Saturday, January 2, 2016

An Alex Jones Kool Aid drinker attacks my posting of his latest "assassination imagination" by sneering: "How many of your posts have been linked by Drudge?"

Well, none. But then Drudge refused to link anything written by me or David Codrea at the height of Fast and Furious. Not. One. Story. Period. Don't believe me? Ask David. If David and I sought validation from Drudge, we wouldn't write anything. It was inexplicable to us then and it still is. Of course Drudge also provides a link to every press release by the official North Korean propaganda outlet. You'll find as much truth there as at InfoWhores.


Anonymous said...

Interesting - I just posted a comment below "Fred" on the Jones story below, and I find his (lone) comment to be reasoned and rational with no sneering or mention of Drudge. I scanned lower and did not see any other reference to the Jones story. Do I have the wrong one, or did you delete it?

Uncle Elmo said...

"But then Drudge refused to link anything written by me or David Codrea at the height of Fast and Furious. Not. One. Story. Period."

I can attest to that FACT. Between you two, the only journalist to cover the story was Sharyl Attkisson, and if I remember correctly she was using sources provided by you, David and Vince Cefalu. If a guy wanted info on F&F early on, he had to dig for it, no thanks to Drudge.

I had the same first impression of Alex Jones that I had of Bill O'Reilly. Jones was on the late night 'para-normal' radio show, O'Reilly was on the Today show talking about a Kitty Kelley book. From the moment I heard both of them open their mouths, I thought 'This guy's a self-promoter that's only interested in money and fame'.

Nothing I've seen or heard since has given me cause to change my mind.

Allen said...

Alex Jones is the militia's version of Hal Turner.

did anyone really think that the government came up with the "program" for Turner and used it for just one guy? why would the FBI call it a "program" then?

Anonymous said...

Drudge showed us all what he was really about when he refused to post GunWalker stories. Kinda like the NRA.

I only have ever been to infowars a couple times, heck prolly linked off drudge, and the comments there are over the top. Heck they are around the corner, down the block and heading over the border. Wow, hysteria galore.

The comments responding to the story are pretty pathetic too.

Anonymous said...

Have the chemo drugs rotted your brain? Your blog has become a rage rant at every one and every thing. You look like what you have become. A rage filled, dying old man, lashing out at everything. No one quotes you, because all you say or wright is bitterness and rage. You have become a thing to pity, not quote.---Ray

B-4 said...

Kid shit keeps zombies moving in circles.

Unknown said...

Absolutely true.

Steve Ramsey said...

Another nutjob it the Alex Jones wannabe, Pete Santilli.
He's posted a completely unhinged Rant against Stewart Rhodes and Oathkeepers on his facebook page. Idiots like Santilli are trying to agitate folks into a gunfight on bad ground, and is now hallucinating that Oathkeepers is stalking him:

"To Stewart Rhodes -

We are here in Burns Oregon today because we were called. We are here in Burns Oregon today because we stood at Bundy Ranch and vowed that wherever the Government used a militarized BLM to strip the American people of their rights under the Constitution there we would also be -- to film their brutality.

You have all been called to be present to protect the right of the people to assemble and make sure no harm comes to them and you have refused to uphold your honor. Instead once again you have abandoned your post and encouraged good patriots to follow.

Ammon Bundy has plead with you personally to be here --- He has told you that he needs your assistance and you have turned your back on him yet again. Once a coward always a coward --- Once a traitor always a traitor.

When we were called we did not hesitate. We had faith in the man --- the family --- that led "US" ---- an unlikely group --- to victory in Bunkerville Nevada. That they, the Bundy family --- who are what is good and pure in this movement --- would never ask of us to do something that they themselves were not willing to stand and die for.

This is not about your opinion Sir --- nor is it about the opinion of those who would follow your lead --- this is about keeping a promise --- an oath --- to protect those who would stand against a militarized BLM wherever and whenever it was needed. If there is one person in this town who needs protection to stand against a tyrannical Government --- AND THERE IS --- then it is your duty to be here.

There are more people in this community being charged with terrorism --- does that not matter? There are ranchers being pushed off their land and precious resources being gated off to assure the failure of these hard working families --- do you not care?

Yes --- we came when we were called --- you can run a campaign against us --- You can demonize our efforts --- but we; unlike those who would come against us --- will not falter --- "WE" will not stand down!

There are people in this community that are relieved that finally they have a voice and people here to protect that voice ---

Right or wrong we are here --- and you are not --- If you can not find the courage to be here we respectfully demand that you stay silent.

If something happens today that does not go well we want it to be known that we place the blame squarely on you and the shoulders of those who called a stand down that could be a likely death sentence to those of us who chose to stand and protect an entire community --- That all people will remember --- from this day forward --- that you and people like you are traitorous cowards --- who when asked to come --- to protect and serve --- turned their backs and let patriots who answered the call" be led to slaughter.

Pete Santilli

Anonymous said...

Apparently two fat liars on this comment section. I just typed "Fast and Furious" into the site search box on Drudge and came up with story after story about Gunwalker that had been linked. Talk about disinfo - is this site to be suspect now too? If you are going to spout off, try something not so easily debunked.

Allen said...

anon 7:35

but did they link to anything Vanderboegh or Codrea wrote? no, they didn't. that was the point here. they refused to link back to the originators of the story and give them credit.

Anonymous said...

RE: Fast and Furious.

Drudge pretty much had to carry the story after other mainstream outlets were reporting on the scandal.

Sipsey Street was covering the drama as it unfolded for a good year before the earliest story appears on Drudge.

San Antonio, TX