Sunday, January 24, 2016

What the ChiCom Propaganda Apparatus Managed to Deliver Without My Help. John Lott, collectivist stooge and useful idiot, speaking with absolutely no personal experience of militia, sneers at our motivations and downplays our numbers.

In political jargon, useful idiot is a term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they are not fully aware of, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause. -- Wikipedia.
Readers may recall my recent refusal to cooperate in our own demonization.
The Chicoms had no trouble finding a useful idiot, however: meet John Lott, talking out his ass about something he knows absolutely nothing about.
Readers with longer memories may recall that Lott tracked me down in the crowd following my speech on the steps of the CT state house in April 2013 at the time of the Sandy Hook Intolerable Act and denounced me bitterly as someone who "alienated political allies" with my "irresponsible" advocacy of armed civil disobedience.
Ah well, once a collectivist stooge, always a collectivist stooge, I guess. Perhaps he should do another book entitled "More Propaganda, Less Principle."


Matt Bracken said...

I was also pitched by the ChiComs to speak about "the militias." As soon as I got the email I looked up CCTV and found out it's ChiComTV. I replied that I didn't know any militias or anything about them. Then I posted his email on my facebook wall for a group laugh.

Dr.D said...

It's unfortunate as Lotts book "more guns, less crime" is a seminal work in the 2A freedom movement..

quaker said...

You wouldn't remember this, but I have not forgotten it. As strangers, we sat for a while at the same long table (me on the far right and you on the far left) during the SAF's "27th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference" in Orlando, FL, in September 2012. This was before you lost all of your weight to the illness. I thought I recognized you, but later couldn't find an opportunity to speak to you/introduce myself. I carry that regret with me.

This was the same conference that refused to let you speak (as I found out later) and the same conference that played it easy with Emily Miller and Mark O'Mara (known primarily for being George Zimmerman's attorney) as speakers. Perhaps if you had worn a bow tie ....

Also on the dais was a thoroughly bored John Lott. Even his brief talk was weak and uninspired. Maybe he wasn't being paid--or paid enough. Lott seems like the sort of guy who would refuse to give a courtesy reach-around.

Life is inconsiderate and often unreasonable.

Jeff said...

One doesn't have to BE a militiaman, or politician, or policeman to know something about militias, politics or law. Your name-calling is out of order.

Chiu ChunLing said...

If you know about politics and the law, you have no moral excuse for being a politician or a policeman.

If you know about the militia, you have not excuse for not being a militiaman.