Thursday, January 28, 2016

Yes, The Australian Model On Gun Control Means Bans and Confiscation

Nobody wants to take your guns. That’s what most mainstream pro-gun control Democrats say ad nauseam at various rallies. There’s also the “I support the Second Amendment, but…” that advocates of gun control say prior to offering some pie-in-the-sky policy proposals that usually venture into bans on so-called assault rifles, limiting magazine sizes, or an all-out ban on semi-automatic firearms. That’s essentially a gun ban.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how the Libtards would react if you turned their "gun control" argument on its head, and substituted: automobile; or house; or printed material? (with other appropriate changes)

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

The Australian gun ban was passed after a false flag massacre by Australian government operatives that left 20 dead. It was blamed on a young man with a sub normal IQ who now rots in jail wrongfully convicted in a Kangaro court(not funny).

Here is the complete expose':

The US and other countries have adopted the false flag gun attacks to try to get guns banned. This is an ongoing effort on the part of the US government.

Anonymous said...

The statistics of gun deaths show there was no reduction after the gun ban, and in fact around the world statistics show an increase in gun violence when guns are banned. Criminals have the upper hand when citizens are defenseless.