Thursday, January 14, 2016

More evidence of the 4th Generation Warfare principle of "weaponizing an idea."

"Florida Militia Leader Says Group Would Be Ready for a 'Call to Arms.'"
The Florida Constitutional Guard, he said, "has joined with the 3 up movement" — also known as the "Three Percenters," whose stated mission is "to give our members the capabilities and resources necessary to execute Military Strategies to defend against foreign and domestic enemies." They are so named because supposedly, during the American Revolution, only 3 percent of colonists actually fought in battle.


Anonymous said...

"medically discharged before basic training"... what a loser.

Chiu ChunLing said...

If someone signed and took the oath but turned out to have a disqualifying medical problem when they got their physical, that doesn't mean they're a loser. Of course, the problem itself could have been the result of being a loser, but it could also be a totally legit physical limitation the applicant believed to be under control or even some BS like the old flat feet nonsense. My brother wanted to enlist after they raised the age limit and they turned him down for having thin corneas or something that's pretty normal for an older guy (his eyes can't be as terrible as mine will be at his age, anyway...or maybe I'm that old now, I mean this was a few years ago).

Of course, I definitely couldn't pass the physical or the background check anymore for completely different reasons having to do with how much I want to kill Obama and all his ilk, but I bet my eyes alone would keep me out too at this point. But I'm fine with glasses, or an adjusted scope.

Anonymous said...

These guys are nuts. Stay far away from this lot.

Anonymous said...

So to be clear, about 7% of the total colonists took up arms against the British during the war, not 3%. That's simply objectively not true. If you take out the women (who were not eligible to serve) and the children, it's more like 25.6%. Then again, never let it be said that people won't abuse stats for their narrative. I think the only way you get to 3% is if you also add native Americans and like the French living in Canada. But hey, nice try!

Chiu ChunLing said...

I suppose it depends on what you mean by "took up arms against the British during the war".

If we mean "held a weapon while opining against the Crown", then the figure is quite a bit more than III%. If you mean "ever fired a shot in combat with enemy military forces", then the figure is quite a bit smaller. If you mean "saw it through like a regular (or as a regular)" then the figure is almost minuscule.

"Taking up arms" can imply any of these. But the III% is generally taken to mean those who actually fought as part of an organized revolutionary militia or army in a recognized battle.

Anonymous said...

4GW warefare is all about weaponinzing ideas and propaganda to defeat the designated enemy of the day...Get a grip folks, this isn't the Reagan Bush years anymore...Adapt and evolve or die, you are setting yourselves up to the very last option because you cannot fathom warfare as it really is.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen