Saturday, January 17, 2015

Molon Labian Bedwetters Agree: Open Carry Scares Us. (And the press and politicians don't like it.) But, there is no deal that Gottlieb can make that we can't wreck with armed civil disobedience.

"You tit! I soiled my armor I was so scared!" -- Sir Robin, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
"Molon Labian" -- Pejorative term coined by David Codrea to describe people who chant "Molon Labe" on-line while simultaneously making excuses about actually doing something. Hence, "labian" refers to female anatomy. A more vulgar synonym would be "gun pussies." (Personally, I feel this is a slander on the female sex of our movement, most of whom are braver and more principled than the rest of us.)
Unfolding debate: Do rifle-toting activists help or hurt 2A effort?
The open carry demonstration is creating a public backlash, perhaps best exemplified by a comment posted by a Seattle Times reader identified as “Tri Juid.” After remarking that the demonstrators were all white, he made this observation: “The truth is these people are extremists and they're pushing the boundary in the wrong direction. And look what happened, they and their guns got kicked out. This extremism is back-firing on them. We don't need this in our lives.”
On the other side of the argument, supporters of the open carriers repeatedly insist they did nothing wrong. That may or may not be accurate, depending upon one’s viewpoint. “Wrong” in this case may not equate “illegal,” but in the political sense, many in the firearms community are wondering whether the House display and Senate decision a day later didn’t just derail every legislative effort to fix alleged problems with Initiative 594, passed by voters in November.
How is it, exactly, that you can "fix alleged problems" of 594? It is an unconstitutional infringement. AGAIN, YOU DON'T COMPROMISE ON ESSENTIAL LIBERTY -- YOU DEFEAT THOSE WHO TRY TO TAKE IT. Tell that to Gottlieb, Mr. Workman. There is no deal that he can make that we can't wreck with armed civil disobedience. Get that? NONE! And in the end, if he doesn't embrace the defeat of 594 instead of the "tweaking" of it, his appeasement will bite him and his bottom line of donations in the ass worse than his folding on background checks at the time of Sandy Hook.


Anonymous said...

After the unexpected, by just about everyone on both sides, events of April 19, 1775, the Continental Congress spent the next year and three months trying to explain it all away, pretend it didn't happen, and reassure the court of George III that it was all a big mistake perpetrated by a few hotheaded extremists.

Simply put, some things just need to be done, and those who get offended as a result just need to find a way to get over themselves.

History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

Anonymous said...

Gun permits, whether for open or concealed carry, gun registration, and background checks are all unconstitutional. Having your name on file with some government agency in order to own or carry a gun is immoral.
Don't do it !

Anonymous said...

Those complaining about open carry are NOT rights advocates - they will whine about ANY carriage. They ACT like gun rights supporters but they are just wolves in sheeps clothing.

They are EXACTLY like those who will say that carrying concealed is somehow dishonorable.

If a person believes is what the Second Amendment ACTUALLY SAYS, then they will admit openly and freely that forcing another to carry openly - or to force them to carry concealed - or to ban carriage altogether are all examples of the same thing.....INFRINGEMENTS.

Exercise of a Individual right is a Individual Liberty, a personal choice - whether it be speaking openly or carrying openly. It's just the same when speaking or praying openly or in private.

The deal here is simple. Some people think today that carrying arms is a permission doled out by government to the select few. Well, AMERICA, time to accept the truth. We ALL have the RIGHT to BEAR arms. Uninfringed I might add.

You may not like that someone speaks aloud, but that's tough titty because they have that right. Guess what - the same thing applies to carrying of arms. To those balking and whining --- please explain how these two rights are "different".....good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

"....Gottlieb takes in a lot of money; last year’s Form 990 showed income for SAF of nearly $6 million in donations…and yet his own salary is listed as less than $40K. As Mike Vanderboegh asked, then who paid for the “fun” trip to Hong Kong?

Let’s recap. The two driving forces behind “gun rights” in Washington State are…a fraud, and a fraud. The next logical question is whether other groups such as Gun Rights Coalition were aware of all of this before hitching their wagon to Atwood/Hicks and Gottlieb. If they were, then it would seem they are complicit in the defrauding of gun owners. If they were innocently ignorant, then they’re simply guilty of not doing their homework, and I’m certain we’ll see a statement distancing themselves from these two.

Patriots in Washington are not willing to be represented by the likes of Adina Hicks and Alan Gottlieb.

We will stand uncompromising, and we will hold.

We will not comply."

Paul X said...

A lot of people getting their panties in a bind.

Liberty is not won by working within the system. The *best* that working within the system can do, is to slow down the inevitable trampling of liberty by those in power. And that's being optimistic about it.

I think the correct way to view what happened in the state senate, is ridicule. The Senators look like a bunch of pissants, or chimpanzees covering their eyes ("see no evil"). We should be laughing at them, not getting all debatey-like over what is the smartest strategy.

Allen said...

open carry does one pushes the gun control fascist-
types hands. they must DO SOMETHING about it.

usually they don't know what. so they flail around, pass some meaningless crap, and say they "did something" about the "problem".

this is what we want. the more they squeeze, the more they lose control. we win.

"The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."
(hey, take your wisdom where you can find it)

Anonymous said...

"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue." Barry Goldwater

Anonymous said...

I noted the comment about "No blacks" at the open carry demonstration. The person should have been at the Connecticut CCDL open carry rally at the state capitol last April. People of every color, age, sex, and national origin. Including a middle aged black gentleman, carrying a very nice M-1 that I had the pleasure of speaking with.