Thursday, January 21, 2016

"George Patton": Oregon Lessons Learned – Or – Lessons You Better Learn.

"Consider who you are going to support."


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Thanks for sharing and thanks to Patton for his thoughtful piece.
My take;
1) Local, local, local is key. This Bundy escapade is anything but local. They crossed state lines to pull this stunt.
2) Clear statement? fail. obtainable end? fail.
3) Local support is non-existent in this matter. Even the Hammonds don't want any part of it.
4) Who to support? Stolen valor idiots, Bundy with his 6 figure SBA loan, convicted felons with sealed records, all sounds like more fail to me.
5)Public relations plan? Sure doesn't look like they have one.
6) Logistical support? A bunch of Mormons asking for coffee creamers, chew and smokes! WTF! I am shaking my head. Incredulous!
I am so disgusted with the entire mess. I won't even visit WRS anymore because of the idiotic cheering for support of this ridiculous charade.
To be clear, I, in no way think these idiots should be Waco-ed, but they certainly have failure coming their way.


Anonymous said...

What the Hammonds needed (and still do) is not militia, but volunteer ranch hands and a really good attorney who can beat the re-sentencing in an appeal before the USSCt. THAT would demonstrate to the locals and the rest of the country what our real concern is: assisting our 'neighbors' in their struggle to survive bad government, no matter how far away they live.


Anonymous said...

What became of the revelation that the sheriff previously worked for the BLM and had previous dealings with the Hammonds?


Chiu ChunLing said...

This all sounds very reasonable...but we are no longer living in reasonable times.

About half of it still applies (and even more strongly) to the unreasonable times in which we live. But failing to make this distinction between what would be reasonable in reasonable times and what remains applicable in unreasonable times, and clarify that we are now in unreasonable times, is a major failing.

In time to come, survivors will look back and ask how those who were supposedly preparing for what was coming could have been so blind. And the answer will mostly be that they were afraid to sound unreasonable.

So let us be clear. In reasonable times, the legitimate peaceful protest in Oregon would not even be a controversy, no rational person would even mention the worthless stone chips or the unremarkable fact of a criminal stealing a vehicle from the site.

The only reason the protest is on anyone's radar is because the government is behaving in a totally unreasonable manner (apparently including having an agent-provocateur direct the protest in the first place).

That is all that matters here.

Every other observation is meaningless unless placed firmly in that context. Everything that has gone wrong, from any reasonable perspective, is entirely the fault of the government.

Fred said...

I left him this note.

Sir, you missed the most important consideration. Is the action in righteous self-defense or righteous defense of others? Never fire the first shot, figuratively or actually. The founders suffered a decade's long train of abuses, but still they sought legal and civil recourse, while they waited for "shots fired". They were counted justified before God and thus they won the fight.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I don't have the article link handy, but it was stated that the sheriff wasn't the same as the BLM employee.
Two different people, and a reminder to fact check.

Anonymous said...

Think Globally. Act locally.

Have a list of the 'Sons of Bitches' who live in your neighborhood.

Keep your powder dry ...

There, a good amalgam of old and new paradigms.

Ma Duce

Anonymous said...

I see somebody else say essentially the same thing I have been...Common sense and military strategic sense is NOT common.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

But when I said it I got flamed and called "globalist"---Ray

Anonymous said...

You dont "win" when you are dead.

Moral high ground is the pile of dirt that tops your grave that the enemy takes turns pissing on. Not only can you not defend it, it is pure undefendable terrain, it is pointless to try to retake it after the fact because every patriot that lies beneath it is a patriot that is not in the fight to win. Be smarter than to think it is imperative to keep it, the enemy will let you have it. You gain nothing being a martyr.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Also, bio is available to view at the sheriff dept. website.