Sunday, January 31, 2016

No apologies necessary.

Received this email today:

Mike Vanderboegh,
You are owed an apology, from the heart, and I am determined you should see it with your own eyes.
You and your blog, Sipsey Street, were my first introduction to the 3%.  While no stranger to the concepts I was ignorant  of the efforts of a tireless minority.  Being exposed thusly has led me to other writers and a much fuller knowledge of the issues.
I admit to disagreeing with you on almost every point.  Events, now history, has shown you to be correct from the beginning about a great many things, big and small.  Even some of the fallout surrounding Christian (Kerodin) affected me directly.
You sir, are owed an apology and I am sorry, you saw far clearer the issues and the cures this country faces.
I was wrong and I'm sorry.
I have nothing of substance to offer, I'd be homeless if it weren't for living on another man's couch, 1000 miles of travel is beyond what I can stand.  May the folks who can show up set you and your lady's world in order.
Godspeed to you, I suspect we'll see each other soon enough-humbly,

I replied:

 No apologies necessary. You're not the first man to be wrong about something.  Heck, neither am I.  We live and learn.  God bless you, sir.



Anonymous said...

Would that more in the freedom community see fit to swallow a bit of pride and do as this gentleman has.
You were right about that asshole Kerodin and you were correct about the poor planning (or lack thereof) related to the mess in Burns, Oregon. Honest people will accept that and you are a bigger man for your graceful reply to this man's letter. Good on you, Mike.

Slightly off topic, but I have made this request before and did not receive a reply. Perhaps it was lost in the mail: I could never be the level of writer you are, but I wish to interview you (for a post on my blog) if you would be willing. I live in PA and would be pleased to welcome you into my home during your upcoming travels to the collectivist hell-holes of NY and CN. Please send a message if you are so inclined.


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Many Blue Skies to the man who finally "Saw The Light!" The light is always there but it is up to us to pull the switch to turn it on!!
Fortunately I was following your writings from "Way Back." I too "Remember when" Kerodin stated his rant......there is only one problem!! He claimed to be "The First with the 3% concept!!!" .... yeahright! Well we all know how that turned out..... 'only took a while!! Still I knew and kept my space.......because....I had "Proof" he was wrong and still do to this day!!!!! There's this "Patch" that I have that I got from you, a long long time ago now in a Galaxy far, far away..... The Patch shows a large Roman Numeral 3 and the words "Audentes Fortuna Juvat" Latin for "Fortune Favors the Bold!! Funny how that goes but that was "Before" Kerodin jumped in with his claim...... HMMMMMMM??? Did I say I still have the envelope from when the patches I bought from you were mailed to me???? Funny how that goes there is this thing called a "Postmark!!" Further more there is the cancelled check that I paid for them with!!! (And how many other Patriots with same!!!!!) Jeeeeezzzlouise!! Maybe Obummer can erase my bank account but I doubt that kerodin can!! I have worn my patch Proudly since I first got it and turned on a few Patriots to a few of my "spares" that I also bought!! In spite of the negativity that has transpired to you and yours of late I might relate to you a very astute saying which shows what has came to pass. "Truth crushed to the earth is still truth still and like a seed will rise again."
-Jefferson B. Davis- (1808-1889) President of the Confederacy!!
Got Truth......OUTLAW!!!!!!,

Chiu ChunLing said...

I have to say, one of the characteristics that has made this blog (and your other efforts) the most valuable is the focus on what we need to do moving forward rather than dwelling on past mistakes or successes. Of course, a focus on 'the future' is mere fantasy if you never actually predict anything correctly, so it's certainly not irrelevant that you've seen more clearly than others...but perhaps part of why some don't see ahead is because they're too busy checking their own backside to ensure it "looks good" to potential followers (or straight-out playing CYA).

One thing I always keep in mind is that tyrants eventually stumble and fall into the pit they dug for others. It's the inevitable outcome of failing to understand that what goes around comes around, the first law of the universe (there are actually two prior laws, "it is what it is" and "the more things change the more they stay the same", but these don't require time and thus are foundational rather than first).

I guess some tyrants are thinking that time will just stop when they die, so they just have to dodge the consequences of their actions for a few decades to get away with it...this strikes me as genuinely stupid at too many levels to explain in detail at the present moment. But it doesn't change the fact that justice will be done in the end.

Whatever else the future holds, I know that with grim certainty. And there's hope in that, for the just.

Anonymous said...

See Luke 15:7