Monday, November 10, 2014

Domestic Enemies. Connecticut and Chess. Malloy and Lawlor, are you paying attention?

Faulty execution of a winning combination has lost many a game on the very brink of victory. In cases a player sees the winning idea, plays the winning sacrifice and then inverts the order of his follow-up moves or misses the really clinching point point of his combination. -- Fred Reinfeld, The Complete Chess Course.
"An unconstitutional law is void." So says the standard legal text American Jurisprudence. That is certainly true. The tricky part is how we are to make that point when the local, state and federal executive and legislative branches as well as the courts are in the hands of the domestic enemies of the Constitution. -- Mike Vanderboegh, speech at Hartford, CT, 20 April 2013.
Things are still up in the air about exactly when and how I'm getting to CT this week, In any case, however it works out, I will be there for the gun show.. With the bastards at PAYPAL still non-responsive and tying up my account, if you want to support the trip today and tomorrow are probably your last chances to drop subscriptions in the mail to the PO Box. I prefer to drive a rental but am having difficulty finding a co-driver. We'll see how that works out.
Overconfidence breeds error when we take for granted that the game will continue on its normal course; when we fail to provide for an unusually powerful resource -- a check, a sacrifice, a stalemate. Afterwards the victim may wail, "But who could have dreamt of such an idiotic-looking move?" -- Fred Reinfeld, The Complete Chess Course.
The plan, such as it is, wis to find a venue in or near Hartford to deliver a short speech on the eve of the gun show on Friday, then to work a table at the show Saturday and sunday, returning to Alabama on Monday or perhaps Tuesday. I'll also try to talk to any folks who want to chat at dinners Saturday and Sunday nights.
The first step toward becoming a skillful defensive player, then, is to handle the defense in an aggressive spirit. If you do that, you can find subtle defensive resources that other players would not dream of. By seeking active counterplay, you will often upset attacking lines. Better yet, you will upset your opponent. -- Fred Reinfeld, The Complete Chess Course.
The whole point of the trip, of course, is to demonstrate that the Malloy-Lawlor regime is essentially impotent in the face of principled resistance. For over a year and a half I have encouraged resistance by word as well as deed through smuggling forbidden magazines and ammunition into that state. I have tweaked Malloy's nose with my Toys For Totalitarians gifts, warned the Connecticut State Police about the dangers to them of obeying tyrannical, unconstitutional orders, published a list of the home addresses of the state legislators who voted for this abomination of an Intolerable Act, and, my worst sin in Lawlor's eyes, outed him as a likely unAmerican agent of Soviet influence who once was under active notice of the counterintelligence units of both the FBI and CIA.
Lawlor has been quoted in police rumor circles as saying that he wouldn't mind me dead, and the CSP certainly has an open investigation of me. The problem from their point of view is that, unless they catch me with forbidden items within their borders (and they won't) they cannot make a case. As much as they hate my guts there is certainly nothing they can do while I remain out of state and outside the reach of planted evidence and lying snitches.
Yet the firearm owners who live in this incipient tyranny do not have that luxury. And as long as I stay out of state, I can be accused of urging folks to do something that I am unwilling to do -- to confront the tyrants on the ground, where they live and seek to rule by diktat. So I will be going to CT, by hook or crook, on shank's mare if I have to, whether or not I can get a table at the gun show, whether or not the restaurants refuse me service to eat and speak. I will be there and the Malloys and Lawlors and Pinciaros and all their toadies can make of that what they will. The question is, will they try to ignore me, or will they do something really stupid? The choice is theirs.
In almost every game of chess there comes a crisis that must be recognized. In one way or another a player risks something -- if he knows what he's doing we call it a "calculated risk."
If you understand the nature of this crisis; if you perceive how you've committed yourself to a certain line of play; if you can foresee you've committed yourself to a certain line of play; if you can foresee the nature of your coming task and its accompanying difficulties, all's well. But if this awareness is absent, then the game will be lost for you, and fighting back will be no good. -- Fred Reinfeld, The Complete Chess Course.
So, we will see if Malloy and Lawlor are chess players, when the pieces on the board are real people, including themselves. This is not a game, I think, at which they have much experience, so they may make a bloody blunder. As for myself, after sparring with the proto-tyrants of the armed federal bureaucracies for two decades from a position of weakness, the the gambit is something I understand.
Watch this blog for updates on the physical preparations and plans as they come together. In any case, I'll see you in Connecticut.
And as for Lawlor, he can eat me if his appetite runs riot. He should be prepared for a bad case of indigestion if he does.


Someone Who HAS Helped said...

Readers here and in Connecticut know your situation. If they're not willing to step up to the plate and help, they're not worth you making great personal sacrifice for.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if any patriot in Connecticut espouses the 100 heads axiom.

Anonymous said...

For whats its worth...while in college 39 years ago, I had a roommate that used to live in Connecticut. He was originally a Philly boy, born and raised.

I forget all the trials he experienced there till one day he just loaded up his MGB with everything he owned and left the state. He headed west...ending up in Arizona where I met him. What I do recall is that he said he left because Connecticut "was a Police State". Didn't even go back to visit his brother - who in turn has moved to Georgia. He visits him there in Georgia.

I have never been to Connecticut, don't ever plan to go. Don't understand why anyone would live there. Don't understand why Connecticut is even allowed to be a part of this country. Gun owners would probably be better off in Canada...even given that Canada is another Police State.

Anonymous said...

"The question is, will they try to ignore me, or will they do something really stupid? The choice is theirs."

My strong suspicion is that they will choose to ignore you, much as they choose to ignore the Constitution.

Boon Vickerson is out there said...

Ole' Remus wrote an outstanding essay everyone with a mind to liberty should read on the illegitimacy of the tyrants running things.
A thoughtful prose on loosing the mandate of heaven.

Anonymous said...

I like the chessplayer pic ref to "Geri's Game", an excellent animation short.
Good luck on the trip.

Anonymous said...

THe most dangerous thing tyrants can face is pissed-off old guys who believe in liberty.

Travel safe. Come back and tell us of scorching their pubes!