all along. Which is why Marxists took over the courts, committed demographic treason, and ultimately obviated open elections through voter fraud.

It's not those who recognize that the system doesn't work any more who are at fault for breaking it.

Nemesis said...

No doubt about it and by any definition of law what is going on there is insurrection, although no direct threats of overthrowing government or violence toward government officials have yet been made on which government - that is a non-tyrannical government - would see this occupation as a direct threat to its authority.

To the casual sheeple observer though, what he or she may see is a bunch of hot heads who have taken to holding out in a federal government shack for reasons best known to themselves, and sheeple whose own shallow thinking will allow the epithet 'extremist' or 'terrorist' to take over their thoughts - and that will be all they will be able to think about.

As far as those sheeple are concerned it will be wake me up when the action starts so I can see them all go down.

There is now two 'Americas' as the above thinking and that Collectivist hit piece bears out, and you have touched on that subject many times in your own posts Mike. What has become the general media thinking and reporting about Waco and now 'Oregon' truly reflects that other bad part of America that has been given life by those who hate being American because of what it is to be American that is required from each individual - they just cannot live with that!

What we see now is the priming of the sheeple still trapped by government/private media outlets being propagandized into accepting that 'bunch of extremists' out in Oregon are now a direct threat to the United States. There is a notable lack of inquiring minds within that collectivist media system that even bothers to question why the building at Malhuer has been taken over and for what purpose or demands if any, have been put forward by the occupiers. The occupiers have also made plain to anyone with ears to listen with, that they will not be the aggressors should the occupation reach a confrontational stage.

This current administration do not want to hear that nor do they want their sheeple to hear that either, so now we have the propaganda machine in full flow in an effort to demonize the occupiers before some kind of confrontation is organized and much like Waco, the occupiers can be 'legally' dealt with.

That is the situation as it now stands.

PO'd American said...

Now they're going to link Ritzheimer with real 3%ers.....laughable. Really??? AYFKM?

Anonymous said...

The courts and ballot box have FAILED. Voting harder hasn't, isn't and won't work....that much is obvious. As long as the public school system is educating our youth and keeping them from critical thought, even jury nullification will not bring us back to constitutional principles.

Anonymous said...

It seems the comments are disabled for the piece. Check out the Editor's Picks in the column to the right of the article & you'll see the quality of person who reads that drivel. A CA opinion published in a NY paper? Does the rest of the country give a rat's ass? Kinda like Lindsay Graham endorsing ?Jeb?

Anonymous said...

‘Democrats Use Emotion, Denial, and Shame to Get You to Move Against the Second Amendment’

Baja Blitzer said...

SUUUURE,YOU BET...CK Reese family Fast and Furious scapegoat (on google) this gubmint vs an American family, the family from the beginning was denied it's constitutional rights and still is fighting (4 1/2 years) for the return of their stolen property.Began criminal forfeiture then morphed to civil forfeiture, then in March of 2015 the federal judge brokered a settlement,still waiting for the DoJ to comply. Only Christ has kept them moving forward.Tyranny IS what you have now. Wake up.......He's watching. If it's giong to be,it's up to thee !!!!