Monday, January 18, 2016

Elitist David Stockman (yes, THAT David Stockman) rewrites history and gets most everything about the right to arms wrong.

"Leviathan, Gun Control And The Baleful Legacy Of The 2nd Amendment."


Anonymous said...

Stockman, and anyone who shares his opinion of the 2nd Amendment should immediately leave the country for one that has been disarmed. They will eventually, and I believe sooner rather than later, see the error of their ways with the coming World War and climate of free terrorists running around.

Uncle Elmo said...

Mr. Stockman says he has 'no use for guns', and in the process has announced to every thug within driving distance of his Greenwich, Connecticut home that it is a gun free zone.

Not very bright. No wonder he's an elitist.

Fred said...

Surely he meant "Baal-ful legacy of Gun Control". Bible humor? All the stuffed shirt, fakey Christians can frown now and all the non-believers can wonder about what Baal is. Nobody gets bible jokes anymore. It's kinda sad. But more importantly...
Hey Stockman, Here's a little Bible story that ain't humor you ignorant ass clown. GOD ALMIGHTY designed every living thing with a built in defense mechanism. Madison didn't dream up anything; you just did by making up fake history and denying the only thing (God), that can pardon the transgression against Him, that you just made. Confuse yet? Try this; when you insult God, only God can fix it.
Dreamed up the 2a? Ok, maybe Mr. Stockman doesn't get the whole God thing but, can someone be so ignorant of the ways of this planet that they think a human tool, for the defense of us and our own, is made up. Has he read even a lousy secondary school history book, or pondered the predator - prey relationship, or surely he has a basic understanding of Darwin's survival of the fittest theory, or something, Huns/Mongols/Barbarians/King George, anything ring a bell there Davey boy? Apparently the framers were a little quicker on the uptake than this guy. He ought to try and get those last two brain cells of his to fire at the same time or even try the wiki pedia page on the interwebz. Madison dreamed up the 2a, Ugh.

Fred said...

Maybe I was too hard on him. He kinda gets the freedom fight even if he still is in the "polite desertification" phase of his understanding of the depths of the tyranny that is in our face. Dave, Most of us are now pretty well pissed off. Join the party and leave my guns out of it next time.

ag42b said...

I don't buy any of Stockman's argument. From the Vermont Constitution (again):
Article 16th. Right to bear arms; standing armies; military power subordinate to civil

That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the State - and as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power.

Our state's founders understood Mao's dictum in 1791, and provided for it. There is nothing about hunting, or militia, only the right of self defense, and the well grounded fear of standing armies. This, in a state with one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, never having required government permission to carry a firearm for self defense. This is what the rest of America should have become, and may very well in due course. Responsibility is individual, and regardless of Stockman's tastes, we may very well see a return to what the Founders really had intended.

Anonymous said...

Well now I finally see what a "Rockefeller Republican" is..And I believe if you give me enough time I can prove why a car should be able to run on square tires.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone find it interesting that people like Stockman, who were basically scumbags and throw-aways of past administrations such as Reagan's, have been elevated to well-respected spokespersons of either the GOP, the "right, or "conservatives"? More interesting might be the fact that the elderly scumbags of the left merely persist.

Kenny said...

What Stockman doesn't say is history. Chairman Mao, Stalin, Hitler and other
guns were confiscation and many millions of people where slaughter.
Rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Anonymous said...

"We are endowed by our Creator...." Mr. Stockman.

rexxhead said...

I have to agree (somewhat) with his suggestion that the Left seems to have snookered the Right into a meaningless battle over guns.

The American people will NEVER be disarmed. Right now 100 million Americans own 350 million guns and 200 BILLION rounds of ammunition. It's ridiculous to worry about some patently ineffective executive order. In fact, it's ridiculous to even worry about LAWS.

CT's assault weapon registration law got less than 15% compliance. NY did the same thing and their compliance rate is thought to be under 10%. WA passed a law mandating universal background checks for all "transfers" (not just sales). Two months later a WA gun-owners organization held a widely-advertised "no BGC gun show" and broke the law on several thousand occasions with police standing there observing but making no arrests.

That game is over; thank you for playing. No one can or will enforce these laws for fear of touching off a new civil war.

I also have to agree wholeheartedly that expanding government is the real battle. Alas, Stockman's solution involves the ballot box -- playing another round of a game in which the house always wins. Our election process is so rigged that the probability of any real change is approximately zero. Perhaps if we can actually legalize all drugs as he suggests, we can start to claw our way back, but I'm not holding my breath.

In the meantime, we the people will stay armed and vigilant against the wave of lawlessness unleashed upon us by laws that should never have been passed in the first place: The War On Some Drugs.

Tots said...

Things are moving along just as the left is planning.

In the spirit of "Compromise" the right to bear arms will eventually be relegated to those who are not mentally or emotionally deranged. "For the children", of course, will be the call. Who can possibly argue against keeping guns out of the hands of "Madmen"?

Then the definition of mental health will be twisted to fit their needs. Conspiracy theorists, militia members, "Angry" people and other "Undesirables" will be disarmed.

I believe it has happened before. It worked then, it will work again. The argument over allowing people on a "No Fly" list, which lacks notification or inclusion, a proper appeals process and is the modern equivalent of "Show your papers" is a good first example.

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely over with pointing out to gun-grabbers the fallacies of their arguments. It's a waste of time and their minds are made up. So is mine. Stockman can go fuck himself. Just add his name to the list (if it isn't there already) and he'll be put in trial when the war crimes tribunals begin. That's assuming he survives the coming hell they're going to try and impose on us.

Anonymous said...

"Indeed, by battling for extraneous causes like Second Amendment rights, along with rearguard attacks on the purely private matters of abortion and gay marriage, today’s so-called political conservatives have largely abandoned the battle where it counts. That is, on the essential front line of economic freedom, sound money, fiscal rectitude and the parsimonious extension of state power."

There's a reason Ron Paul waged a nearly four-decade war against the Federal Reserve.

Imagine a world where the most despicable, detestable, amoral crypto-communist pukes have a total monopoly on creating economic value out of thin air. Would they only use this power to help the poor and downtrodden, or would they use it for more sinister and self-aggrandizing purposes?

That world has been the reality for the past 103 years. They have waged a war against the middle class, the Constitution (and the means it recognized as a pre-existing natural right for the people to defend themselves). They print money from thin air, debasing the money you have AND YOUR VALUES. But they also make themselves and their friends very powerful in the process, but that comes at the expense of everyone else.

Stockman apparently doesn't quite get natural rights. He can still be educated on that. But what about the Fudds and even the true believers on the right who habitually refuse to do their part to advance the cause?

I don't speak for Larry Pratt, but people who doubt the reality that we have a Marxist economy and a Marxist monetary system that will always undermine anything good and decent and lawful, should ask Mr. Pratt if any single piece of legislation proposed over the last half century would have done more for the Second Amendment than shutting down the private Federal Reserve.

Every single institution that exists that does not provide value in a free-market shuts down, practically overnight. Colleges either provide value or go belly-up. Same with non-profits.

Leah Gunn Barrett doesn't get paid with money derived from actual value-producing labor with money that cannot be debased, her ilk only exists because of people whom I will term "Economic Fudds"...they are as ignorant of the effects of monetary debasement as "2A" Fudds are of the day when their bolt-action Remington 700 chambered in .308 becomes a "military sniper rifle", and thus, verboten.

The Marxists have been waging a full-court press against us for more than a century. Not a bit of it would have been remotely possible absent the Federal Reserve. It's time more in the liberty movement woke up to this reality. Without the Fed, the Marxists have to physically steal everything they want to spend or have control over, but with the Fed, they merely inflate the currency and undermine value created by others because they did not produce anything in the first place. It's why counterfeiting is always unlawful, it destroys value and is an intrinsic fraud -- same goes with the entire financial system.

P.S. I've seen some video of the out of town stooges who've appeared in Oregon, and these overgrown children have some of the foulest mouths imaginable. Mike's 3% Catechism can be summed up as 'You represent something much larger than yourself, don't ever forget it'...and that's how I've always separated the liars from the real deal in the liberty movement...and from Payne on up, these people are phonies with no moral grounding and obviously showed up late when God was passing out brains.

Mike, stay strong, and God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Better to keep your mouth shut and have the world suspect you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. David Stockman has removed all doubt. You wonder where Reagan got this anti-Americans.

Anonymous said...

I assume your definition of 'wrong' is like 'different from what you think', correct? When it comes to divining the drafters intent there are problems of history, record, context and, of course, the inconvenient change of circumstances between the 1700s and the year 2016. One wonders if slavishly adhering to any one view of the constitution without allowing it to live, breath or evolve over time is even what the drafters intended anyway. After all, we are talking about a time when slavery was considered a part of interstate commerce, which trials were still occurring and antibiotics hadn't been invented yet. Imagine how the constitution would have read if the founders could have conceived of cell phones, the internet, armor piercing bullets and people who didn't have to work for a living.

That, however, is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

In response to Anon at 5:59 on 1/19....

Ah...the old "living document" perspective. Problem is: if natural rights are not sacrosanct, you have no true rights whatsoever.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Astonishing how ignorant of actual history advocates of allowing the Constitution to "live, breath or evolve over time" without formal amendments always are. Then again, I suppose it should be expected...since you have to be ignorant of the entire history and process of Constitutional amendments.

Robert Fowler said...

When all is said and done, we're going to need a lot of rope and a lot of lamp posts.